Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Alchemist

No not the book... though I'm pretty sure I did read it about 10 years ago... but here I wish to talk People Alchemy...

A friend of mine, who I only met recently and pestered (just about within reason) to give me guitar tips, popped round to say hi and hassle me about my guitar homework... while he was here we stumbled onto a mutual love of People Alchemy!

This has all the signs of being a recurring theme for me this year... but I'm embracing it since I'm pretty good at it!

People Alchemy is simply mixing together people you know and seeing what happens! You have no idea what a thrill it gives me... I wonder if others are equally thrilled when they make a connection in this little universe of ours...

I was meeting a gal in the pub to talk about Beerdfest - the first one I organised last December and plans for the next one this coming November... this girl was someone I had met through a social off-shoot from the first Beerdfest called LiverBeards and she had to talk to me for part of her studies... no problem, a quick half of Guinness in a nice pub in the Georgian Quarter and we'd be all done... or so I thought!

She explained before we chatted about my beardy ambitions that she was also part of a project to bring about a Jacaranda Reunion.. oh. my. The Jac pub in Slater Street Liverpool is currently closed for business but has long been a fav watering hole of mine and my friends, and The Beatles before us! I was immediately in alchemy mode! How could I help?!

She said one of the most frequent fond memories she was hearing was of the Open Mic night ran by Col & Fieldy, that she had tried to get in touch thru the new venue they took the night to when the Jac was no more but alas no luck... but wait! Jodester knows Col & Fieldy! I called Fieldy* on the spot... I hadn't spoken to him since October 2011 when I'd bumped into him outside the Smithdown Asda but here I was making the connection for my new friend! haha I got Col's number from Fieldy while talking and explained they both needed to be a part of this reunion, both chaps eagerly agreed it was not to be missed. I gave the deets to my new friend. I felt the universe had given me a reason to be there that night. Then we talked beards and my new friend offered to join Team Beerdfest. Good girl!

Alchemy to me is second nature... and I genuinely get a thrill from it so it must be what I'm here for! I can heartily recommend it as a past time ;)

*Fieldy has known me since I was about 5 years old. He is friends with my mum and apparently in the 80s we all went to London on a CND rally! Fast fwd to the early 90s. I'm in Liverpool city centre handing out leaflets for one of my 3 part time jobs and a guy comes up to me: "Hello, is your mum Babs?" well surely it is sir, who are you? Fieldy explained he recognised me from when I was a babygirl and he'd carried me on his shoulders that day in London!!! How is that possible? My cheeky face is once seen never forgotten clearly! haha LOVE that story... xo