Thursday, January 31, 2013

the importance of being earnest

ask anyone who knows me, I am a very earnest girl... if I'm on your team, boy! am I a great champion for you and everything hope to achieve!

I don't really know where this conviction came from, this 'why not' attitude that has seen me through many adventures, but I have come to realise today that it is the secret of any success I've had in this life... and by success I mean in the task of being a great human being! cos even though I struggle to make the rent and feel sometimes forlorn that I don't have all the trappings of modern life, being a greathuman being is all I am interested in... the amazing friends and family I have, the music I'm making, the life I'm enjoying, goddamn I feel blessed!!!

it occurs to me that everyone you meet, cross paths with, fall in love with, fall out of love with, all leave  you with something you didn't have before that helps you join the next dot in life... I have written some kickass songs about heartbreak and without that experience would I still have any songs? hard to gauge but other examples abound...
an ex love of mine helped a friend of mine publish his book, still reeling from that sweet story!
a really old friend of mine came to see me play last night for the first time, he probably doesn't realise it but his encouragement of me over the last 18 months has been priceless!
also at that same gig a guy who picked me up in his taxi couple of times lately turned up to listen to my songs, he is a lapsed teacher and I'm putting him in touch with someone who can probs give him some work, all this just because we were chatting in his cab... ! <3 it="" nbsp="" p="">
but what is also key, everyone who is leaving me with a little something, is getting a little bit of earnest from me! think about what kind of dog you'd be... I'm a Jack Russell! haha energetic, excitable and supercute! ;) haha

the universe delivers everything we ask for, so make sure you're asking for the right things! and if you see me in the street say hi because you never know how we can make each other's life better or at least more interesting!!!  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

follow your dreams

This is a book written by a friend of mine... 

I know it's been a long time coming and I'm so happy for him to have finally achieved his dream of being published! It just goes to show that perseverance sometimes pays off... I've been a fan of Gene's blog since 2006 I think -- the years fly by and it all gets a bit fuzzy with so much sleep & red wine since then... but approximately you understand... ;)

Aristotle said one time "We are what we repeatedly do", good and bad habits maketh the man! 

So Gene stuck to his guns and wrote. And wrote. And wrote some more. And now he has a book to show for it! You can buy it here ;) 

I am using this soundbite of Aristotle's myself this year with regards my musical efforts...

I gig therefore I am a musician! #simples altho Descartes gets a nod for delivery ;)

And you know what, it's working! The simplest strategies are oft the most effective in this life...

Hear my sounds at if you please :) 

lippy power

This is me... 

I'm sporting a hat my mum abandoned in the 80s and somehow I managed to keep hold of it (lord knows how I managed this since I've moved about 20 times since then, which sounds like a blog entry waiting to happen!)... I'm also working a newly trimmed fringe having felt overgrown for a couple of weeks, feels great to see my brows again... and the pout is for the new lippy I purchased today from MAC... It's called Pink Nouveau and oh how I love it!

To me this is a perfect example of how simple pleasures can make your day :)

A fabulous hat, a fringe tidy and a new lippy made me smile and how lucky am I to live such a life? And don't think I'm not being serious, I am a big believer in the little things in life (for example did you see my post about Be Lovely Day?!)

Another thing that made me smile today since you asked ;)
my mate Chi wrote this ace song with a lyric that lingered in my head since I heard it on Wednesday... "what's the use of living in the past/ it ain't ever gonna ask you to come back" #wow
love it so much hear it here... 

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Be Lovely Day


Remember Remember January 12th because you're about to witness something lovely!

Well if you choose to take part and spread the word among friends family and colleagues that is, because Be Lovely Day is recruiting!

A friend and I concocted our lovely plan a few weeks before Christmas... wouldn't it be lovely we mused, if on one day we got everyone together to be lovely to each other and send a lovely ripple into the Universe! :o

So simple and yet so effective - no cost required, just word of mouth and a helping hand from our friends on social media - making something happen that could really make a difference!!!

And here we are - preparing for Be Lovely Day a week on Saturday - get involved! tell your friends and your mum's friends and your son's friends cos this is going GLOBAL! haha

Pay a stranger a compliment, make dinner for a friend, call a long distance relative for a chat, bake a cake for your class, so many little things that can put a smile on so many faces and send a ripple of lovely-ness into the atmosphere - pay it forward darlings!!!

Find out more via