Sunday, July 17, 2011

jobseek and you shall find

so I'm looking for a new job.. have been for a few months now.. my current part time contract runs out in October and I'm very ready for something and some place new!

thing is, as fabulous as I believe I am at the radio stuff I do for a living, turns out I am terrible at answering one-size-fits-all HR questions about my relevant experience.. which is becoming an increasing problem! I'm not even very good when they get more specific.. I'm just good at doing stuff - not talking about it afterwards (much afterwards in some cases)..

now you may think I'm complaining cos I ain't got the goods - but baby I got 'em! I just can't tell you about them haha part of my job is to live in the moment, dealing with the business of live radio under pressure, then moving on to the next thing.. being asked by a HR bod who works in a no-pressure role to give an example of how I deal with problems is an impossible question - I did it.. I moved on! if I remembered every situation at work my head would explode! The job is about living in the moment, which as it turns out is not great for getting a new job! haha

so I guess I'm looking at some hard unemployed sofa time if I don't figure out what these people want me to tell them about myself.. it's so sucky cos I would never apply for a job I didn't think I could do! why doesn't my experience speak for itself?!

I'm mid-application for a job at the very bottom of TV production and the questions they ask you'd think it was to run the entire team! *sighs* best put the kettle on and get back to it.. but cripes I'm looking fwd to a period of NOT filling in job application forms soon!

if you would like to employ me, (of course you would, I'm the Jodester!) do send me a note with my expected responsibilities and salary ;)