Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Emotional Blackmail

Today I emailed lots of people I hadn't in a while, just to say hi. There wasn't a lot for me to do at work so, well, what else was I supposed to do? I had already cleaned my desk, looked at possible holiday destinations for me and my friend Vicky in June and checked the times for trains to Cambridge for this coming weekend.

So I heard back from Yeppoon! An old antipodean drinking buddy o'mine Rod is living there feeding coal miners (he's a chef, not some kind of weird missionary).
Where the heck is that? I thought to myself and looked it up on multimap.com!
It's on the Queensland Coast of Australia! You didn't know that before you read this did you?!
This is educational this blog! haha
He also said he's recently become a daddy, so he has to be responsible! What a shock to the system that must be. No more hangovers tho, so that's one good thing. Unless you count sleephangovers, which hurt bad too without the fun bit. Hmm.

Talking of which I'm suffering from Nick-Lag (TM). It's like jet-lag but caused by my boyfriend Nick. My man works silly evening hours so generally keeps me up way past my bedtime on the weekend leaving me very disorientated come Monday/Tuesday. See, it's 12.30am and I should be asleep! But I'm still on Nick Time (TM) in Nick World (TM). Ah.

Actually I've rumbled my boyfriend's selective memory. He looked me up in blog world and found me cos I wouldn't tell him the address. haha. But I'm onto him now see, he lets on like he can't even remember his own address when really he can remember really dull things like me having a blog!
It's a bit like your mum finding your rubbish diary when you're 15. Only I'm not likely to write anything silly about having crushes on various boys (well..) and how 'Lisa can be a real bitch sometimes and she's got rubbish hair'. I can hand on heart say I recently read an old diary entry from that heady hormonal year that simply read "gave Snelly a custard tart" with hearts around it and things... that was the highlight of my day?! mortifying! haha

Goodnight, and thanks for reading NM

; )

Monday, March 27, 2006

my secret blog

i haven't told anyone about my blog while i get used to it.
i kind of told my boyfriend this weekend but he'll probably forget and i didn't tell him what it was called so maybe it will stay secret for a while longer.
but the problem is when you're writing this sort of thing you mention it in conversation which so far hasn't led to any further enquiry.
it's not that i don't want people i know to read it, i just don't think it's of any consequence and therefore shouldn't be advertised!

i was thinking last week about vegetables first.
you know how when you were a kid and your dinner was served up - what did you eat first? the nice bits or the vegetables?! i always ate my veggies first, not cos i liked them especially but just cos i knew then i had a treat in store, mmm, mash!
i was reminded of this when i was given a task at work on Friday - there was a laborious data input task and a writing job, so i started on the boring bit first knowing i would have something to look forward to.
on this task prioritizing, my younger brother was the opposite to me - he'd leave his veggies til last.*
he probably cottoned on that he could cry 'full' and get away with not eating them at all.
i have always been so disappointed when such underhand behaviour wins the day!
my boyfriend eats his veggies first. that's nice isn't it. an analogy for life together. i reckon it says a lot about someone whether they face the less pleasant upfront or put it off. surely it's a weakness of character to put off the inevitable unpleasantness in life?!! haha

*i don't eat meals a lot with my brother these days so it's not entirely impossible that he's seen the light regards eating your veggies first, but can people really just change their life attitude like that?!
he also used to hum in satisfaction when he ate. which bizarrely my boyfriend also does. it's so funny to listen to. but they're not even aware they're doing it. they're just loving it! haha

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My bus got lost! (And other silly nonsense)

On my way home after work, my bus got lost! how random is that?! Matey driving the bus took the diversion in Chorlton and after missing the next sign back onto his route decided to try and get there via a no-thru-way residential cul-de-sac! No mention from the driver that anything untoward had happened! Surreal!

It occurred to me the other day - does anyone actually use Lush products? You know the very creative smellies - soaps, scrubs and bath bombs in every shape and colour you could imagine. Glittering Ruby Slippers. Mint Aero Massage Bars. I get the whole aren't they creative thing, but seriously they're just not practical! I have given and received many of these fun items but only ever used one. And that's Buffy the Backside Slayer. It doesn't work, but it smells nice... But since I live in a house with 2 other girls and they also have stuff from Lush lain unused in the bathroom so I know I'm not alone in this...

Today someone at work said I should be writing a novel or a film or something... substantial. I said I can't because I don't know what I want to say. I need to have a point innit?! Not that I have had one before now, but then that's why I haven't written anything substantial! I do enjoy films about 'nothing' like Richard Linklater's 'Slacker' and 'Dazed & Confused' but could I write those? About Wednesday nights in Revolution Oxford Road? Haha

Thursday, March 16, 2006

those two little words everyone longs to hear


Oh yes, you'll be pleased to hear that thanks to my mate LB, I managed to blag my way into the XFM Manchester launch party at Harvey Nics last night and the free booze did flow...

This will be a short blog as I am suffering from fatigue and some other ill effects of my slice of rock'n'roll.

I managed to embarrass myself horribly when confronted with a celebrity who I am vaguely impressed with. That is not cool. But as I mentioned in my previous blog, I was very excited! This together with alcohol only ever leads to me gushing dramatically and enthusiastically. Whether that be declaring my love for someone I hardly know or, as in the case of last night, Paul Heaton of The Beautiful South. Oh dear. But I do have a beautiful kodak moment to remember this embarrassing moment by courtesy of the camera on my mobile phone. That reminds me of the time I met Steve Coogan and had a very similarly embarrassing moment. But I wasn't drunk then. Just incredibly excited cos the man's like a proper genius and I think the adrenlin created cuts of my brain's supply of whatever it is you need to 'stay cool' - haha.

I stayed out til after 2am (actual bedtime: unknown) which for a woman of my retiring years midweek is pretty rock'n'roll baby! The bus journey into work this morning was aided by: 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 small bottle of Highland Spring and 1 bag of Salt & Vinegar Discos. It wasn't too bad but the hangover hit proper at 3.29pm and I'm very glad it's nearly bedtime now I assure you!

And with that, I bid you a pleasant evening...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

To blog, or not to blog...

So when I originally thought about doing a blog it was a few years ago. I set up a site and wrote a fairly boring first entry and then promptly forgot all about it. Can't remember what I called it. What I wrote on it. Nothing. I just remember it being a very dull experience. But here I am again, full of optimism that I WILL enjoy writing a blog and that a tiny amount of the world's population (my mum, my dad, my boyfriend, my best mates) may, eventually, after muchos mentionistis from me, actually read it.

So committed to writing in this blog regularly it took me about 40 minutes to decide what to call it! Because make no mistake, this is a commitment and I am commitment phobe in general. So this is a big step for me. One small step for man. One giant leap for the Jodester. DON'T PANIC! in large friendly letters of course, if you didn't already know, is taken from the book title of one of my favourite ever radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by the late Douglas Adams. I can't think of a better philosophy in life and yet need constantly reminding of it. I just started a new job and it's a bit scary. DON'T PANIC! I'm a size 14 but I love booze and chips too much to ever be thin ever again. DON'T PANIC! I'm 30! DON'T PANIC! You catch my drift.

Talking of favourite radio, I'm anxious and yet excited tonight as this is the eve before XFM Manchester launches. Now call me old fashioned but I don't accept that it's not cool to get excited about things anymore. I'd say the opposite is true. That barefacedly getting excited is keeping it real! Emotionally of course, not in a ghetto sense. That's a whole different blog. Back to my point. (There was one I think). I'm excited because XFM play my favourite kind of music. People playing guitars. So I'm anxious because I'm a big fan of XFM London which I've been happily listening to on my DAB radio for many years now that I've moved back Oop North. THEY MIGHT RUIN IT! But I'm excited cos they might not ruin it! Ooooooh. (That's me getting excited!) The suspense!
I am a little peeved already though cos my XFM DAB signal once crackle free is now not so and is partial to long bursts of complete silence! This had better not persist or they will get a very stern letter from a very stern me!

Well I'm exhausted after all this extra-curricular creativity so that'll do for now.

Will I ever write another entry?