Thursday, November 30, 2006

new shoes

went to another paolo nutini gig last night - he is ace!

his audience are such an upbeat crowd too - every gig people sing along in good spirits - the only thing i didn't understand was the inbetween song banter - the glaswegian accent is almost impossible to translate! he should have subtitles up on a big screen behind him, haha

in fact thats the second time i've thought virtual subtitles would be really handy. i was at a client meeting and the fellas we were chatting to were from Korea. they broke off during our meeting to chat indepth about the topic of the meeting leaving me and my collegaue to only imagine what it was they were talking about. i smiled to myself imagining virtual subtitles had popped up to help out. can we invent them and then retire on the proceeds?*

i also love that babelfish website - you put in any words in a long list of languages and it's translated for you! brilliant. the tower of babel in yo face! i think i wanna learn Japanese. i think because Jonathan Ross likes Japan, but also cos it seems such a cool thing to do - speaking Japanese dude! new year, new hobbies!

i bought a new pair of shoes today from New Look on impulse. they're green wedges and they're so pretty! i'm gonna wear them tonight when i go to a new club in Manchester called Birdcage. it's gonna be wild! and on a school night, have you ever heard anything like it?!

*we being anyone who wants to do the techie bit cos i already had the idea yeah? my work is done! haha

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

a very British thing

at the weekend i dragged my man to see the latest Bond offering Casino Royale.
i have seen all of the Bond films as my mum has always had a soft spot for early Sean Connery*.

the film was as you'd expect, the new Bond was wieghed up and looked good in his trunks so got the thumbs up from the ladies in the house and did all his own stunts so impressed some of the fellas**

the thing is it's only just come out so the queue was massive to get a ticket and even when we got to the cashier they'd not got a free show til an hour and half later. we got tickets anyways and waited in the cinema lounge*** watching the mega long queues for the next Bond session.

A hour or so passed chatting about nothing in particular and we decided to go get popcorn etc and then lingered around to start the queue for our screen. but for some reason the old fogies in front of us were horrified that they couldn't wait int he screen. 'the last showing is still on' explained the teen on the door 'outrageous' they moaned. the queue started to make a serious dent in the foyer. screen 1 is their biggest screen therefore it's biggest audience. it did a full cirle round the foyer and into the screens corridor. we watched as people came up the escalators walked towards the screen inspite of massive queue only to look back dismayed at the line of people they had to join for impending Bond. we had popcorn so we were happy. we were also almost at the fornt so we knew we'd get the seats we wanted**** but we giggled as people became irate as every chancer in there tried to talk his way out of the queue situation. a woman directly behind us was gonna burst a blood vessel because she thought a woman had pushed in. i couldn't help but smile at her. i thought the British were good at queing but apparently it's a talent that's slipping from our collective conscience!

very amusing. certainly whiled away the time waiting to see Bond anyway.

*she didn't like Roger Moore at all but by then i was hooked on the spy thriller nonsense! she even made me watch a made 70s movie with Connery in called Zardoz! it's wacky sh&t!

**not my man, he don't like Bond.

*** after an aborted mission at Chiquitos next door - who only had two staff on none of whom were taking our order after 20 minutes! rubbishness!

****at the back. no kicking of your seat then see!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

i blog, therefore i am

i am not hooked up to the world wide web at home.

i was supposed to be but my landlord hoodwinked me.

i have too much stuff to move before next summer so offline i will be for the forseeable future.

so i blog at work when i get 10 minutes. doesn't interfere with my work and i have aquired a healthy addiction now, in so much as, if i don't blog, i miss it!

so imagine my dismay at a new IT policy being handed round to sign. you may not use the world wide web for personal use.


that is what happens when one person abuses a perk at work!
some loser, one time, in darkest peru or somewhere equally dingy, downloaded some naughty pics of a lady doing rudey with an Alsation and BAM* the bean counters say
'oh no no no, we'll have to nip that in the bud. what a bunch of perverts we employ! let's take away yet another small pleasure for the wage slaves'
and TADA* a new IT policy!

how am i going to do my online hassle free christmas shopping now?! hmm? haha

it's safe to say i am livid...

so if you never hear from me again - you know why!

*do you think it's normal to add soundeffects to your blog - or is it just cos i is a radio copywriter?! haha

Monday, November 20, 2006

four girls and a maiden

i was in bournemouth this weekend to see my gran.

we went to a place called Holme Farm Shop for some groceries and my dad bought me a primrose plant. i warned him all plants die in my care but he said they're very hard wearing and bought it me anyway. so now it's on the windowsill on the stairs as i figured this would mean lots of light and not to much heat.

as far as green fingers go good intentions is as far as i get!

but the other thing they had in which caught my eye was a Lady Farmers Calendar. ooer missus these countryside sorts are a bit racy! lady farmers in nothing but wellingtons and all manner of horticultural machinery!

there's something very British about a nudey calendar. other countries wouldn't get the point, being all relaxed about nookie and general nakedness! haha

but you don't expect it in a Farm Shop along side the home made fudge! haha

that is all...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

define me

human beans love to be defined...

be it wild child or stay at home girl people like to know who they are and how they're perceived by others. which is why i took part in this survey my boyf brought to my attention on his blog.

according to this quiz i am a Life Blogger and he is a Pundit Blogger.

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

this means he cares about his hit counter whereas i leave him to worry about mine. i am genuinely surprised when someone says they've read my blog. i love to write it and of course it would be really rubbish if nobody actually read it cos i want people to enjoy reading it as i enjoy reading other peoples but there ends the interest. ask my man any day of the week how many hits he's on and he'll tell you down to the location of the server! haha

i love that picture too, that's me that is, leisurely 'pleasure' blogging haha

i tell my friends to blog. they largely haven't yet but my friend Kate is a space waitress* and her day to day life would make for excellent reading. i imagine it would read like ' today there was a right bore in first class who spoke to me like i was his servant. i explained that if the plane crashed i would be the one saving his life and he didn't say a word the rest of the journey'**
my other friend Chris should blog. he's a writer like me and would really enjoy it once he got into it. i remember when i first did it and it felt silly, selfindulgent and worthless***. now i don't care that it may be any of those things and genuinely enjoy writing about my little life.

i tell every cabbie who'll listen to blog - i love cabbie blogs like this one and this one - they meet so many people and have so many weird experiences, what's not to write about?! haha

when i started to blog my man gave me advice about not being too keen on it being 'good'. we are all our own worst critics after all. if we over edit ourselves in life, in a blog it is more obvious. just write and hit publish. some will be better than others, just do it and enjoy it.

if anyone has any favourite blogs for me to read please let me know!

i love blogs!

*i am tres jeslous of her jetset lifestyle!
**she told me this story herself once - with more detail of course - and what a great story! i want more! haha

***my blog was even a secret blog to begin with!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

handgestures before dawn

i'm not a morning person.

i can appreciate having a fulfilling morning but i'd just as rather stay in bed and appreciate the extra zeds thank you very much!

so this morning when a ditzy driver was in the wrong lane causing me to cut her up accidentally - no honestly! haha - so she's in the wrong and her gimp of a boyfriend starts to gurn at me in an agressive manner - very much like our primate friends in zoos might.

gurning aggressively from the safety of his passenger seat. not once, not twice but three times to which, i'm not ashamed to say, he got the v-sign. i understand as much as the next man how irritating bad drivers are, and it's easy to understand how he may have thought i was in the wrong (when i clearly wasn't reader!).

but to have a go at me THREE times about anything is ridiculous! he may as well have followed me to work and stood behind me all day telling how sh*t he thought i was behind the wheel of my punto!

well it's just bad for my disposition frankly. i'm a cheerful girl but you have never heard language like it when i'm on the road. there are so many d*ckheads out there who i would ordinarily never cross paths with. and in such a polite society as ours, where we're used to please, thankyou and sorries tripping off every tongue, the rudeness you have to endure on the road is exacerbated since we're just not used to it.

i feel angry at another driver at least once on the way to and from work. this isn't good for my health and i'm sure it will give me wrinkles!
and they're usually men. women are more likely to be considerate drivers. no question. that's why men are in more accidents. in too much of a hurry to beat the car in front. they're called boy racers for a reason you know ; )

in a tenuous link i saw a film called Crash this weekend. not the dodgy early nineties film about people having nookie in cars, but the recent one about racism in LA with Matt Dillon, Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle and Brendan Fraser. amazing film!

starts off with a car crash and matey spouting some nonsense about people in LA crashing so they can have a human interaction - to which his girlfriend suggests he's hit his head too hard, haha. but the style of the film is brilliant. effortlessly flicking from character to character slowly weaving all the storylines together. making you think about easy prejudice and how we're all just people at the end of the day.

if you haven't seen it, make a note and check it out. really enjoyable. 5 stars from the jodester!

Monday, November 13, 2006

one in one out

those four little words that can ruin a very good night out!

went out on saturday night with my housemates and some buddies and started off at Mojo - a great rock n roll theme bar that plays wicked tunes and has reasonably chilled punters...

birthday girl insisted at midnight that we go to a club not far from the bar, even though by this time we'd thought Mojo was just fine and getting 8 people into a club at this time very impractical... ho hum, off we trooped politely only to face the tres dull 'one in one out' situation at said club.

ruined! we had a nice corner table at Mojo and frankly the night went downhill quickly when we stepped out into the Manchester rain!

then we had a fall out with a taxi driver trying to charge us £18 to go to the Northern Quarter (about a quarter of a mile away!) and decided to go to nearby Vodka Revolution as a quick fix.

that's what happens when people go to clubs. it ruins things. a nice noisy bar will do and they don't charge you stupid money to get in or make you queue!

clubs are rubbish! they're so 90s! with the late licences bars and pubs can get now, they're surely becoming obselete... people know the price of booze shoots up once you step thru those hallowed doors!
they really need to box clever and drop the door and booze tax to get anywhere near the amount of punters they used to get...

but social trends don't normally filter down to everyday business for a few years so they'll probly just go out of business and some investor will turn them into fancy apartments like the Hacienda apartments in Manchester.

but saying all that my housemate wanted to go on Saturday so maybe it's just me who doesn't appreciate having to pay over the odds to dance in a darkened room of a weekend! haha
i did just hear about a new Rollerdisco night in Manchester tho - i am so there!

Friday, November 10, 2006

dirty ozzie rock

and no i don't mean anything related to the osbournes!

last night i went to see wolfmother live and they rocked baby!

for the first time in a long time i allowed myself to be dragged down front and experienced the moshpit - tres scary - didn't hang around for more than 3 songs - was too hot and frankly dangerous! haha

wolfmother are australian rockers bringing back the good times. someone asked me if they're tongue in cheek rock, to which i have no clue. what matters to me is whether i enjoy the record. which i do. 'woman' is destined to be a rock anthem!

my man says they remind him of hendrix. cool!

he didn't like that other retro rock band 'the darkness'.
i can understand why glam rock jumpsuits may put you off, but the first album was ace!
it was a few years ago now and just the beginning of rock reclaiming the album charts.
but he would say' oh they're on hit wonders' like it was a bad thing.
what's wrong with having a hit in your life.
being responsible for a bunch of people enjoying some rock sounds? i can't understand the problem.
maybe it's cos he never wrote one hit wonders when he was in his band.
it was beneath them or something and they were concentrating on a life long body of work the world could enjoy.... oh yeah, they split up long time ago, the rock martyrs! haha*

but yeah, wolfmother. serious rock or a retro wink - i don't care - they make good sounds come outta my stereo!

* i wanna be in a band! i'm just jealous really...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

nightcap anyone?

well now the poor bloke from npower or somelike today got hisself into hot water for telling folk to put socks on in bed and wear a hat to keep warm this winter... er, welcome to my world?!
then i heard him on national radio defending hisself by saying poor families lived in badly insultaed homes and couldn't afford too much heating... er, i wasn't aware i was in either!

a hat in bed is not a good look! but it does work! you lose most of your bodyheat through your head. fact! i have a large collection of hats! haha
i also suffer at this time of year from cold feet in bed and with a wayward yorkshire based boyf nobody to heat them up on so socks it is! works a treat!

what i can't understand is some people's denial of the season. one of the chicks i live with insists on going around barefoot - on our cold floorboards - and then complains it's too cold!

we play a little game everyday where she pushed the thermostat up 5 degrees - ooh them global warming crazies what do they know! - and me pushing it down 5 degrees!

well i ain't gonna give up first! it's winter! dress appropriately folks! woolies can be fun! haha
maybe i should get her some totes totsies! or them wooly booties for old ladies/kate moss whoever...


rant over...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

everybody else is doing it

my friends Anthony & Julia are getting married!
i'll have to get them one of those windscreen stickers for the car Tony & Jules ; ) haha

i guess it happens to everyone like this but people i know seem to be getting married a lot lately, which makes you think why aren't i getting married?!*

the reason of course is obvious that it isn't time to get married yet! but still you can't help but compare yourself to others when it comes to these things.

which is rubbish cos everyone in every circumstance is different.

fortunately for my man when i was a kid i never imagined being married with kids, i imagined being single with 3 Labradour dogs! haha, the spinster on the hill who writes childrens books! how very Enid Blyton! so if he NEVER asks me** i still have my dream! haha

infact i even have a back up spinster dream... my friend Kate has promised to be my old bird buddy with bunk beds who goes on cruises with me! haha, so i'm sorted t.y.v.m.!

but i do like going to weddings. they're so optimistic! the stats are stacked against you baby but i'm gonna marry you anyway! swoon!

well congrats to my buddies A&J, even tho you've thrown me into an existential trauma i'm very chuffed for you! looking fwd to the party - can i do the disco?! ; )

*cue one quaking NM! haha

**he says, rather romantically, i'm only getting up the aisle if i'm up the duff! charmed i'm sure!
i can hear it now:
'mummy why aren't you and daddy married?'
'well daddy never asked mummy and now mummy won't marry daddy on principle' haha