Friday, September 26, 2008

i know nothing

when i was 18 i remember thinking life was pretty simple (boys and booze)... then i had my 20s to realise what life was really all about (hard work and hangovers) which takes me to my 30s at which point i realise i know nothing, which of course Descartes knew ages ago! haha

i guess when you get to this 'grown-up' age you have a bunch of preconceptions about what you should be doing based on what you've seen other 'grown-ups' doing along the way... so how come i don't feel like a grown up yet?! haha

i have a theory that you don't ever 'grow-up' unless you have sprogs and since i'm sprog free and no plans to change that anytime soon i get to behave as someone in their 20s does right?
well, not quite cos i'm bored of going out every night to get drunk! haha

it's a case of lifestyle i guess, you behave in a way your lifestyle allows... my job means i get up at 4.30am - which means boozy late nights are pretty few and far between! my friends are all coupled up, the kind of people i loathed to hang out with when i was a singleton for their looks of pity! haha a couple of years ago i asked for Monopoly for christmas! not shoes?! who am i becoming?! haha

me and the man have been invited to a whole lotta weddings recently and i'm becoming the girl they ask at the wedding 'so do you think you guys will...' oh god! i don't know?! talk about peer pressure! having a thrice divorced ma doesn't exactly make you excited about being taken up the aisle! hehe

so i guess i'll just have concentrate on the things i do know, like sending postcards is nice to do and makes someone somewhere smile when they go fetch the mail...
like trying on all your shoes after reading Vogue is a fun thing to do and stops you from buying another pair of gorgeous shoes you'll never have the opportunity to wear!
like reading a good book is such a great healer for the soul (especially when the headlines are as gloomy as they've been the last few months!)

stuff like that gets you thru the night baby!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

grease is the word

today i'm gonna make like a Pink Lady and go see Grease at the cinema for the first time ever!

of course i know the film like the back of my hand but never have i seen this teen spectacular on the big screen!

so i'm quite excited as you can imagine, if i'd had more notice i'd have got a full on 50s outfit to go with but a late night out at the theatre watching The Mikado put paid to any extra brain activity this morning... so much culture so little time! haha

what i think is amazing about Grease is how timeless its become - a film with a bunch of 30-somethings running around pretending to be teenagers! brilliant!

Friday, September 19, 2008

thank the claude

i wasn't sure whether this should sit here or in no more biscuits but here it is...
i bought a jar of organic G&B choc spread at the weekend with the idea that being good all the time just ain't possible and being naughty with tasty organics is alright-ish!
well the great diet goddess in the sky wasn't so sure and fixed my lid tight to the jar!
every day i'd have a go thinking to myself 'what a wuss!', 'it's not meant to be' and other such consolatory thoughts, until Wednesday when i nearly broke my hand trying to get into the jar of chocolate joy! so i asked the boyf to have a go but he couldn't do it either - this was when i knew the diet goddess in the sky really didn't want me to get at that choccie spread! haha
well there's nothing like a challenge to get me really interested so i took this jar back to the supermarket to swap, the ladies at the till were wise enough to ask if i could open the replacement jar i'd proffered... nope, locked tight!
they called the duty manager... Claude.
he walks over with his big muscles, looks like i'm wasting his time with my lady-wrists but no - even claude with the muscles couldn't open it! i'll confess, watching his face come over all confused and slightly humiliated by the jar of choc spread refusing to open made me feel a little bit better about my rubbish wrist action...
seriously tho - i'm not meant to eat this spread!
so he takes it away.. and i'm not sure what technique finally did it for him but he came back with an open jar! and a sore hand! haha
wow - i was desperate to taste this stuff after such a drama had unfolded! i took a spoonful and i'll tell you it tasted good... but i'm still not sure it was meant to be!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

grudgerly bear

turns out i bear grudges...

i never thought of myself as this sort of person.. indeed i think 10 years ago i definitely didn't...

but these days i can rake over a past hurt with ease, and for what?!

all it does is make me feel bad, the people who dished out these bad times are long over it no doubt - not that they were even bothered in the first place!

its a strange thing a grudge, lying there dormant, waiting to catch you out and make you feel bad...

i wanna be grudge free dammit!

i spose you get so far along in life though and don't feel like forgiving anyone anymore? like enough's enough, if these people don't know how to behave then why should i let them get away with it? their reputation with me is forever sullied, i'm just learning from experience not to be so trusting next time maybe?

no, no matter what i argue for this bad taste i have about people* who i've had the misfortune to deal with, it all still sounds like pointless bad feeling...

i always thought i was quite philosophical about most things in life, maybe i'm just having a bad week, or maybe i'm just getting old and grumpy! haha

*come on now, you didn't think i was actually going to get into juicy undignified details did you? that's not my style baby!

Monday, September 15, 2008

lost in austen

once in a while something televisual comes along that makes a lady squeak in delight over her cuppa tea... that thing currently is Lost in Austen!

every good book i've ever read has made me feel like the characters are real people, people who i'd love to get in amongst and live the story along side them, which is exactly what Lost in Austen has done - brilliant!

i have enjoyed 2 epsiodes thus far and cannot bear the wait til Thursday when i can watch Wednesday nights episode (i get up at 4.30am remember!) - the twist that she actually ruins her favourite plotline is also ultra brilliant! it would have been so easy to just have her as a scullery maid or something but replacing the lead character with a modern day millie is so much more fun!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

simple pleasures

never let it be said i'm a high maintenance girl!

yesterday i curled up on the sofa with my hot water bottle and a cuppa to watch some tv and frankly it was very nice! haha

what else are you supposed to do when the weather's so dismal?!

Friday, September 05, 2008

friday funnies

here in blighty it is awash!

so much rain means it's time for a joke!

what's the difference between an elephant and a postbox?

you don't know?

well that's the last time i send you to post my mail!


have a great weekend x

eye eye

i had an eye test yesterday!
i never had before and they took a picture of the back of my eye! the lady said it was the best-looking one all day! i think she was flirting with me cos my appointment was late! haha

i've been having fuzzy eye moments recently so i thought old age had finally caught up with me cos my mum's had glasses forever... but i'm fine! turns out all this time at a computer and not enough breaks to look out the window has made my muscles slack! so when i'm tired i have trouble looking in the distance... ruined!

so now i need to make sure and take eye-breaks! Dear The Boss, ...

but this is good news cos in the news this week it also said daydreaming is out of fashion and this is also good for you, so i should be able to combine the two by looking out the window, daydreaming about George Clooney! brilliant news!

multi-tasking at it's best!

Monday, September 01, 2008

monkey forest

whodathunkit?! Monkey's roaming free(ish) in Stoke, England! haha
well technically Trentham but it felt a lot like Stoke to me...

Monkey Forest if you haven't already been totally rocks! Monkeys are just hanging out being, well, monkeys, and people walk around, gettingrightupclose to them without them freaking out!

it's a conservation project we're told, and is just off the M6 junction 15 incase you're passing hehe, and it takes about a hour to walk aropund the whole monkey enclosure where they live in a wee forest... can't tell you how awesome it was!

we got an obligatory fridge magnet on the way out of course but here's the best bit... the cafe on site was called The Banana Cafe - you can see what they've done there - but listen to this - they didn't sell bananas! what? surely you're kidding? i hear you shout - but nay my friend... cream cake and chips you can buy in the 'nana cafe but anything yellow and bendy and vaguely healthy is out! i hope they feed the monkeys better than their visitors! haha surely an opportunity to have a child eat something healthy is being cruelly overlooked here?! or is there just more profit in ice cream? haha