Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i'm still standing

blimey Elton John likes boobies! who knew?! haha

no wonder he's pals with Posh Spice - she has big ones!

i went to see the grand pop master Elton John live in Birmingham last week and having just about recovered from the late night (in bed at 11.30pm for goodness sakes! it'll give me wrinkles for sure!) i can report that it was awesome!
when you think about the kind of life this guys has had since making it big in his twenties - the parties he's been to, the drugs he's been offered! my god, its a wonder that the man is indeed still standing! haha he knew John Lennon too - very cool in my book! haha
surprisingly the show is full of boobs! on the video screen behind him are many a montage filled with bare breasted ladies... and later a giant pair of inflated boobies are revealed along with many other inflatable things - you certainly can't say Reg takes himself too seriously! and as for Pammy's appearance - blimey! that girl has a figure to envy... i need to get me one of those poles! haha

the doctor will see you now

nobody told me that once you hit 30 your body stopped working! haha
my knee has hurt me a long time actually so its not just the steady decline to senility but it just feels that way when since hitting the big three-o your back gave way, your knee acts up and your face heads south! haha
i have flat feet so my doc told me in a patronising manner (do they know they do that? i have to assume not, since my mum talks like a teacher to anyone she meets and i guess it just comes with the job...) which means, uninformed folks, that my knees are a little crosseyed - how sexy am i?! haha which all equals pain - nice!
so i'm on the nhs waiting list for a physiotherapist and will be on this list for at least 3 months which does make you wonder if they invested in prevention over cure maybe the list wouldn't be so big right?! haha no, i'm sure common sense don't help in these circumstances - better just sign up for my hip op now haha
but i also need special insoles which my doc says are 'ineffective' if you get the free ones on the nhs (free doesn't come into it hey taxpayers?! hehe) so i'm looking at a few hundred quid to do the job right... unbelievable! why are they dishing out substandard care? cos they don't like working for 'free' (there's that word again! haha)
i'm also about to spend a small fortune on my teeth being given a refresher - but i don't quite understand why i'm paying £800 for a bridge that should be £200 on the nhs - its all very confusing and i'll be ringing them to ask about this before i go under! haha
so yes, feeling a little bit hard done by as a 33yr old at the moment, healthcare is costing me a fortune! no more nice shoes for me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

things you should never have to hear

having a boyfriend who works on the radio can be tough sometimes

especially when they actively encourage you to listen to the big show on listen again cos you happen to be asleep when it happens to be live

and even more so when you then hear days later information that you perhaps shoulda heard first hand not once the rest of the population has heard first

let me tell you, it doesn't go unquestioned, and as soon as i know who this american porn star sending him dvds is... i'll keep ya posted!

i don't know what else to say really...


so i asked him about this sleazy lady and he says it was just fluff for the show and his producer got given the DVD... i can only believe him... but seriously, it's not easy being me sometimes!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

close encounters

so i saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind for the first time this weekend on DVD with my dad and my man... and it was ACES!
i didn't realise it was out in '77, i thought maybe early 80s, it doesn't make much difference but put it in a pre-Star Wars context, or at least the same year and its very interesting!
it's pretty out there if you haven't seen it recently (or at all) - certainly very 70s - and even though i was aware that it existed and had heard the music a zillion times over the years it was pretty cool to finally see it...
i had been thinking how amazing it would be if in our lifetime aliens came to visit earth or we visited them, and i do believe we can't be the only carbon based life form in the universe! so its only a matter of time right? maybe not, but its not impossible right?! hehe i love it and i think after 100 of the industrial revolution its the next big thing, the great adventure for humankind...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


i felt strangely excited about the American election... but i felt like i shouldn't be! i'm English what do i care? am i so brainwashed by American culture that i care more about their election than our own? or is it the sense of something fresh that caught my attention... there's a cynic inside me who says 'never trust a politician' and if it seems too good to be true then it usually is, but i guess now's not the time for such doom and gloom... i like that the new President elect calls himself the improbable candidate.. i love that i saw him dance on the ellen degeneres show! haha
i hope sincerely that he can bring a bit more peace to the world than his predecessor did - but surely that's not difficult looking back at the last 8 war torn years...
nobody's perfect and certainly no politician! but i just hope this unlikely win in the face of adversity creates a ripple across the pond... we too have a stale government and desperately need a change, the only problem is there's no candidate so far as i can see... whitehall just produces the same inbred middle class whiteys who mostly have lived a privileged life to make the decisions for us peasants... 'dave' cameron from the tories makes me feel ill, he's an ex-PR guy and it seeps from his every gesture... he trys so hard to be a 'normal' guy it hurts to look at him! but labour are no nearer to putting an everyman in office... there have been tv shows about such a thing happening and the story always ends with the civil servants winning the day and ousting the ordinary man from the halls of power... cos there's the dirty truth nobody likes mentioning... about how much money you gotta have to run for office this side of the atlantic... we all hear about the spend on the US campaigns running into billions of pounds... i was interested to hear about ordinary folk sending Obama $50 to help towards his running costs, that's pretty inspiring stuff... but over here the only party that seems to be doing 'something different' are a dirty bunch of rascist right wingers taking advantage of a coming recession! great! talk about jumping from the pot into the fire!
i don't know if Americans celebrate Bonfire Night.. probably not, i can't see how it would translate... some ancient English catholic getting pissy with King James I and trying to blow up the House of Lords, but maybe it made it across the pond... when i was younger i always thought 'yeah, lets celebrate a geezer trying to blow up those b*stards!' haha now i realise we're supposed to be grateful he got sprung... since it was a religious disagreement i can't say who shoulda prevailed that day but i do understand how frustrated Guy Fawkes musta been to turn to gunpowder, fire and plot (or so the song goes...)... these people in their ivory towers have had it too good too long, how dare they spend £500 on a pair of shoes while a kid in an inner city goes without! it's obscene. and don't get me started on tax havens! what BS! 'oh my, i've got so much money i can't spend it, so rather than do somethig decent in society with it like build a school or a hospital, i'll squirrel it away in switzerland!'... it sickens me... but i don't have any answers for these people, i just wanna keep asking questions... that's all i got to keep me sane...
so i wish Obama well and viva la revolution!