Thursday, December 30, 2010

Festive Working

I don't mind working over Xmas... I have only actually had to work Xmas Day itself the one time, for in their call centre back in 1999 i guess, I dressed up as an angel including wings & wig and went my local pub first... Clearly back in 99 I had to express my creativity creatively!

Now that I work in the wonderful world of broadcasting working when other people are off is par for the course, bank holidays and the like doesn't mean the radio switches off, in fact people who never listened before might be tuned in while in the shed/ kitchen/ car etc so it's quite an opportunity... it's also a time when the usual lineup may change so you'll hear someone new on the airwaves while the regular talent takes a break...

As I started a new job back in October I thought best volunteer for the rubbish shifts, show willing ;) But oh man the earlies between Xmas and New Year? gah!

Since leaving the Smooth breakfast show I haven't had to wake up before 5am and frankly I haven't missed it one bit! haha I maintain it's plain unnatural! haha but working from 6 in Shropshire means leaving the house in Brum just before 5 which has meant an alarm at 4 for the back end of this week... This is my last one today tho and I'm back to usual shift from the 2nd, with a bank holiday off thrown in!

I suppose the only thing about having Xmas off is that chances are someone near and dear will also have time off and not since the summer school holidays have we had such synchronized time off, so I am considering having Xmas off next year, I had last year off, perhaps that's the way to go, one year on, one year off... I'm thinking California next Xmas, somewhere warm*

*I'm sure this is directly related to my heating being off for the Xmas duration this year :(( it's back working again tho now :))

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas Giftage

Ah giftage the reason we all love Christmas haha

My stepdad gave me USB record player which can convert my records to digital audio via my mac... oooooh! fancypants! I love the crackle of vinyl me, looking fwd to playing with that over the next few days...

I got some new nice smellies (Gucci Rush and Paul Smith Rose), some booze (Kahlua for White Russians mmmm) and some DVDs to while away the winter nights...

I think it's a shame that giftage has become so obligatory tho, I mean I definitely have bought my nearest and dearest pointless stuff because it's the thought that counts... but the thought in those cases was almost always 'oh gawd what shall i get this person, i have to get them SOMETHING or they'll think i don't love them anymore' haha and how is that a good state of affairs? sure it works for the shops selling meaningless tack but getting my stepdad a xmas jumper just so i can give him something seems a bit shallow... surely we should just get our nearest and dearest presents whenever they present themselves! no matter the time of year... i don't mean to be a scrooge - sure spend time with families at Chrimbo if you can, it's nice to hang out for a few days and remember what you like and don't like about folk haha, but i reckon the gift pressure ruins the seasonal spirit...

that said we all like to receive presents so perhaps this is why we insist on buying gifts for other... cos we want to get lots back! lol

Xmas telly

I don't really watch a lot of telly, I get into a few series and watch those... Since we gave up the PLUS box 6 mnths ago our tv consumption has relaxed and reduced dramatically... altho we just ordered a new one so perhaps it will go thru the roof again next week! lol

The only thing I've watched that's really stood out was When Harey Met Bob and the Live Aid doc that followed, it was a good yarn.. not sure about the casting tho, and Hart's padded suit loooked a bit daft..

One thing that you have to try and see if you haven't already is a comedy series called Modern Family... it describes itself as being a mockumentary about a dysfunctional family but seriously, is there any other kind? isn't a family by nature dysfunctional? haha but anyway this show is really laugh out loud funny, which is quite a rare pleasure... see it, do it!

Xmastime continues

Ok ok I slipped on the daily dose, but I had to travel to and from Liverpool so I have a decent excuse ;)

Whizzed up north for a flying visit to see my family and catch up with an old friend who now lives in Amsterdam... our festive drinkies are becoming quite the annual tradition with a hangover to match... we went on Pammy Watch as Ms Anderson is doing the big Liverpool panto along with Les Dennis and the yummy Mark Moraghan... we didn't catch the beautiful blonde but did manage to have a moment with MM which is a bit blurry due to the number of Guinness with Tia Maria I'd consumed by the time we bumped into him! I also have fuzzy memories of discovering the jukebox in the pub was on FREEPLAY - which is awesome always - and us dancing with a random local called Tony! oh god...

Hoping to catch Louie and The Hoff in panto in Wimbles next...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas Blog 2

Boxing Day.

I woke up in my freezing cold home (heating out until Weds I believe) and did a little abs work out on my bedroom floor... this was a win win situ as not only did it help to work away some of the xmas naughtiness I been shoveling down my neck, but also increased blood flow and body temperature!

It definitely feels colder today, I guess the longer it goes since the heating was on last (Thursday night) the colder the walls get.. and the news on tv/ radio and all across the papers explaining this is the coldest christmas in 100 years does nothing to warm my cockles! Lol

So thermals on, snow boots donned, we hit B&Q to look for a portable radiator to help warm the house until Wednesday... And oooh the shops were so warm! And ahhh the car was so warm! And brrrr back in the house it's soooo cold!

But not too cold to blog dear! Lol

so on Xmas Eve* we started to listen to Marley's Not Dead on Radio4 because Richard Madeley had recommended it on Twitter (@richardm56), he had a bit part in it which was really very funny, and loads of other starlets were in it too.. it was really funny, so we just dropped into the iplayer this afternoon and listened to it in full - you can find it here

Then i tuned in to the Adam & Joe Xmas Special broadcast Xmas morning but faaar to early for me on a day off work (10am), and in fact I am one hour into 3 of this show and oh how lovely it is to have our old friends back on the radio... i explained to my dad the joy of being in BlackSquadron - or not depending on the weekend - of knowing what it was to shout Stephen randomly in a crowd - of singing along to the jingles and laughing out loud on the treadmill at the gym when listening to the podcast - they truly are the best i've ever heard on the radio ! they rock and amaze. and now they only do occasional specials because they've got bored of it! how painful and yet so awesome that they would acknowledge it before driving a much loved show into the ground! more kudos earned! (sigh)

food wise you'll be pleased to hear I've eaten lots of the good stuff again today.. mince pies, stollen, German cinnamon biscuits**, ginger choc biscuits and soon trifle! OMG***

But remember those sit ups earlier people! I earned my Xmas treats today! Plus extra cals for the cold surroundings right?! haha

*me and my dad, our Xmas guest hadn't arrived yet
**my FAVOURITE xmas treat, thankfully found in the local deli after the Lidl let me down!
***the 30 days sugar detoc starts Jan 1st people! Lol

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The 12 Blogs of Xmas

I shall attempt to blog for 12 days on the trot to make up for my appalling neglect this last month!

It's Xmas Morn... I am waiting for my fella to come home from his overnight shift... the boiler is bust so there is no heat or hot water and it's a tropical -7 according to my iphone, i assure you that i can feel it in my fingers, toes.. and nose! Lol... i bought an electric heater (gawd help me when the leccy bill comes in) and the landlord brought over another couple and my friend K brought another over... so almost one for every room but no heating engineer visiting until the 29th ! that's a very cool yule people! quick put the oven on! haha

Today on the menu just a few of my favourite things: Popcorn, fruit toast, pizza, chocs, cake, cheese! And to drink? How about some Irish Cream and cocktails?! Wow I am gonna need that Boxing Day walk and then some! Lol

I will watch me something festive on the box, play some scrabble maybe, listen to my ever-growing collection of xmas albums* and try to remember to move around frequently so the blood keeps running...

I really don't give a hooping funt for Christmas, I always offer to work it cos if someone who really loved it had to work instead that would be silly... but time off and seeing family and friends is awesome and ANY excuse for a party baby and I'm there! Lol So I try not to be too humbug about it, plus i get to eat Christmas Pudding!

So may I bid you all a merry winter solstice/ xmas, may you hug and be hugged by someone you love today!

*Elvis/ Spector/ Jazz/ Tijuana/ Isaak/ Tunstall - seriously I love Xmas albums - why not recommend me your favourite?!
You have a favourite, right?! ;)