Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the bad guys

goodness me, i had a worrying fact present itself to me today!

while growing up my TV crushes looked something like this:
JR Ewing, Dirty Den, Paul Robinson... Michael Knight and Faceman!

only one of these chaps is a nice guy! omg! that's so disturbed... luckily i appear to have grown out of this trend (apart from The Hoff still being on my ToDo list* hehe)

but no wonder i had such a disastrous love life in my teens/twenties with loverats like these as my role model boyfriends! haha

i'm hoping that it wasn't innate and somehow i learned this weird attraction from the lady role models on 80s TV! ha, more than likely!

*hey it's allowed! he's officially on The List!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

go ahead slug make my day

i have been attempting to become a gardener...

however the garden is full of enemies! weeds at every paving stone! slugs nibbling my herbs! giant bumble bees buzzing around! argh! i'm just not that outdoorsy...

i like the idea of the outdoors but often - as a citygirl - find the reality just plain hard work! pheasants kamikaze running in front of your car... nowhere to eat until 6pm... no public convenience for miles... bugs - i really dislike bugs!

but i love the idea of growing stuff and so i am trying...

i have some lettuce trying to get going that my dad (expert gardener) planted but the slugs think its a free lunch making me mad! gardening is supposed to be all zen-man not a source of more rage! haha

he says i need to leave orange skins out to catch the greedy guzzlers but i don't eat oranges... too much effort for not enough delivery imho... he said they like beer too but i don't want to waste beer! haha

plus since i started weeding i've become weedcam seeing the blighters everywhere i go! its like a 6th dandelion sense! they're on every street - it kinda makes you notice mother nature more in the city i guess and think how interesting that nature doesn't quit whether you built a big building there or not! haha

but seriously dandelions are a blight! and i've tasted the root tea and it ain't worth all the back ache!

i do chat to my neighnours over the garden fence a bit though which is nice... and my dad likes pottering when he's here... i guess i'll continue with my dabbling in greenery... just gotta forget about my buddhist leanings when it comes to those slugs!

i mean come on - nobody nice comes back as a slug - right?! hehe

you'll be glad to hear i resisted the pink watering can at the garden centre hehe

good reads are hard to find

if you are a regular reader of this blog you may know something about me and books.

i suppose i am a bibliophile of sorts... my fondest earliest memories are of the central library in Liverpool! now that's ubergeeky and i know it!

but i had to tell ya about this book i picked up last week... it's such a darn good read!
now don't worry! i haven't broken my no new books rule* it was on the 'to read' pile which towers like a multi-story above me...

anyway! tales from the city babycakes! by armistead maupin, is a great read and, luck would have it, a series! my pal KC got it for me ages ago but promises to serve me the rest up just in time for my birthday - hurrah! set in San Francisco and making me wanna go see! haha
originally a newspaper serial it says on the back blurb...

now i'm off to read page 227 and beyond!


*secondhand 1970s yoga books found at local bric-a-brac shop don't count right?! oh god!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

a special club

now of course it is fashionable to say that you wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have you as a member... but i discovered a secret club today and i don't think i would mind so much if i could become fully fledged!
today being the international day of chocolate eggs i decided to get me to the gym before all the fun chocolatey-fun commenced... but it was quite early - i guess 10ish*
and it was very quiet but a few honest souls had come to worship at the treadmill just like me, but it was so much nicer than when it's busier - it just seemed calmer...
i also had more interaction with this bunch of gym bunnies than ever before when i've gone in the afternoons... a older guy made a worrying sound on a treadmill just down from me so i gave him a hand signal to see if he was ok and he was... then when i was in the sauna a girl chatted to me about her 12yr old daughter's pester power... it just seemed a friendlier bunch than before... a secret early morning gym club that i've never been to before!
s'funny cos i was just thinking how few friends i've made since i got to brum, funny hours, general older lazier attitude etc etc haha, and then i find the secret club!
perhaps it found me!

*that reminds me of a joke i heard today:
What time is Sean Connery going to Wimbledon?
too funny!