Tuesday, August 28, 2007

flip flops forever

went to a wedding this weekend in lovely sunny cheshire... the happy couple looked radiant and it was just overall a very warm and fuzzy say... except for the pain inflicted on myself by myself in the way of wardrobe! haha
i decided on very chic satc style bustier top with skirt and my face round toe black with wooden heel heels... but ofcourse i'm a trainers and flip flops kinda girl normally and i genuinely do forget how painful it is to be in a pair of heels for more than a couple of hours (such is the female brain programmed haha) but added to my ankle misery was the bustier that dug into my ribs every time i sat down (which was a lot given church ceremony/sit down meal etc etc! haha)

so now i have a really painful left knee and a red mark on my ribs where the 'bones' of my top attacked me, its a good job i was sozzled or it might have stopped me having a jolly good time! haha

i also failed to look as chic as i'd planned by having not one but two handbags - oh the shame of it - i don't know what i was thinking! actually i do know - i was hoping to stash one somewhere for later but since we were over 3 venues during the day (hotel/church/reception) i had to lug it around with me - but i'll tell you what nobody noticed but me and i got to kick off them dam heels about 9.30pm and dance the night away in my brand new purple sparkly flipflops! haha
footloose stands out as a particular favourite from saturday night!

but why is everything that i love in this life so very bad for you?
pretty heels are so lovely and make you taller!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

going solo

i went to the cinema myself on tuesday night.

i had asked all my friends if they wanted to see the movie i wanted to see and they'd either seen it or weren't interested. so i had no choice. and since the film in question was big on action i didn't want to just wait til it came out on DVD, so i had to just do it! it's just not the same on the small screen!

but it's weird. not only do you have to ask for one ticket at the box office and feel the sympathetic looks from the plebby student burn into your pride, you then have to buy popcorn* for one, sit near people in big groups and grip your own hand in the thrilling bits! haha
not to mention not having someone to talk about it with afterwards. nope, for me the cinema is best in company, but such is my love for the Harry Potter franchise i had to go it alone haha - i've waited weeks to see it!

when i arrived on time i'd made my first mistake - 40 minutes of ads? jeez! i know its a kids movie but do we have to brainwash them to exhaustion?! haha then the ticket lady had obviously expected a bigger crowd cos she sat me next to a family of three instead of any of the empty seats in the same row, i chose to ingore my seat number in this instance but then had to sit next to a couple of late comers instead... there's something about being in a darkened room sat next to a complete stranger with nobody on 'your side' as it were that is a little bit disturbing!

the film was fantastic - as they always are - i just gotta get me some nieces & nephew action so i can go in a posse to the next one! must call my bro about that... hehe

but it got me to thinking about all the other things people don't do by themselves - despite being a population more and more full of singletons - like going to the pub, going for a meal, all the sociable things infact - its like we've cursed single people to a life indoors - no wonder the internets' so popular! haha

i spose you just gotta remember that most of the time people are thinking about themselves, so the chances of them noticing little old you is small anyway... so next time i want to see a movie and no friend wants to come i'll try and be a bit braver, sooner!

*don't even get me started on the daylight robbery that is cinema refreshments in this country! £1.70 for a bottle of water - they should be shot these people! i saw a little girl go up once and ask for water only to be told she didn't have enough money but she could have some sugar-filled juice instead!!! outrageous! what is the world coming to?!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

everyone else is doing it

oh blimey - i'm in the midst of a baby fever!

if it's not baby talk in the office, it's baby talk on the phone to one of my friends with or without babbies of their own! it must be something in the air... but this lady's not for turning!

seriously, i just want a dog! haha

i want to go on holiday next year and babies just hold you back! at least you can put your beloved puppy in kennels for a fortnight! haha maybe there's the gap in the market - baby kennels for the wayward parent! would they come back?! haha

obviously it'd be terribly impractical for me to have a sprog in my life right now hence lack of the necessary nurturing hormones but i worry every day my biological clock will turn against me and send me into an irrational baby-wanting-maniac! haha

luckily my mum is of the opinion, that as a career girl, she's not expecting any grandkids anytime soon but my alomst-sister Lou has just had a little boy and i reckon its only a matter of time before the pressure goes up a notch! my aunty Linda even asked me when i was getting married last weekend! how can people still get married when the divorce rate is so clearly telling us something about western civilisation?! haha

what would scoob do?

i was in my hometown this weekend to see my mum and dad... i went for a nice meal and a bottle of red with my mum Friday night and made bread and Dorset Apple Cake on saturday with my dad!

it's nice to spend time with the olds from time to time - especially when you pick up new life skills like baking! making bread brought all kind of questions to mind - who decided you could mix wheat flour with water and yeast to make something so amazing!

this in turn gave me one of the many comedy flashbacks* i've been experiencing since i got back from my week in edinburgh! a guy had done a bit on how gutted was the guy who invented bread must be that we have the phrase 'he's the best thing sice sliced bread!' haha

then i went to see my pal in The Wirral and had to drive thru the Mersey Tunnel for the first time - eek! it's eerie man driving in an underwater tunnel! i had to put on The Pigeon Detectives CD to distract me from the spookiness! haha

then on the way when i was driving home to Madchester i saw the best bumber sticker ever! it said 'What would Scooby do?'! Brilliant!

what a great philosophy in life - it's almost as good as Don't Panic!

*comedy flashbacks are brilliant. because by its very nature most comedy tends to be toopical there are lots of instances in everyday life where you come across things that remind you of a good set... so even though the ednigburgh fest was tres expensive - really its the festival that keeps on giving! haha

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the biggest arts festival in the whole world!

wowsas i'm knackered!

7 days in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival takes it out of a girl!

i have some snaps but i need to download them... i will tho cos there's a great geezer with a digireedoo that you have to see! actually on Saturday i watched Norman Lovett's Slide Show and it's inspired me to keep taking my silly pics that I do on my mobile phone...

i want to do a mega list of all the things i saw but my brain is too muddled to remember them all so i'll just tell you what the best bits were for now and maybe do a footnote another time with the definitive list (just so you can see that my being knackered is totally legitimate!) ***

the king of the fest was our fave Phil Nichol and his new show Hiro Worship. frickn aces. all about meeting a guy at a gig and the adventure that ensues. with lots of music thru-out to add to the tale. the man has so much energy and passion you can't help but feel infected by it. he is easily one of the best comedians working in the UK.

we also saw our fave Simon Munnery's AGM. but while we enjoyed it and were familiar enough with his work to keep track of his mumblings and thrown away punchlines, he was not on the ball; he was also in a play (i don't know how long for i'm assuming its not for the whole run of the fest) so he hadn't rehearsed his own show... i felt a bit cheated but it was nice to hang out with him and another few die-hards drinking wine and having a chat in arthur smith's art gallery (which is also ace).

top finds were shabbi - a really funny pregnant london comedienne, tom stade is blinding, we only enjoyed him as compere but well be looking out for him... dan o'doherty and his text song is pure genius and we were glad to see craig campbell again after seeing him at glasto this summer, he's phil nichol's housemate and funny as! josie long's show was quality and ivan brakenbury was really funny too...

god i feel tired just thinking about it all again!

i am currently enduring comedy cold turkey - not that there aren't great nights in manchester it's just i spent all my money and some of the banks too on my trip and man i'm never going out again (til payday!) haha

if only i had a skyplus digital recorder type of thing in my head so i could replay all that saw and enjoy it again but in the comfort of my bed! haha

come on science - pull your finger out!


*** The List: Uncut!

Andrew Maxwell - great show/ Wil Hodgson - another great gig/ The Improverts - fab line up/ the christian, the jew, the muslim and the geordie - good stuff especially Joe and Prince Abdi/ get up stand up featuring Nick Doody and Marcus Brigstocke - free chips! haha/ Robin Ince - distracted/ So You Think You're Funny Heat compere Gordon Southern - top geezer!/ Ivan Brackenbury - fabalous!/ Josie Long - geniearse!/ Jerry Sadowitz - mental!/ Nick Cowen & Nick Pettigrew/ Simon Munnery/ Phil Nichol/ Best in Stand UP 99 Club featuring Shappi (fantastic) , Rick, Tiernan (great stuff), Christian and Jason/ If Not Comedians Rob Alderson, Nick Hodder, Tom Greeves/ Apes Like Me with some chick called Kate/ Martin White - he rocks/ Best of Fringe featuring Dizzy High, Andy Watson, Pam Ford, Robin Cousins and Nick Pettigrew/ the Late Show at the Stand featuring Tom Stade (outsanding), Sarah Kendall (brilliant), Tom (?) Wrigglesworth, Dan O'Doherty(aces) and Reginald D Hunter/ Norman Lovetts Slide Show - amazing/ Roland Gent - free beer!/ Late n Live featuring Al Pitcher, Hana Breen, Craig Campbell (gem) and John Bishop... ooh I was drunk that night...

blimey i'm just tried out reading about it all! haha

an unanswered phone

i read somewhere once that an unanswered phone is one of the most stressful sounds of the modern life... that most people find it mega-irritable... including me actually!

in our office (which remember i've had a week off from so i'm being slightly over-sensitive i know) the news room phone rings off the hook behind me because they only have one member of staff on at one time and mostly they're busy so it just rings and rings - and it's never important - just news agencies trying to flog stories - telesales but for news teams! but they don't think after 7 rings - oh there's no-one there i'll try again later - no no, these people are on commission...

they let it ring and ring..

and ring and ring..

and ring and ring..

and ring and ring!!!!


my mind!!

then when i'm a cracking point and i have to get up and answer it for them they ring off - oh perfect. getting back in to the groove of office life is difficult man - i think i need to become a baker or something more chilled out, this just ain't a natural environment!

too much noise, too much deskache, too much brain burn!

i better get writing that hit novel i got in me so i can retire,
i'm turning into the grumpiest girl i know! haha

always look on the bright side of life

the life of brian was voted the all time best comedy film on a clip show on channel 4 the other night. brilliant. hopefully that means lots of people will be up for the dressing up bit of the amazing life of brian party i'm having next summer! haha

i was reminded of the life of brian while in edinburgh last week at the fringe festival: in particular the judean peoples front and the peoples front of judea!

you may or may not know that it is incredibly difficult to make a profit as an artist on the fringe. you only hope to break even or only lose a few hundred quids because of the huge prices big venues charge in rent and ticket costs. this lead to the birth of the the 'free' fringe festival, which is a much more cost-effective way to enjoy the fest for both performers and punters...

but while we enjoyed the delights of the free fringe both this year and last - this time we came across 'the other free fringe festival' haha which is why i thought life had gotten very life of brian! 2 free festivals in one town - a bonus for punters i'd imagine but such a shame that the two groups who were originally as one couldn't agree on how to run the free festival... since they both have the same aim - to keep the cash in the pockets of the artist (there's a bucket at the end of the show if you've enjoyed it) ...

what was interesting as well was how only the pbh free festival flyer slagged off the other laughing horse festival - the laughing horse made no mention of the competition so it was definitely an acrimonious split for pbh at least... oh divorce is so messy! why can't everyone just get along! they'd be such a force to be reckoned with if they teamed up! such a shame...

people are funny ain't they?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

you gotta love 'em

those crazy romans, you know what they did to the rest of the calendar to make Emperor Augustus a happy man?! haha

August made a real impact on almost every other month - just cos they didn't want to be seen giving Augustus an inferior month next to Julius' July haha -men and theie egos have shaped this world for too long! give february back its days man! haha

i'm such a geek - i got really excited and sent this weblink round to a few people all of whom were pretty bemused by it! haha i reckon my fascination with romans and castles mark out how much of a nerd i am! haha when i was a kid i used to play some medieval game on my uncle Dave's computer (in the 80's - think basic graphics) and you had to rescue damsels in distress and become lord of wessex by having sword fights haha - it was ace and when you won the region you'd enter the castle and find the hot princess - kinky! i wish i knew the name of it but i was hooked - it was my first ever computer game and none have won my heart as much since (tho duck hunt was great too in the ealry 90s - and thats coming from a vegewarian!)

and have you ever seen I Claudius? the BBC mega-production from the 70s starring Derek Jacobi? me and my man watched it last year - oh my gosh - its so addictive and it takes forver to watch the 12 hour long episodes - but its well worth it my friends - put some time aside for that classic! check out them togas!

talking of togas - did you know jesus was 33 when he 'went upstairs'? so when i'm 33 next summer i'm having a toga/ life of brian party to celebrate - forget glasto baby! get ready for jodstock! haha