Friday, July 31, 2009

in my Liverpool home

a strange homesickness has come on of late... i'm not sure where it came from except i recently spent a long weekend with my Dad, visited my mum and then spent the weekend in the company of my best friend from school and it's been particularly strong ever since...

only recently have i found the Liverpool accent more alluring than ever before, previously i found those very distinctive vowels unappealing and before my many travels ironed out my accent to a 'very soft scouse' hated hearing my own voice ... but now i've found what i can only assume is a nostalgic pleasure in hearing the accent of my youth!

my own accent was that of Beatles country, south Liverpool - not the harder footballer's wives type from north Liverpool, in fact so different to the northeners did i sound that they would accuse me of being a woolyback! how rude! (a woolyback being the worst of insults, suggesting one came from outside the city limits, St Helen's for example, with only sheep for friends! lol) but for as long as i can recall i would mimic the accents around me...
this meant that while on a kids holiday aged 11 with a bunch of kids from all over i came home talking with a strong Yorkshire accent... ridiculed quite rightly as i was, i took great pleasure in 'talking' differently... that aged 14 i pretended to be from Dublin, Australia or America depending on what mood took me! strange indeed... a wonder i made any friends!
Liverpool is a great night out and has lots of rellies to pass the time over a cup of tea with but other than that having left the city limits to find a place in the world i know that it's all just nostalgia - I returned for a few weeks after university to find it still without real opportunities and left for sunnier climes in Brighton, so for a gal who's never looked back that spot of homesickness was a mostly harmless episode... i think!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new friends

a friend of mine just moved to a more desirable postcode and i had the pleasure of a night out in said 'hood this weekend!

after a very tasty Burrito and far-too-strong Margharita we happened across a pub called The Cow and its noisy but cheerful patrons...

we sat for a while before we were taken under the wing of The Good German and Dr Dave (friendly locals are always a good sign when in a new drinking hole) who took us to The Studios - a nearby late night drinking and dancing establishment...

everyone at the club (except us) was steaming drunk and dressed up in sportswear ( a charity thing apparently) and it took about a year* to get served at the bar but it wasn't jammpacked elsewhere and the music was ok so job done!

what a pleasant evening i thought, but my friend noted the leering drunken men and suffered a wine-head the next day so i guess the glass will always be half empty for some ;)

*only slight exaggeration!

FeelBetter Part 2

More for my friend who needs reminding we've all been there and all got through it with a little help from our friends...

Friday, July 24, 2009

broken car

yesterday a builder bust a window on my car by reversing into it...

it was in the car park at work and i guess if this was going to happen it was the best place for it - you know cctv, building security informing me and showing me the perpetrator... but man it totally pished all over my day!

from 10.30am til 5.50pm i was dealing with various dispassionate call centre folk who all would tell me i needed to either a) wait an hour for a phone (which invariably never came) or b) speak to someone else

and at the end of this day of mental pain had anything been resolved? did i have a new window in my car? of course not!

today i had to hand over my car to a garage til Wednesday at the earliest while i had to chase the insurance companies hire car company to find me a vehicle! then they wouldn't even drop the car off for me and i had to go fetch it from the branch... mio dio!

so when the man who bust my window sent me a lovely bunch of flowers today i thought 'Mmm that's nice, wish i didn't have to put up with all this b*llshit though!'

on a positive note my hire car has aircon which is very trendyknickers! haha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

breaking up is hard to do

a very good friend of mine broke up with her bloke recently so I've decided to dedicate a series called FeelBetterYouTubeMoments!
Here's Part 1:

Thursday, July 09, 2009

and while i'm at it

just incase you weren't sure about the last one, here's another ruddy great viddy i've come across this week :)

how did they do that?!


i know that by posting this video i am 1. helping promote an international water brand that doesn't need my help at all! 2. am a big softie, i mean baby videos, seriously? and 3. being a little lazy on the new blog front...

well i admit all 3 straight off - i been busy twittering which i know is bad that i got suckered in to a new trend but man i love it so much! i just can't quit it! haha

anyways - this is really cool so just watch it already! what's not to love?!