Saturday, June 11, 2011

let me tell you about #chocswap

you'll know by now that i'm a keen advocate of micro blogging site Twitter.. tbf it's taken me away from this 'proper' blog as it's so instant and available on my iphone, i can't resist but tweet everyday! imagine that! my inane ramblings every day!! hehe my poor 'followers'*

so a few months back i got a mention from a girl in Cincinnati, Ohio.. she remarked how unlikely it was that there was an @producerjodie working in radio just like her friend @producerjodi which is fair enough an observation to make so i replied hello to both and new friends were found :)

more recently i remarked on Twitter that i had just eaten 5 hobnobs**... to which @producerjodi asked what's a hobnob?? so.. a hobnob for the uninitiated, is an oat cookie with plain and chocolate covered variations and quite moreish, that is to say eating 5 was not my plan but just kinda happened!!! i suggested i send jodi some english biscuits and she send me some yankee ones and so #chocswap was born!

once at the supermarket i opted for some cadbury's crunchie biscuits for the swap, this because cadbury's is sooo english plus they were my new favourites, and no less addictive than hobnobs... packaged up and sent to Ohio we waited for the postal service to deliver them to @producerjodi...

a week later she messaged me on Twitter - they're yummy she exclaimed!! i'm sending yours this week!

another week later i had a pack of Oreo Fudgees in my possession!!! it's safe to say #chocswap was a storming success!!!

i can't think of a better use of internet friends than swapping yummy treats! haha well y'know it made me smile anyway, two radio gals, an ocean apart, going to their local postal service to mail cookies... it's a beautiful thing that we did haha

i recommend this sort of silly behaviour to you reader, the world can be a jaded place, let's make it nice again by doing nice things for strangers!

* if you wish to join them find me @producerjodie
**i did warn you about the innane updates! haha