Monday, October 27, 2008

pyjamas on the radiator

british summer time is gone and autumnal chill is upon us... which has led to jimjams on the radiator! 
have you done this recently - oh man it's soooo cosy! i feel really old admitting it, but hey i sleep alone so i need help keeping warm at bedtime!
autumn is certainly in my top four of English seasons, hehe, we get so many its hard to keep count! 
but the best thing about autumn clearing out the last of summer is the colours of the trees, wearing your favourite winter clothing - including my pink ear muffs no less! - and enjoying the warm comfort foods your mum used to make...
my favourite comfort food bar none is celery soup with macaroni, don't knock it til you've tried it (unless you don't like celery cos then you probly won't like it...), my mum would make it for me when i was a youngster and it makes me feel all warm inside - literally and emotionally!!
when i lived with a friend she would know i was in uber-comfort-mode if i'd busted out that particular dish...
tomorrow we have a frosty start predicted so i'm already wondering how many layers i will have to wear in my ice-box of a car - it takes about 10 minutes to warm up by which time i'm half way to work already! pa! 
i wonder where i put that mini hot water bottle, this could be very handy during the winter..
jeez listen to me i sound 80! haha

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

let your fingers do the walking

today i was accidentally totally mesmorised by the 'other' channels available on our digital tv subscription... 

we, like any other tv viewers, have our favourite channels. we're interested in any channel that shows us stuff on monkeys or the tv show 'cheaters' featuring the oringinal and best presenter Tommy Grand... and we programme the recorder and while away many happy hours watching our favourite stuff!
but until today i hadn't realised the time that could be spent in the company of what can only be described as a Bangal Alan Partridge! Urdu soap operas where all the actresses are beautiful and 23 regardless of the age of the character... Religious evangelists of all creeds asking for my money and my soul... and i nearly called to by the Nicer Dicer! it looks real easy to use and no more crying when i chop them onions! haha, and don't get me started on the H2O Mop, that looks awesome! haha

it seems crazy that all of these channels can afford to exist so niche is their targeted audience and yet there they are complete with advertisers! 

and to think of all those tv stars i wasn't aware of yet - i'm gonna have to spend some quality time with those low budget soap operas, you just can't get that stuff over here any more hehe, it'll be like the good ol' days with Prisoner: Cell Block H...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

advertising works

or so the media sales person will tell you!

but this latest story will hopefully warm the hearts of every atheist in London town...
One Richard Dawkins Esquire has put his name behind the atheist bus campiagn in London which hopes to cover a bunch of bendy buses with this light hearted yet unsual message and i'm almost tempted to part with a fiver!
it does seem very strange to me that so many people in the world are still convinced that there's a big man in the sky somehow the creator of his planet earth and the peoples therein... given the state of the planet its an experiment soon to come to an untimely end! and if He made us in his image he was a greedy selfish murdering s.o.a.b...
i don't like to be confrontational but i guess that's why the bus says 'probably', confrontational gets you into trouble... the world is a strange place that's for sure, and i'm all for meeting ET i'm just not sure he'll look like that guy in the Michael Angelo picture!

Friday, October 10, 2008


i had one of those lovely interactions yesterday, you know the kind that restores your faith in humanbeans just a little bit in the face of fat cats and their lost billions!

i was walking to the bus stop for the first time since i moved to my new house, so it was a bit of an adventure, and i was looking for a postbox on the way to send a birthday card...

i found a bus stop, but no postbox, so while no bus was in sight i had a mooch down a side road i knew had a little row of shops... couldn't see anything and besides had one eye on the main road for oncoming double deckers!

a girl walked towards me and i asked hey where's a postbox? she replied just round here and sure enough in the little side road i'd just peered down was a postbox obscured from my view originally by a white van parked up... i thanked her and said something jokily about i would probably miss my bus now walking the short distance to the post box and back to which, to my surprise she replied, 'oh is it coming?' no i told her, it would just be typical for it to arrive in my minimal absence... 'but i can post it for you if you like?' she offered, how nice is that?!

such instinctive niceness is not to be sniffed at!

now i don't know that she DID post it, perhaps she fancied her chances of any birthday money enclosed (none) but i reckon she was just a nice girl offering to help out a damsel in a bus bind! haha

it warms my heart just thinking of it - and you know i didn't even get stabbed* when i did get on the bus a short time later! haha

*if you read the papers in the UK right now you will believe that by merely standing within a foot of a teenager will get you punctured... oh the Daily Mail how do you sleep at night?!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

first borns need only apply

i have a great new box for dating websites to add to their questionnaires!

i discovered by chance that there is a theory that you should only date the same placed family member, so for example i'm a first born eldest child dating the same! the youngest should date the youngest and middle stick with middle...

now while this hasn't been proven universal its looking like 60/40 which is more than just coincidence right?

perhaps not, but oh i love it how so many people i ask agree with this theory, especially those who had to divorce a wrongly placed partner with a right placed second or third partner! brilliant!

the idea is your place in the family makes you more compatible and i can understand why, parents do treat each kid differently... i have a friend who is the 2nd child of four and her two younger ones ran wild after she and her sister had been given short shrift, presumably cos her parents just didn't have the energy anymore! haha

does it work for you? for the people you know? get in touch!

; )