Thursday, May 28, 2009

probably just a coincidence... right?

coincidences happen of this we know.. but how to differentiate between coincidences and cases of synchronicity! that's the trouble!

a few days ago - perhaps even a week ago now i was thinking about my pal Gene from New York* and how since i hadn't heard from him in a while perhaps i should drop him an email next time i was online... but you know how the memory works over here, that's right, not very well at all!

i suspect far too much vodka has passed these lips...


that was that, i forgot to email my friend but somewhere in my subconscious my thoughts would be with my friend across the pond and eventually you know i woulda got around to emailing him - but then just like that ping! an email arrives from the man himself a few days later!

not only that but he tells me that a few days ago he was telling a passenger in his taxicab about the time he took me to Lenny's Pizza in Brooklyn for a slice just like JT in SNF!

now i don't know who sent those 'thinking of you' messages into the cosmos first but i tells ya this: this stuff happens all the time! are we turning into massive computers hardwired to respond to electro thought signals?! has this always happened but we just didn't have the quick fire correspondence like phones and email to make it noticable? i'm guessing there's not that sense of coincidence if i send someone a pigeon on the same day they're thinking of me and it arrives 2 weeks later! but you know what i mean right?

crazy business this human bean stuff... who knows what we're capable of... i mean we're probably part-alien you know... have you read Von Daniken?! hehe

*you can read his very charming and insightful blog here or look at his fabulous picture blog here

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

power cu...

no nice cup of tea
no lovely baked potato in the oven
fridge no longer fridging
no date movie!

power cuts suck! and this house has had more than two this year alone! whats up with that? dodgy wiring on my road? Birmingham Council not putting enough money in the meter?!

it really makes you think about how much we rely on electricity... last time this happened and i was home it was the middle of the night and i had no candles - i swore to buy a stock load, then didn't! procrastination strikes again!

i hadn't counted on my house and its dodgy electrics... best get me to a hardware store pronto!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top Of The Pops

i bought Top Of The Pops 1975 on impulse while browsing the other week, like you do!

i know it's not very sensible to be buying CDs when there's a recession on but i was intrigued to hear the hits my ma and pa will have been enjoying as i grew in my mummy's tummy!

Steve Harley's Come up and see me, make me smile was a great start, and Pilot's January is just awesome! a nice surprise was Kenny's Fancy Pants which i'd never heard of but turns out to be quite the glam rock hit - you can watch it here if you have a few minutes to spare!

i'm such a nostalgic girl, stuff like this really appeals to me but i don't reckon my mum will be impressed when i stick it on for our road trip next month! she prefers to listen to new stuff and wouldn't let me play The Beatles when i lived with her as a teen! how rude!
but then i've always been old before my time and she forever young, so go figure...

since i'm only in my motor for 20 minutes at a time i haven't got to the end of my newest longplayer yet - still to hear Minnie Riperton's Lovin' You - classic stuff! No wonder i was conceived! ew! TMI!! hehe

Monday, May 18, 2009

world class

on Saturday i'm having a beard and moustache party in honour of the world championships taking place in Alaska...

originally when i discovered the hirsute event in Brighton 2 years ago i was planning to go to Alaska... then i realised it was the other side of the world* so i decided i better hold an honorary party with cocktails instead! haha

with only 5 sleeps to go i'm very excited - altho i'm dithering over which fakery to sport - a monty python esque bearded lady? or a drawn on Musketeer style tashe?! i can't decide!

hopefully the next World Champs will be back in Europe and i can be at the real thing but y'know i'm hoping a few beardy friends will be just enough fun... i'll post pics for sure, in the meantime if you want to join in and send pictures of your own facial hair please do so!

*i know, i'm a dumb ass, but i thought it was East Side not West Side.. who KNOWS where Alaska is for chrissakes?!

it's life jim, but not as we know it

saw the new Star Trek movie last week... and i don't like to be melodramatic but Oh My God! it was so awesome!!! hehe

i'm the kind of gal who loved William Shatner as James T. Kirk, they were repeated to death as i grew up and frankly he and his girdle were hot! but when The Next Generation came along mi didn't follow - it all seemed so serious all of a sudden, and for the people who loved it's new found respect for space travel fair enough but for me the 60s show was the only one... i even saw all the movies (though i'm not very clear on what happened in any of them now i come to think back... but see them i did!)

i had a life size Kirk on my bedroom door for a couple of years and used Trek jargon such as Captain's Log when writing to a best friend from whom i was estranged via Basingstoke! in fact such was the surge of nostalgia i felt when i heard the new Kirk reporting his Captain's Log i immediately texted the same friend as soon as the movie was over! haha

Shatner's Kirk was so charismatic, i had little expectations of the new boy - but Chris Pine did good! he totally rocked the James T Kirk role, with some very Shat-esque moves whether intentional or not... Bones is a dead ringer for the original McCoy, the original Spock makes a great cameo as himself from the future and tickled i was that when in battle the bridge crew still threw themselves to the side like in the original TV show... and don't get me started on the Shat-Kirk foot-bob that made an appearance!

i haven't even got to our own Simon Pegg doing Scotty - just brilliant!

i guess with any action adventure film i just don't expect much anymore, so to have your socks rocked off like i did for this film was a surprise and a pleasure... i beamed as the original music got an airing and wondered how long i'd have to wait til the next one! i'll be going for another viewing that's for sure! best film i've seen all year! go see!

i must say also at this point my boyf is a Dr Who fan and even he really loved it! so that's high praise indeed - altho i know secretly he is well jealous that his fave sci-fi tv show hasn't been made into a big screen extravaganza - but never say never - i reckon it's more than likely at some stage...

soul food

i believe there is something about the English countryside that is good for the soul...

as we drove into the Ribble Valley for a friends' wedding this weekend we couldn't believe our eyes! so lovely! green and hilly, lambs and rabbits all around (the latter almost under the car tyres but fortune struck!)...

it was clear early on that there would be no mobile phone signal for the duration of our stay but somehow it didn't matter... our stately room looked out onto the river and even the rainy moments didn't ruin the day!

even though we live in this green and pleasant land, a lot of the time you're surrounded by cars, noise, concrete and are simply too busy to take the time to take a walk in a nearby 'greenbelt' but more's the pity!

ours was a fleeting visit to a really idyllic setting but seemed to nourish my soul so much, there's definitely something in the trees!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

fake that!

last night i went to see Take That the Musical! haha and it was aces! what's not to love about a story of a Take That Tribute Band - they even had a rain effect on stage like the real boys do!

hoping to see the real boy band this summer at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry ... but not sure i can cope with all those female hormones again! i'll never forget looking back into a crowd of thousands of women-of-a-certain-age at the TT gig in Manchester when they first got back together - mind blowing... and terrifying!

what occurred to me while watching this genius show was how much i'd like to see Kylie -The Musical or Madonna - The Musical... infact how easily the idea lends itself to a musical artist... We've already had The Beatles, Queen and ABBA performed as stage productions of course but TheMonkees - The Musical anyone? And you could definitely have Elton John - The Musical!

i wonder if my life could make it as a musical - certainly working in radio gives you great scope for the soundtrack! haha

my theme tune would have to be something classic by Burt Bacharach (being a legend)... maybe over the weekend i'll make Jodester - The OST*

what would your theme tune be?!

*original sound track fact fans!

Monday, May 04, 2009

bank holidays

a rainy bank holiday has come and almost gone and i think i prefer them...

this may seem a little controversial but i reckon i'm more inclined to make some use of the day if the weather ain't sunny! who wants to to tidy the spare room if it's cracking the flags!*
similarly who wants to meet me in dingy pubs - which of course are the best kind - when its all yummy and sunny out?!

i mean i love a bit of vitamin D as much as the next girl - it's good for gardening in and also for drinking outdoors in (especially near rivers/the sea) but as far as getting things done - it's a distraction at best! haha

so today, rainy bank holiday, i got busy with the gym, guitar lesson and then dingy pub! hurrah! the perfect day off work! tho looking at the time i better try and nod off soon... back to the grindstone tomorrow...

*where does that phrase come from - anyone know? i'm bound to wiki it now...