Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"you make the world a smaller place"

six degress of Kevin Bacon ain't got nothing on Jodester ;)

let me tell you a story about the sort of thing I like to do when the opportunity arises...

I am a big believer in simple pleasures, in the little things that get us thru the daily grind...

so when I heard a friend of mine from across the pond had a gig in NYC on his birthday I plotted a way to surprise him with some english treats*

my friend G drives a cab in NYC and you can read his blog about his adventures here

I thought it would be fun to send G with said treats to meet my friend but Hurricane Sandy tried to thwart me! well Mother Nature can try harder next time, cos my friend received my packet despite the weather and delivered said packet despite work restrictions!

I won't lie, I had the biggest smile on my face when I got the email from my friend explaining what happened when he received this surprise packet -- sufficient to say he was thrilled and that made me so happy...

a friend told me tonight I make the world a smaller place -- and I can tell you that's probs one of my most favourite compliments of all time!

to give is to receive my friends... simple pleasures ahoy!

*McVities Ginger Nuts since you ask ;)