Saturday, April 23, 2011

jetlagged jodester

oh my.. i really didn't think a week on from being home i would be feeling the effects of going upside down (to australia) and back again.. i keep waking up at 4am or thereabouts.. and you know how i feel about waking up at that godforsaken hour! ha - it's plain unnatural!

thing is 4am here, in Sydney is like 12noon, so it makes no sense why i would be waking then.. no sense at all.. but there it is.. every morning, today in fact it was 3.30am! then i either can't get back to sleep at all or, like today, i tune in a random radio station and drift off after about an hour of worrying about why it is i'm awake at such a stupid time of day..

re: australia, had rather a great time thanks for asking.. can't wait to get back! if only the australian gvmnt didn't have such a plain unfriendly working visa system, they'd be lucky to get the jodester on board! who can i write to to right this wrong?!! hehe well i shall just have to go holiday there.. they do nice beaches.. tho one thing i noticed on the way over via Singapore was all the skin whitening products on sale.. it made me realise once and for all that pale with freckles is what i am and what i should accept! people would literally pay to be this pasty! haha now that is a reality check when flashing my reflective white flesh in a bikini surrounded by bronzed bods.. i made more than one joke about how never in their wildest dreams could they be this white haha, true north west tones i got..

the one thing i learned while away is, that according to our antipodean friends, you can't compare oranges to apples... or is it apples to oranges??

either way, it totally goes over my head too, but i think it has a certain charm... a lot like australia actually :)