Sunday, August 21, 2011

people pleasin' gal

self help books at the ready please people... i am a people pleaser and i'm sick of it! lol

i need some pseudo-shrink advice on whether once a people pleaser always a people pleaser?!

can i break from this self perpetuating prison of niceness?! haha i mean, i don't wanna be a complete biatch, a meanie, the selfish girl... but i need some kind of happy medium where i do what's best for me occasionally... without worrying about how it will impact on those around me!

answers on a postcard please!

creatures of habit

i am a gym bunny... i love to go, i miss it when i'm too busy to get there.. i am obvs addicted to the endorphins or something..

part of my gym ritual is to use only a few of the available lockers in the changing room.. particular machines on the gym floor get used over and again when there is a selection of treadmills to pick from.. i have a fav spot in the sauna and finally the shower block will have a fav cubicle..

thing is you do all this so subconsciously.. human beans being such creatures of habit it's under the radar.. only when it gets highlighted outside of your little reality tunnel do you step back and say oh yeh! haha

while in the showers last week i overheard 2 friends chatting.. woman 1 says: oh i've never been on this side before woman 2: i think i've been on that side once, but usually i'm on this side.. i smiled to myself while stood in my preferred cubicle.. it made me realise i too had a preferred side and when i saw one of the women in the changing area i said we're such creatures of habit! she agreed, she asked me if i used the same locker over and over again, to which i replied yes indeed i did!

it was a lovely reminder than human beans are so similar in such a fundamental way regardless of shallow differences.. creatures of habit are we.. if only we could have only harmless habits haha #cakesnotwithstanding

Saturday, August 13, 2011

good music moves me

went to see an awesome band last night in Liverpool..

i saw them last summer in London and this was the first opportunity i'd had to see them again, so i was excited and full of anticipation before the gig..

The Suns are a surf/garage guitar outfit from Chester and they rocked my little world last night..

they played 11 songs and each was a beautiful guitar vignette singing to my very soul!

tonight my soul is enjoying the white album by those four boys.. it astounds me that a record i've heard over and over can still be such a joy to listen to! magic men they were, weaving spells with melodies and guitars.. music is good for the soul, amen!