Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Time Traveller's Wife

love love loved this book! my dad gave it to me to read and i wasn't able to put it down once i started! you know the kind of story you ponder about while doing the washing up/ sitting at traffic lights, the kind you really regret coming to the end of!!!
of course now i can watch the movie which will be fun but gosh - i don't think a book has made me cry* for a long time, and this managed to get me three times! i must be turning into an old softie..
i recommend!
*don't worry it's only a little sad some of the time!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

the clooney

So i'm now too old for The Clooney*!?! lol

here he is pictured with a 30yr old Italian babe... i was so close!

at least she's a brunette! and i'm a little bit Italian... there's still hope right?! haha

going to start a new club: All The Girls Love Clooney...

*recently voted my number 1 on The List of Allowed Celebrity Shags! haha
fyi The Hoff and Russell Brand 2 and 3 respectively! lol

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

closer each day

after a summer break it's back and already i'm hooked!

how did this happen?! i was really honestly considering giving up my home&away habit... my fave fella Roman has been 'sent to prison' ie left the series with a door open... it was taking up WAAAY to much of my time and my boyf pulled a very discouraging face whenever he saw me eyeing it up on the skyplus list!
but i thought i'd just watch one... or two... and then bam i was hooked again! yesterday through my drugged-up haze (for something resembling a horibble cold ladies and gentlemen) i watched as Belle lay in hospital and Aden discovered his bride to be was dying! DYING! o jeez, i wept like a baby! lol
and so today i wait with baited breath, will Aden turn up for the wedding in today's episode? will i really watch H&A for the rest of my life?! tune in next time....
haha i would certainly pay good money to be an extra down at The Diner one day!
ah, we can dream...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

snow monkeys

i went to the gym after a hard day at the office and treated myself to a jacuzzi/ sauna sesh!

while sitting there peering over the bubbles at my co-cuzziers (is there a better term for these people?!) i was reminded of those cute snow monkeys you get pictures of in the paper every now and again, little red faced fellas loving the natural hot springs over in Asia... apparently the first monkey to try it copied the men it saw having a dip and then all its monkey friends joined in too!

which led me to wonder about whether the reason humans have no body fur like other mammals is to help us to swim, making us more aerodynamic perhaps? or maybe we don't have fur because we started off in hot climates south of the equator and adapted from there... which reminds me of reading some place about how the Spanish Armada failed to defeat Britain due to our inclement weather! it's a wonder this country isn't competely barren or full of a special breed of waterproof humans! I also recall hearing that the Romans despised our cold and rainy climate too, but they certainly stayed for a good innings anyway, i have a Roman nose! haha

which reminds me that the Gaugin picture my friend sent me of a chick from the 1400s certainly doesn't look too different to me and he was in France then, i guess i have Euro roots which is reasonable given Liverpool's history as a port town.. but all this wondering about human history from a few bubbles after work!

maybe the chlorine has gone to my head... hehe

ooh but it was nice ;)