Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Very Dry Weekend

Day Seven

Seven days I ago I undertook what I thought an ordinary task. Having been living a quasi-rockandroll lifestyle of late, my diet and general looking after meself has gone a bit to the wayside... upon drinking a bunch of me fav tipple* I noted a distinct lack of drunkeness... now call me old-fashioned! But I like to drink to get drunk... I know, I know, it's tres British of me but there goes it!

Now, then, a good old fashioned spot of abstinence was required. Done before many times for different reasons... but my goodness this dry spell has been quite the marathon! I also cut out white sugar for my 10 day detox cos I'd also gotten into treats-every-day-mode at the office, and while I never used to have much caffeine, I upped the amount of cola in my week lately** so I cut out that too...

Day seven, then, and I'm concerned by how much I miss the booze! This has to be my first non-boozy weekend (other than when being poorly) that I can remember in a loooonnngg time... man tis hard being sober while everyone else has a beer! I gigged open mic last night and the boys on my table threatened to by me a drink more than once much to my pathetic protests haha thing is, tbf to me, cutting out sugar meant no sugary replacements for the wine, beer and rums which meant fruit juice and water *yawns* so I've not made it easy for myself... and Thursday I was close to caving in for a cake... haha but it just goes to show how addicted we become to these legal highs!

The benefits of my mini detox tho have been obvious... yesterday I woke early and went for a run! So unfit am I, that I near to threw up in Prinny Park but it didn't kill me #winning ;) I had a hearty breakfast and a full day! Then today, I again have slept well and woken early, enjoyed some yummy Aussie tea*** with crumpets and hot cross buns for brekkie, listened to loads of music, made scribblings and been generally more productive before noon than any weekend in memory! Still not got around to the hoovering mind... haha

I believe I can make it to Day 10, I think at this time it would be better to go longer like 21 days but I have a full-on rockandroll bank holiday coming up and sober ain't playing no part in it! haha I also been on somewhat of a boy-detox too but again a rock&roll weekend ain't no fun without a boy with a geetar... oh my life! ;)

Wish me luck! haha xo

*spicy dark rum - Captain's Reserve is a good 'un but I'm not very brand loyal ;) 
 **to go with and around the rums you understand haha
***T2 Green Rose

Monday, April 01, 2013

Beards: My Quest Continues

okedoke so you may or not know I am a keen BeardWatcher haha

this is Aaron - find out more about this latest entry for my beard blog here 

if you or someone you know has a beard or moustache worthy of note I am happy to take guest beards for the blog and share the good work of these bearded beauts haha 

as I get older and more bonkers I think it's key to acknowledge and accept ones idiosyncrasies and move on ;) 

My Top 5 Fav Bank Holiday Movies

Bank Holidays are great for watching an old movie you love... 
a movie that is silly, pure popcorn fantasy,  and preferably a movie you enjoyed as a child...
and so here my friends are My Fav Bank Holiday Movies in reverse order...

5 Superman (I or II) starring Christopher Reeve as the flying superhero, what's best about movies like this is the dated special effects haha and Zod was a great baddie fo'shiz!!!

4 BIG starring Tom Hanks as the big kid we all wanted to grow up to be, and some of us did ;) haha (who doesn't want an apartment with a trampoline inside???)

3 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - word that a third Bill & Ted movie is on the cards fills me with delight, let's hope it's a gem - the original teen adventure was viewed over and over by me and my bestie to the point where I still pronounce Beethoven 'Beet-Hoven' and  in the Americano way of Keanu Reeves haha #excellent ;)

2 Flash Gordon starring Sam Jones - oh my - words can't express how much I love watching this 80s movie, I recall seeing it for the first time in a Saturday morning kids cinema club and I remember swooning as a teen over the leather short shorts Flash sported half way thru the movie haha (note to self: must meet Sam Jones ;) we can dream...)

1 Labyrinth starring David Bowie as The Goblin King CAN'T be beat for sheer joy on a Bank Holiday... the ace songs, the puppets, those trousers!!! haha and is today's choice :)

Enjoy this classic clip and let me know your favourites too :)

Piggy Bank Holidays

times they be hard... but nay worry lad and lassy, the piggy bank to the rescue! if you don't have a piggy bank right now you certainly will have had one growing up... and let me tell you, the thrill of the booty inside doesn't lessen when you're all grown up! I have 2 piggy banks, this Genius one and a more traditional pink piggy... I decided since cashflow is currently being fkd by 'austerity' and the general increase in cost of living outside of any rise in wages *sob* to raid ones piggy banks for the Bank Holiday weekend!

A Piggy Bank Holiday, as it shall henceforth now be known, is a great way of celebrating the long weekend! The taxi driver who picked me up on Good Friday was NOT happy to get £5 in silver but tis money!!! haha I got a total of £30 in change this weekend - not to be sniffed at in these hard times, not hoping for as much of a haul the next Bank Holiday cos it's only at the end of the month but August I reckon will surely garner me a few drinks worth ;)

I recommend you turn your Bank Holidays into Piggy Bank Holidays - they rock! haha