Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry xmas everyone

i am stuffed!

i've eaten a hearty xmas lunch, watched some old movies and the xmas Doctor Who and drank some fizz and now i'm ready for bed... but its only 8'o'clock! haha

the great thing about xmas without the ceremony is eating and drinking nice things with people you love around you... it is just another day after all, but it can be more if you want it to be! i can be a bit of a party pooper come christmas sometimes, don't like all the fuss and would rather just go on holiday and come back when everyone's calmed down, but this christmas i seem to have avoided all the puff and just enjoyed the moment... a few festive texts here and there and everybody's happy - even me! 

with a new job and a new city on the horizon i have good reason! it's all very exciting! 

ah, chocolate cake... yes please! hehe

Friday, December 21, 2007

a top 5 for the morning after

oh how i loathe hangovers... and they only get worser as you get older! boo!

and in this season of joy and christmas parties here is my top 5 ways to beat the morning after:

5 hugs. a hug often helps me when i've left my bed out of desperation for water/ the loo...

4 dioraylte. this tastes disgusting (and probably not spelled correctly) but works a treat. it re-hydrates your body and replaces missing minerals killed by vodka. fact.

3 a sesaoned drinker pal of mine said a glass of orange juice and a paracetemol is what you need. it will either make you feel better or make you throw up and then feel better. not for the weakhearted. and definitely not good with an impending train journey...

2 toast and tea. the soothing effects of carbs and caffeine (preferably followed by another lie down) are unlimited.

1 sleep! zeds, shuteye, snoozin' call it what you will, it is the ultimate killer of hangovers... wake up, feel bad? go back to sleep til the pain has gone! hehe

party zits

its a fact of life. there's no getting round it. if you party hard in December you get party zits! haha
all that extra boozin', party food and lack of sleep makes for blemished skin... but at my age you just have to roll with the punches (and party zits) and heck, embrace them!
woo! my first party zits arrived today! haha
and who better to illustrate what i mean than pary girl 2007 no.1 Ms Spears... hehe she's had an interesting year to say the least! you can't say she's boring tho right? Oscar Wilde did say the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about! haha, and he knew what he was talking about!
after our xmas party on monday night i managed to keep all booked social appointments this week bar one (and cancelling that made me feel real old!) but it's a good job it's only once a year all this merriment, cos its been hard going! i'm exhausted and its only the beginning of the weekend! will be looking fwd to getting some zeds in inbetween packing boxes..
to you, reader, may your party zits be beuatiful and shortlived!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the power of the triangle

is it just me, or does toast cut into triangles taste nicer than its rectangle cousin? hehe
i had such a bit of toast only last night and i was sure it tasted nicer... sometimes i go wild and don't slice it at all! but i reckon triangles rule...
do let me know your own peronal favourite toast recipes...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

award winning

i won an award! my very own oscar moment! hehe best radio ad in the whole group - 25 local radio stations and a national one and my ad is the bestest! whodathunkit?! i should put it on youtube so you hear it... note to self, be more technical in 08

i thanked my team and my producers then was ushered off stage to the sound of my ad playing out to a tough crowd! haha i got a hug from the big boss and me piccie taken grasping the bit of glass with me name on it...

i've never won an award at a ceremony before, I've had a certificate in the post, and had a double header win but the other person's name was on it (i'm not bitter... much! haha) so this is my first oscar moment! haha they didn't even wanna give me the mic to say anything but i insisted... gosh i was quite tipsy too...

since i leave the company on Friday it was a very nice leaving present!

Friday, December 14, 2007

top 5 festive films

there's nothing like a festive film to get you in the christmas spirit! with only 9 days to go
here's my top 5:

5 Labrynth - listen, Bowie in tights IS festive!

4 Little Women - I was named after the character Jo so I have a vested interest...

3 White Christmas - Bing! What's not to love?!

2 Scrooged - love Bill Murray's 80's Ebeneezer!

1 It's a Wonderful Life - I really believe it can be! (what a sucker!) hehe

and no i haven't done any christmas shopping yet... ARGH!
everyone is SO getting mince pies from me!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

good news dot com

i am so fed up of the news!

is it just me? or is hearing about school shootings, the cost of living and the crazies on the street over breakfast just too much?!

i want to start a good news channel - and no religion thanks very much! how did they hijack the brand that is good news anyways? all religion ever seems to do is cause wars!

if i had the time and the resources i reckon good news in the morning would set everyone up for a better day, a better attitude to other human beans...

i had a random convo on the weekend with my man and his sis about how if you have a nervous scared attitude with people in the street, in the evryday they smell it like a dog, its part of how human beans have survived on this planet so long, they can sense unease, or danger... but we can also create unease which turns into danger if misinterpreted, basically we're all just misunderstood! haha

a guy who's blog i love to read had a situation of misunderstanding recently - you can read about it here - why would someone behave like that to another human being? road rage has occurred i think because of the false sense of territory cars have created for us.. its a natural instinct for a human bean to feel like king of his castle in his own space, and a car recreates this making people who invade this space intruders and to be defensive of... or something, anyways what i mean is people are very rarely that rude close up on the street, even on the high street on the busiest saturday before christmas! its because evolution gives us a survival instinct that says don't cause trouble, keep your head down and stay alive! haha but the car takes away the eye contact which makes people behave in such a rude manner... the man who spat in my friends face, he too had a physical seperation between him and his victim - what a tough guy! he obviously had other sht going on to behave in such a disgusting manner, maybe he had been genuinely ripped off in the past and was taking it on my friend... but it doesn't make it right!

people are funny lot, if you take a step back from most situations you can see a whole lot of confused going on! haha

and the thing with all this bad news making people distrust each other is, if i didn't hear it for a year -would my life be any different? do these wars abroad, crazies in other towns really effect my day to day? seems to me all it does is sell papers, who sell advertising, who want you to buy stuff...

so let's see if i can get good news going on cos i have had enough of the bad stuff!

Friday, December 07, 2007

nice cuppa tea and a biscuit

this week's top 5 is biscuits... best served up with a brew!

5 nice (see above)

4 jaffa cake (is it a biscuit tho, really?)

3 chocolate digestives

2 malted milk

1 rich tea

you can't beat a biscuit and a dunk... especially on a Friday after a very difficult fortnight!

please do share your own biscuit hall of fame!

that is all...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

that great big ashtray in the sky

where have all the ashtrays gone?! hmm? answer me that!

the smoking ban in England on july 1st meant the familiar table top friend has disappeared!

i suppose theyv been sold off to non-fascist countries where you can smoke where you like hehe, i'm JOKING! i happen to agree with the ban since i've never smoked and hate seeing my loved ones sucking away on the cancer sticks! it DOES help them quit because social smoking is just peer pressure for grown ups! similarly social drinking is subject to this ridiculous peer pressure, but that's another blog...

but having enjoyed the more glam reclaimed ashtraay for makeshift jewellery pots in the past it occured to me that suddenly there was a mass mountain of ashtrays somewhere gathering dust!

sounds like an entry for the turner prize! haha tracy emin eat your heart out!

it certainly must be time for a coffee table edition lamenting the loss of this sometimes very stylish everyday item... well i'm not busy January so.... hehe

them days are over

have had the busiest couple of weeks ever... i quit my job, i went to my gran's funeral and i had a job interview! talk about an emotional rollercoaster! i'm exhausted!

i'm moving to birmingham to be with my man, you know how it is, nothing ventured nothing gained...

i'm currently seeking a new job but i think i can just about manage if January is a chill-out yoga fest! haha but someone has to fund my fashion fixes so i'm very much putting myself out there, so if you know anyone who needs a creative type in the midlands do let me know! haha

the dole queue beckons... haha