Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mobile screening

i was chatting to a friend last night about this, you know those people in your mobile phone who you can't delete cos you don't like them anymore and you don't want to speak to them inadvertently? haha

come on, we've all got them haven't we? people who you haven't had a big barney with but have just 'tired of' and no longer wish to speak to... ex boyfriends, old friends, ex colleagues, life's too short to spend it chatting to people you have nothing in common with anymore!

oh my gosh, i sound so callous now i come to write about it, but i don't believe there's anyone out there who hasn't done it! and with mobile phones it's impossible to remember the undesirable's number, so you have to keep them in the memory for rejection purposes only! haha

the thing, is its the easiest way isn't it, why tell someone 'hey, i don't wanna speak to you no more actually, see ya' when you can just slip away hopefully unnoticed! haha its the British way! a very polite dumping...

Oscar Wilde says a true friend stabs you in the front... well i ain't talking about those people, i'm talking about people you know, had a reason to talk to at one time and now you'd rather move on without them! haha

but what i find annoying is that i have to keep their number stored otherwise i'd get a text out of the blue (only these kind of annoying people do things like this) saying 'hey! how's thing?' and reply non-the-wiser, 'hey! great, who's that?' and suddenly the lines of communication are open again which is simply tiresome!

i no doubt have been a victim of this polite dumping myself - and so it should be that way! i'd hate it for someone to say "lurve, i'm just not that into you anymore" haha, ofcourse we'll all be scr*wed when video phones become the norm, and they can see you hitting 'reject' hehe

Thursday, January 24, 2008

loose women

oh you gotta love Loose Women... gawd bless ITV for putting a bunch of chicks on at lunchtime to talk like wot real wimmin do! hehe

now normally i'd only get to see LW if i was off work poorly - being such a hard working lass etc etc, but since we invested in a digital recorder* we can watch anything we fancy anytime, which means i'm recording LW while hard at work, and it's there for me to enjoy when i get home! remarkable stuff! haha how retro do i sound? like digital recordings just been invented! well it may as well have been, and i lost the remote control to my video recorder years ago haha

the great thing about it the show is how inclusive it is, i want to go see it live, must try and get tix... they all talk about their love lives, their families, their holidays, all with a finger on the pulse of whats happening in the news and really down to earth... love it! me and the man especially love Carol McGiffin who we also enjoy listening to on the weekend on LBC, she rocks!**

it's so illustrative of how differently men and women see the world, and certainly how they talk about it. a 'new' channel was launched in the UK recently called 'Dave'. tv for 'blokes' see. but really, so far as i can work out, it's just comedy show and top gear repeats 24/7. cheap. haha You could never have Loose Men, it would just be blokes verbally jousting about the size of things they owned for half an hour, tres dull! haha

*adsa, £75 lovely stuff
**hope i've not just outed him as a CMcG fan! haha

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

poor old ringo

It's the year that Liverpool is the capital of culture... alledgedly!

Now listen, joking aside, i am Liverpoolian born and bred and I can hand on heart say Liverpool does have a very groovy cultural scene baby! I have fond memories of the tres grand central library, still enjoy a trip down the TATE gallery to this day and think it generally a very creative city... but! I, like my friend Ringo, don't want to go back there!

Sure i visit a lot, i love going for a pint with my mum down her local, but i left over 15 years ago! i have moved on, and so, bless him has Ringo! LA or Liverpool and i think most scousers might take a leap of faith in La La Land! haha

Anything to make a fuss on a front page eh? Well i applaud his honesty!

Having said that I think its great that loads of British people (southerners mainly, sorry, harsh but fair hehe) might buck up their ideas about my hometown and take a look rather than decide there there's nothing there for them without having ever stepped foot past the Cheshire borders, haha

places to go? The Jacaranda Pub for a Guinness for sure; the Tate is usually pretty good; Sefton Park is preddy and if you fancy a boogie, head to Le Bateau's on Duke Street, it's dark and sweaty and full of people getting their groove on and vodka costs a quid generally haha

Monday, January 21, 2008


i was at a party this weekend* and wore a lovely new purple party frock for the occasion... along with purple hosiery and purple nails! what a vision i was!

the following day while off to breakfast in the rain my pink coat matched my pink brolly!

my friend commented and it occurred to me that perhaps my love of co-ordination nudges the line between healthy and unhealthy! haha, bed spread to underwear, you name it, i've matched it haha!

and my man is the opposite, odd socks, no interest in what colours go with what.. i guess there's something ying and yang about that!

but there's no denying the happiness a bit of colour cordination gives me! and in this gloomy world - we gotta grab all the freebies right?!

*parties and breakfast shifts do not a great cocktail make!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a belated resolution

is it too late to make a new year's resolution? i suppose you can make a resolution anytime you like but i was just cashing in on the seasonal angle! haha

i've decided to call everyone i know this month! haha, just to say hello! i mean if you can't speak to your pals once a year for a half hour why are they in your phone book at all?! too soon another 12months flies by and you haven't spoken to, ne'er mind seen, most of your nearest and dearest!

it's just not on!

but ofcourse in this day and age with people spattered across the country - world even - i know its an impossible task to see everyone - every year, which is why i thought i'd better pick up the phone..

sure i want to visit Soph in the southwest, but living over 300 miles away meant it didn't happen last year or the year before! yes i really wanted to see my aunty's place in Scotland.. but its Scotland! 4 hours on a train one way and weekends just aren't long enough! I wrote my other aunt a letter this week, but that's the only substitute i'll make for 'the call' from now on...

hopefully i'll keep to it, its a big emotional project! especially for a sensitive girl like me! haha, if i speak to people it makes me miss having them around, but life moves on innit? but its worth a call just to hear a friends voice after a long time - what a softie i am! who knew! hehe

Monday, January 14, 2008

early riser

so the great thing about working 5 til 2 is when you finish work there are still plenty of shops open to browse round...
and the bad thing about working 5 til 2 is when you finish work there are still plenty of shops open to browse round... haha

actually this was my first weekend after the week that was my first ever week of 4am alarm calls and as you might expect i slept in on Saturday! but rather than the couple of hours i'd intended i got up a whole 7 hours later than i would in the week! that isn't good! then i went out for beverages with some friends only to be falling asleep into my pizza* by 9.30pm! the shame!

so on Sunday i dragged my sorry self outta bed at 9am only to find myself drawn into bright coloured shops! i'm convinced by half-asleep self is more susceptible to the bargains! hehe nice new frock for me tho, and a party to go to on Friday too, hurrah!

*my first all year! the very lovely Soho variety at Pizza Express

Thursday, January 10, 2008

did you know its 4'o'clock twice in one day?

oh me oh my!

4am is a very scary time for the alarm clock to be going off! it's the middle of the night for chrissakes! haha

i, reader, am very tired. i am now working on a breakfast radio show in Birmingham and hey you knows i must loves radio if i'm getting up that early!

it reminds me of the film Good Morning Vietnam when he does the bit about what the 0 stands for in 0600 hours - Oh My God it's early! haha

i expect its a little like jetlag as my body clock adjusts to this sledgehammer of a shift of 3 hours... seems like so little when you write it like that... s'only 3 hours jodester, get over it already! haha, hopefully i'll be marginally used to it and into some kind of groove by the end of next week, until then i'm gonna be one droopy-eyed lady! pretty!

part of my job is take calls from listeners and i'm trying to get my ears around the brummie accent while in this sleepwalking state! not an easy job! as someone from a region of heavy accent i know i'll get used to it, but for now i am all 'who sorry?' 'from where hun?' 'sorry i'm not from round here, can you spell that for me?' haha

then once i get home i have to fight the urge to nap! and let me tell you thats one serious urge we're talking about. not just a yawn that could be a 40-winks lilly-livered nap, more like if i shut my eyes i could sleep til god knows when and not be able to get to sleep at 'bedtime' 8.30pm..(seriously! there goes my social life huh? good job i know all of 3 people in Birmingham then! hehe)

this is how it feels for posties and milkmen i guess, only without the uniform...
my only worry is the alarm doesn't go off one day... must get back up alarm today infact...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

happy new year

ok its the 3rd but i'm without l'internet and this will have to do! 72 hours grace i think is allowed anyways...

my new years resolution is to absolutley not have any! haha its such a cliche to re-invent yourself come January and frankly too cold a month to do it in... i am however doing the obligatory detox, i've eaten so much chocolate over the last month i need to diet til June!

i start my new job on Monday so i'll have plenty to keep me occupied in place of resolutions anyways, including the not so welcome 5am start! hello? now that's gonna take some getting used to! but hey i finish at 2, so that's some bonus...

so i've moved into my boyfs place and boy do i hate moving! so many shoes, so little storage, that's all i'm saying... but its exciting to be seeing him everyday - actually its very weird.. i have nobody to text! haha it's not taken me very long to girly-fy his place, the sink is no longer full of dirty dishes and the bathroom is clean! haha

i bought a map of my new city yesterday, its nice to know where you are in relation to other places i find and Birmingham certainly isn't small! having lived in many cities thus far i'm surprised at how uprooted i feel, i guess i was in Manchester too long! i'm sure once i start work i'll have no time to ponder such things but i do feel a little homesick...

in no time at all i'm sure i'll have made new friends and have new favourite haunts to go to but i do wonder if i'll ever feel at home anywhere if i keep moving! but my inner gyspy won't allow any keeping still...