Friday, October 28, 2011

strangers on a train

hello stranger...

can't believe I didn't blog since August 21 that is an all time bad!!!

i'm back baybee.. did you miss me?*

so I met this fellow on a recent train journey in London... his name is Aror and he is from Lagos, Nigeria check out how smart he is!

we had both just got off long haul flights and it was silly early on a Sunday morning but he looked so dapper I had to chat to him! of course this being London his local relative couldn't quite fathom who this friendly person was on the tube.. but c'est moi ;) after explaining I was from the north we chatted about - in the first place - his very fine hat! turns out he was on his way to a family get together to celebrate his 70th birthday which had been in June...
he was so lovely, i mean do you know what i mean when i say he had good vibrations? call me an old hippy (hey!) but he just had good energy and i was so pleased to have met him... he really wanted me to delay my trip north and go to his party (and possibly marry me off into the family haha) but i explained my momma would be missing me! haha

i am reading a book called Straw Dogs by John Gray and it poses the theory that humans have invented their whole individuality... i haven't finished the book, it may have more to explain but it basically tells me 'humanity' is an invention by self-important humans of old... that we're nothing more than animals getting by in our self-made societies... BUT how do they account for the connection me and Aror made on a tube on a dreary sunday morning in October?

we have nothing obvious in common other than our 'humanity' he was a smiler, as am i.. we both enjoyed a chat.. it was just the best welcome home i could ask for after a long trip.. of course our encounter was of no obvious consequence.. we are social animals after all.. but something tells me that when you meet someone with a similar energy to yourself it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and that is not worth nothing! #fact haha

so reader, i urge you to be on the look out for your stranger on a train ;)

*i know I have a very small crowd and frankly they're probs all gone now with such a lax attitude to my blogging but dudes i been going thru some real-life bs that frankly overtook my urge to write this so...