Saturday, March 24, 2007

blog block

i had blog block this week! argh!

but now i'm back with a vengence! aha!

i just made my boyf a dalek chocolate cake! and let me tell you it was a messy job! i was covered in chocolate by the time i'd had finished... hmm! yummy!

he's a nightmare to buy presents for - he's of the i have everything i want persuasion - so i forced him to make a DVD choice on Thursday afternoon and got him a little silly extra something too...

i aslo collared his sister for some snaps of him as a youngster - they're now plastered around the flat and soon they'll be up in the pub too! it's so weird seeing pics of people you know really well as kids - it's like you didn't really think of them as being kids cos you've only known them as adults, and then there are they - looking the same but with less facial hair! haha

there's also a snap of him in his teenage band - he tells me how brilliant they were all the time! haha, no he doesn't actually tho he does tell me about some dude saying 'everything happens for a reason' and then being shat on by a pigeon... hehe

because i made a dalek cake earlier and had the extra bits as they fell off i now feel quite sick...
oh dear... best go... more later!

Friday, March 16, 2007

st patricks day

it's st patrick's day tomorrow and i am going to the capital city of Ireland* and my hometown, Liverpool for a guinness with my mum.

it's also Mother's Day on Sunday so I've cleverly tied the two events and made** my mum a guinness themed card! haha

not every one is a fan of the black stuff but IMHO it's the best thing on draft! i'm not supposed to be drinking at the moment, i'm on a low-calorie fortnight or something healthy, so i'm only having a wee one, but not having a guinness on st patrick's day would be like... like... well, i don't know what like but it would just be wrong! and it IS technically good for you...

i haven't always enjoyed the iron filled beverage tho, i remember watching the world cup back in the mid-90s while everyone supped it around me and my tipple was still sweet drinks like Southern Comfort and lemonade, or dareisayit, Taboo***! haha

i actually forced myself to drink it cos if everyone else loved it i must be missing out! i even went to Dublin on a daytrip for my 19th birthday and drank the black stuff all day. that's dedication my friends.

so happy st pats to all who love the black stuff! a special day to drink your favourite tipple is a great day!

*there's a lot of irish blood running thru those scouse veins! it was the potato famine i think... they were on their way to America but thought - hey! it's good here! haha
**actually made with my own hands, compooter, scissors and gluestick! all the cards in the shops were so girly and boring - i've made one that looks like a pint of guinness! hehe

** the shame of it. Taboo is just not cool. It's a fortified wine, vodka and fruit flavoured water drink to be mixed with lemondae. Sooo retro!

Friday, March 09, 2007

they're all cnuts out there

Last night I watched a documentary on the tellybox called The Great Global Warming Swindle. It was the carbon dioxide deniers telling us why it was all cobblers that man made emissions were to blame for global warming and that it was perfectly normal for the tempertaure to rise and fall on earth thanks to that big yellow ball of fire in the sky we call the Sun.

Then they said man made Global Warming was invented by Maggie Thatcher! OH MY GOD! what?! the evil iron lady herself? manipulating the stats to suit her? she wouldn't would she?!

oh dear. ofcourse she would.

Dear Al Gore, please explain why all these other scientists say its the Sun warming up the planet and have equally compelling data to prove it... Yours sincerely, Confused of Manchester xxx

why do politicians lie so much? i guess they have to otherwise nobody would ever get elected to anything... was the world always like this? so confused and rotten to the core?! haha

i think it put me another bad mood, they're REALLY going to start calling me narkynickers at work if i don't cheer up soon!

nothing a bit of retail therapy won't solve eh?! Ah, to be so vacuous...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Escape from L.A.

i watched Escape from LA last nighton dvd on the back of Escape from New York being so good.

very disappointed!

I don't know how they managed it - i suspect CGI - but the entire movie seemed really fake. and not in the way i wasn't able to believe they were in 2013 but in the scenery shots that were obviously computer generated along with the 'disaster' effects...

very disappointing. i've never seen a film like that before, that uses modern technology to its detriment. and Escape from NY was so entertaining - but it was made in another era so...

further into my travels in dvd-land I watched Me Without You last week starring michelle williams of dawsons creek fame and anna friel of first uk tv lezza kiss fame! haha

that was quite depressing but i was feeling rubbish anyway which i suppose doesn't help matters, it was about an unhealthy friendship between two girls who grew up next door to each other. one character was quite toxic and bossy and the other quiet, intelligent, nice... she wins out in the end. the premise of bossy knickers nasty character seemed to be her broken home which annoys me since i'm from a broken home and i don't think i'm a nasty person as a result, but hey its only a movie...

if you've seen a film on dvd lately and think i'd enjoy it - please send me a rave review!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


once you hear a Beatles song you want to hear another.

this is my opinion of course, you may be a non-believer, but it occurred to me while i was in a pub in Brighton called The Heart in Hand and Daytripper played out of the very fine jukebox...

in fact it spurred me on to a week of Beatles listening! haha

so far this week i've listened to Help and Let it Be long players and still diggin' that Lennon & McCartney vibe!

this is the shortest blog ever! haha

Friday, March 02, 2007

daylight robbery

i'm catching a train to brighton today. it's my friend Vicky's 30th birthday on Sunday.

i guess it's about 250 miles away. to drive it would take about 5 hours and £40 in petrol but it's a long journey and i know there'd be traffic jams both ways so i'm going the environmentally friendly option and am i paying the same as i would in petrol?

am i b*ll*cks!

it's costing me £76! it's nothing less than daylight robbery! and it's still going to take me 5 hours to get there! i don't often grumble at the cost of stuff, just get on with it but that is harsh man!
i can think of many better ways of spending best part of £80! that just isn't value for money!
i seriously wouldn't mind if
a) i was paying the same as i would in petrol
b) paying a little bit more than in petrol for the convenience of not having to drive or
c) there was some kind of discount ticket i could get for being a frequent traveller.
the train service in the country is an embarrassment. in italy is only costs about £20 to go from Rome to Florence which is about 200 miles away, and it only takes 2 and half hours cos they have higher speed trains.

didn't we like invent trains?!
so why are we now so sh*t at them?!
oh yeah i know, because they privatised them and for years the shareholders have just been pocketing the money they make from ever increasing ticket prices rather than investing it into the service! so pathetically predictable! short term gain not long term investment - this country is going to the dogs! haha (i sound like an old man!)

i'm really looking fwd to being by the seasisde tho, it's good for me. i've had a right funk of a week so i'm hoping a bit of sun and sea will make me feel a bit brighter next week! i'm a bit worried about meeting my friend's latest beau, he's made her cry so i'm immediately in protective mode! grrrr! like a guard dog (skills 9)

£76 tho... flippn 'eck!

my old flexible friend will come in handy this weekend! thank heavens for credit cards...