Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sound city

tis a small planet. and Liverpool is a small city. full of people I'm more than likely less than 6 degrees separated from! I went for a couple of pale ales at the White Star pub this weekend and got chatting to a couple of neighbours (as I am oft to do) and they only had been in the same pub as me the night before seeing the same great rock covers band play!
having been away from Liverpool for many years I am really enojying its thriving live music scene while I'm based here, need to get out in Manc more too, the North West is aces for guitar pop and rock wot I likes #winning
this weekend alone I saw Sea Witches/ Stealing Sheep/ The Loose Moose String Band/ Fonetiks/ Muto Leo/ The Mono LPs/ The Hummingbirds and The Lowtones! :D
My ears are full!