Wednesday, March 27, 2013

She Loves You

To say I am a Beatles fan is the understatement of the century... haha I am a militant Beatles lover who will seriously question our friendship should you turn out to not appreciate the Fab Four!

So it was with trepidation that I embarked on choosing a song of theirs to cover for my SheBeat music project!

First of all I needed a song simple enough to play cos I ain't no Jimi Hendrix (or Paul McCartney for that matter haha) and I also wanted to bring something new to something old - cos really if you're just doing it like they did, why bother? Just listen to the original! So I stripped this song right back to the simplest form and sang it like SheBeat might if I'd written it myself...

Hope you like :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

I Told You I Was Sick (And Other Excuses)

So I've been near death. Seriously! That's how it has felt! But lucky for me I live in a society that chooses to medicate this kind of sick... and I have been dosed up since Saturday last, with light at the end of my sickly tunnel... but my oh my do I wanna know what's in them drugs! I have been high as a flippn kite this last few days... my fever finally subsided today (after an impressive 6 days holding) but still the anti-biotics were making me feel like a space cadet! And I mean it about being lucky! As I lay dying in my bed pre-docs I honestly felt like this was how poor people died in the old days... the common cold saw people off! Turns out I have a chest infection too, that defo woulda been the end of my peasant ass in the olden days... But thankfully we live in 2013 and for a few quid a global pharmaceutical company will kiss it better #happydays

What's been interesting about this last few days is the things that have stood out for me... I was reading an old copy of New Scientist, in particular an article called Who Are You? and apparently reality is an illusion created by our own brain... (I haven't finished the whole Who Are You? section I'm classic at taking a little information and running off without listening to the ending haha) but how can I feel so poorly if none of it is real?! And do I have to go back to the diseased office if reality is an illusion???

Other things that have stood out during this sick period... KINDNESS is underrated! This is a footnote perhaps to my earlier theories on NICE is underrated... my brother offering to pick me up from the docs, my mum taking me on a supermarket drugs & fruit run in the rain, a sympathetic tweet from a stranger brought warmth to my self-pity party haha ;) #allgood It's been quite emotional actually... I am usually only a few ideas from tears this last week... the human body is a complex machine alright!

Before I started my course of anti-biotics I was warned off them. They don't understand that my fragile being finds it nearly impossible to fend itself despite being a 'healthy adult'. Who knows what I'm lacking. Probably (according to my mother) sleep and the right food, but you know what? I eat pretty healthy! I confess I do little/ no exercise at this time in my life, whereas before I used to work out regular but I live on the top floor with no lift (that's a lot of stairs in heels!) and I'm sure I used to get ill then too... LOTS of people -- too many in fact -- tell me this is all because I'm vegetarian, because with conscience comes ill health? haha this argument makes no sense to me - I take vitamins and eat a heck of a lot more fruit and veg than most people... hell I guess I need to drink more Guinness ;) haha if only it were that easy...

Meanwhile I am a third of the way thru my over the counter bug-killers and to bed I must go...