Friday, January 30, 2009

trying to be good

maybe i'm naive but i'm of the opinion that you should always try to be the best you can be - try to be good! otherwise you let yourself down and those around you who believe in your capabilities...

i often think i'm not the best i can be and it frustrates me... but at least i have the drive to try!

probably my standards are too high, but better than them being too low right? eventually i hope my ideas will even out to match my life but if you stop learning you shrivel and die right?

i'm feeling a bit confused about what is 'expected' of me at the moment in life... but perhaps its just in my head (that's what society does to you right?! haha)

am i supposed to get married and breed at some point? or is it just not that big a deal anymore? i read about how packaging is making people infertile this week - not a new story - but you do kinda get the impression mother nature has had anough of the parasite that is human beings and will see the more industrious of us off! haha

its so weird being 'grown up' thats for sure, when you were young you expected to just somehow know what to do when you got older... i still call my mum when something weird happens! maybe you're not fully grown up til you have kids or your parents are gone - then you have to step up and be responsible - sounds awful! haha

well i guess you just figure it out as you go along - what will be will be with a dash of influence here and there...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


oh dear, it seems i cannot resist an internet fad...

no sooner am i free of book face when twittering comes along and proves irresistable - well for five minutes at least! hehe

if it's good enough for Stephen Fry then it's good enough for me, but i do feel a little bit sucked in hehe

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

something for the weekend

you know its been a bad week when you are planning the weekend cocktails on a wednesday!

i watched the big lebowski last weekend and it gave me a hankering for a white russian or two, hehe

it's just that time of January when you need to blow off a bit of steam and cocktails with some buddies seems like just the ticket... even though i'm still trying to lose my festive four pounds! haha and they're a lot more difficult to shift than they were to put on! godammit!

after all the festive chocs its been a little hard getting off the hardcore sugar again but i know i gotta break thru to the other side for the good of my insides! haha its such an inbuilt treat in my brain tho - it feels hardwired but i need an upgrade! haha

jeez i better sign off that was one analogy too many!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

being nice is good for you

now this won't be a suprise to many of you i know, but this week something happened to me that reaffirmed my faith in humanity... well for 5 minutes, which with my attention span is a-mazing!


i was in the supermarket (the posh one!) when an old lady asked me to reach for something from the top shelf... now we all know i'm not the tallest of people and have had similar trouble myself in a supermarket only recently! but i coulc actually reach the thing she wanted and she was about half my height bless her... anyway i reached for the gift bag only to realise it was missing a ribbon tie - so i swapped it over and she thanked me and we both went on our way!

what was funny is i saw her size me up before she asked me - like i said i ain't that tall! but she made the comparison between me and the item she needed and figured i could just manage it hehe

it made me feel so happy to help her out, happy that i'd seemed nice enough to ask - belive me i waited quite a few people in the supermarket when i needed to ask for a helping hand! you can't just ask anyone for help, they might be a nutter! haha

so clearly i don't look nuts, but i also think this was a brilliant example of human communication and co-operation without which we would have any of the technological or scientific or educational advances our species has made over the last 1000 years! and that is amazing and uplifting and not to be sniffed at!

yes there are greedy, angry, disturbed human beans out there but hopefully they are in the minority because surely Darwinism is on the side of nice? well let's not ruin my day thinking about that too much...

just know this: nice is good!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

dusting off yer ole records

i happened across Macy Gray record On How Life Is in my box of CDs under the bed while looking for something to listen to for a chilled Sunday evening...
i stuck it on and blimey i knew all the songs!
and it was then that i remembered i played this cd to death when it came out - i loved it!
and because that doesn't happen that often i suppose it makes the album special... a lot of albums you only go for the singles and so the long-player falls into the never-played pile...
So here's what i think you should do - we should all do - go check out your record collection and spin something you haven't heard in 5/ 10 years - you might be pleasantly surprised!

Monday, January 12, 2009

old friends

ah there's nothing like a beer or three with an old friend to fire the coals!
on Saturday i went to London town and hooked up with a pal i've not seen since about 2001!
what kind of a friend do i not see for 7 years?! well the kind who moves about like i do, then works shifts, then finally we find a date/time/place convenient! haha

i was a little worried that i wouldn't recognise him its been so long but of course you recognise people you know! its just the old grey matter was having trouble aging him, that is to say you expect people to look different - but generally they look the same! just older, fatter, thinner, balder etc... well he looked pretty much the same - just older! - and we had a right good catch up while drinking in the pub with my boyf and another friend...

time came to leave for our appointed radio comedy show recording and we all felt forlorn at having to leave the warm confines of the pub! we almost sacked off the recording but felt it a shame to miss out after travelling all the way down to the capital - in part to watch this thing...

i said goodbye to my friend and both promised not to leave it another 7 years! haha

5 minutes laters we're at broadcasting house only to be told it had been cancelled! ruddy ruined!

so we fell into another pub where we met some people amongst whom a man who loved the Ikester as much as my boyf lurked and more happy beers and honey roasted peanuts flowed! haha

it's a long way to go to the pub is London but you know what it was big fun, i hooked up with an old friend and we had spicy cheese on toast when we got home!

good times!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

it's not me it's you

i've fallen out of love with

you may recall the day i discovered this wonderous home dvd rental service and how enthralled i was to find marvellous movies on my doormat every week for a very reasonable price.
but my time to watch movies has somehow dwindled over the past year or so, and their lack of customer service* when they've sent you a cruddy/ random disc drives me insane - especially as you can only contact them via email so far as i can see...
i wanted to watch classic movie The Third Man and while i was enjoying it the other week it jammed half way thru - and let me tell you, not being able to see the end of a film until they send you another copy is pretty frustrating! well it got better! because they sent me another cruddy copy that stuck in exactly the same place! now i know it ain't my dvd player cos i been playing other stuff no problemo compadre! and i have an inkling lovefilm just wiped the first copy on their collective jeans and sent it back into distribution! argh!
so not only have i not seen the end of The Third Man, they've now added it to my watched list! brilliant, they asked me to review it so i explained how i hadn't seen the end thanks to their wonderful service...
and because your account is managed by how many discs are dispatched in a month this kind of malarky completely stuffs up your credits and it can a bit confusing over email to sort out...

all of which, as you can imagine, makes me want to cancel my subscription completely!

but i kinda wanna see all those films i added to my rental list. whenever i read an article with a celebrity who name drops a random film they've liked/ been in, i add it. so my list is pretty diverse but i'm beginning to think it ain't worth the trouble and the library will have most the old classics i want to see anyway for the same money... and i love libraries! hehe

so i just made a copy of my 'wants to watch' list just incase i decide enough is enough with these lovefilm people... but it's the end of a beautiful relationship! it's a shame they took me for granted and made me break up with them!

*pet hate-a-gogo!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

a fall from favour

the other day i read an opinion piece on high heels...
the height of feminism or demeaning objects of torture?
oh my...

i used to believe that the pain inflicted by high heels was well worth it. i even had a poster advertising a pain killer to illustrate this belief, a belief clearly held by more than just me!
i love how high heels make me taller, make my legs slimmer and generally how pretty they are...

now that i have been a heel wearer for around 16 years i have a slightly different attitude towards them... i know that they are bad for my feet, i know that because i can't walk properly in them i am more likely to fall over and hurt myself (especially after a couple of cocktails!), i know that if i wear them for an evening out i won't enjoy myself as much because my feet will hurt after about an hour, i know that i won't be able to trot between venues as easily as my man, i also know that he will get annoyed that i'm wearing shoes i can't walk in - something he simply doesn't understand! haha

i still love the pretty things but i am a lot more weary of my high heel collection... i guess they're kind of a status symbol, and i simply don't have the lifestyle that high heels demand! haha door-to-door taxis, cocktail bars with seating all of the time, basically no time on your feet! haha

i'm not about to give up my high heels - there is something so feminine about them - but i certainly can't ignore the health risks! bunions, my friend, do not a sexy lady make! haha

happy new year

jan 01 sir. yet again. what will 2009 bring us.
world peace? we can always hope!
a new kitchen perhaps for my friends C and T
a new job for my man's sister when her contract ends this month
a new project for me to get my creative teeth into? i'm due some long-needed guitar lessons for chrimbo so maybe i'll start a band! haha
the picture on this entry was taken at Crosby Beach on Boxing Day where Anthony Gormley installation Another Place has 100 iron men looking out into sea, i thought this looking to the horizon snap quite appropriate as the world looks forward to a new year...