Friday, June 25, 2010

moving on

I moved house again this week.

Again I say cos let me tell you there's been a few... in fact I've more than likely talked of moving before on this blog!

But when you've lived in Liverpool (3 addresses)/ Basingstoke (2)/ London/ Cambridge (3)/ Kingston/ Brighton/ Sheffield/ Manchester (5)/ Birmingham (3 so far) it all adds up to a lifetime of boxes and people commenting on how many shoes you own!

We were at the last place for just shy of 2 years and probs would've stayed a bit longer (despite it being the coldest house in the world!!!) but the landlady wanted to sell up and now we're living in a much hipper part of town so...

I'll miss my nice neighbours tho, to the left was a lovely couple Craig & Sue and Craig proved invaluable for any handy man help... to the right were Stella & Pete... across the street John who knew about cars and helped me start my battery last winter.. and round the corner Bert the veg man reminded me why you should never buy supermarket produce - it tastes of nothing! been chilled to death!

a couple of people have said hello to us as we've been moving stuff into the new place, so hoping our new neighbours will be just as nice, but it's a shame you can't check before you commit! haha

so the next couple of weeks will be me unpacking and trying not to spend any money as i wait for the deposit to be returned*, boy moving is expensive!

then need to consider a house warming...

*the boyf has a crazy idea about this that involves him never getting a deposit returned... more money than sense clearly!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

gimlet girl

It was my birthday this week! And if you know me, and I know you do ;) You'll know this means weeks of self loathing (why aren't i fluent in Italian/ joined a rock band/ found the meaning of life yet? etc etc) followed by my annual birthday cocktails!

a friend of mine* recently noting my liking for Vodka Lime and Soda, recommended i try a Vodka Gimlet! excitedly we tried to find one that very eve but i had to wait until I was at cocktail bar Nuvo in Brum Monday night for my first meeting with the Vodka/ Lime blend...

but OMG it is a tasty treat! Just look at it! so for my birthday i got a new favourite cocktail and a new favourite Beatles** record!

new fave Beatles you ask? well somehow by living on a B-side and never making an album Yes It Is had passed me by and yet is so easy on the ears i just love it... check them vowels! i have since discovered more unfamiliar B-sides and bootlegs (ah the internet is a wonderful place sometimes) and it's quite a treat!

*/** many thanks R

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a proper boozer

Address: 119 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 7LN

this weekend while in London I found this great little traditional pub in Kensington... me and my rock & roll compadres enjoyed a few cheeky beers/ vodkas/ jacks in here and the staff were lovely if a little cheeky*
and you really can't give enough kudos to a pub that has a ladies loo like this one! Flowers in there, hand lotion, the business!
so i suggest youtake a trip over for a quick pint or three asap if you are that way inclined! :)
* the following night we met one of the bar staff rather worse for wear while at the Shepherd's Bush Empire!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rock & Roll Makes My World Go Round

This weekend I enjoyed a bit of old fashioned Rock & Roll at the Shepherd's Bush Empire... Been watching the Chris Isaak band doing their thang for 19 years now so I know to expect a great night out - those boys can rock it good!

This track is one of my all time faves...

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

new old music

me and my man love a good music documentary we do...

the beeb are particularly good at making them and we seem to fill our digital recorder with these hour+ epics to enjoy on a rainy/ non rainy afternoon... and while watching these stories of music from yesteryear we think 'ooh we really should have more fleetwood mac/ ac/dc/ genesis etc" and a record store browse and buy sesh was organised because we are old and prefer a physical purchase rather than a 'download' - tsk such luddites hehe...

*** at this point may i just say that i had continued this blog and somehow google saw fit to log me out because i logged out of my email on a different account thereby deleting all my creative ramblings GRRRRR!***

we landed in HMV Bullring and had a few ideas of what we were looking for.. some solo early McCartney after listening to an old Fireman album and liking the guitars... some early Fleetwood Mac after my loving Oh Well... some Led Zepplin after reading of Pamela Des Barres exploits with the band... some Genesis because we love hearing I know what I like (In your wardrobe) on Planet Rock... the list continues but that will do for now, you get the gist of the situation.. this wasn't a list of people we'd no knowledge of, but stuff we felt deserved further investigation!

I worked in HMV many years ago on a Saturday in Basingstoke and absolutely loved being around music all day, before that I'd worked in some inde shops in Liverpool and was so pleased to be there... I can't say the same about the staff we met last week, but maybe music retail isn't as much fun as it used to be since digital took all the customers away...

But I digress... we came away with a veritable feast of listening pleasures including: AC/DC Back in Black, Genesis Selling England By The Pound, Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run, Jimmy Hendrix Are You Experienced, Led Zepplin Vol III, and a Fleetwood Mac album I can't remember the title of but features Oh Well... (Then Play On it is - I have recently listened to and loved!)

Absolutely loving AC/DC and Hendrix so it was a trip well spent, though haven't had a chance to listen to all in full - such is modern life and the demise of albums - who has time?! hehe

I am going to continue my education, I'm thinking some Talking Heads and Bob Dylan may be next on the list... and if you think I should hear an album just get in touch :)