Wednesday, May 16, 2012

California Dreamin'

Next month me and a galpal hit California! Well in fact Vegas first which is technically the state of Nevada, but really isn't it the playground of California (if all those movies are to be believed and who am I not to! hehe) ???

This is one of THOSE trips...

The sort of trip you always had in mind, but no money or no body to go with held it up until the day when a friend said - hey are you up for it then? and without hesitating to check the bank balance you say HELLLLL YEAAH! ;)

Soon I'll get to tread the sidewalk* of all those places I've heard about in songs, TV shows and movies, Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego, Los Angeles, Malibu, Big Sur, Santa Barbara... there are TOO MANY places to see in our short trip but it is going to be WILD!!! (can you tell I'm a little excited?)

Also I'll get to visit the Todd White Gallery in LA which if you read my last post you'll know is the man behind my first ever tattoo just 2 weeks old!

If you have any Must Sees for me do leave a comment for me! I am planning on seeing Universal Studios, doing a trashy Where The Stars Live bus tour, some music and movie pilgrimage... I expect to come home exhausted, penniless and with California well and truly stamped on my soul!

*sidewalk - see I done my homework! it's like pavement but Amerciano ;) 

Saturday, May 05, 2012


This is Todd White. He is a very very talented artist from LA and I defo mentioned him a while back when I first discovered his work.. So on another exhibition trip in the UK he ran into me and I asked him to sign my arm so I could be a WHITE original and he duly complied! I then spent the next 2 days considering and discovering if how when I could get his scribble tattooed on.. and what's most striking is not once did I reconsider or bottle out! haha So now I have my first tattoo and Todd has said I am his OFFICIAL first DFL! haha <3