Thursday, December 24, 2009

George Lassos The Moon

have just finished watching my favourite Christmas movie It's A Wonderful Life...

that mean ol' Potter, Clarence and George get me every year! if only the bankers of the world would watch and learn! lol

i am now infront of a warm fire with the radio on hanging out with my dad eating, well, you know, christmassy things! he brought some chocolate covered prunes and nutty turkish delight, i have provided pistachios and baileys, and yet i still feel the need to graze! lol no wonder everyone puts on 10lbs over xmas!

my only escape will be bedtime!

the man is working overnights this festive season so he will be mostly absent from the eating fest that is the next few days, altho i do intend on feeding him up in between shifts, a chocolate orange won't eat itself!

i will be making an effort to blog over the festives... i am sure it will be fascinating... lol

Thursday, December 03, 2009

the eternal city

Just back from a trip to Rome, Italy... jeez that place is so beautiful I cannot tire of visiting!
I went with a friend who had never been before so I got to play tour guide too hehe, so yes we went to a few drinking holes!

Went to one establishment that is unembarrassingly touristy The Drunken Ship mosty frequented by students on gap years/ holidays looking to get trashed with their ragazzi! Only thing is I used to frequent it 10 years ago so my pilgrimage, while pleasantly nostalgic, made me feel a little old to say the least! lol

And I'm very proud to report that having got in a sizeable siesta I managed to stay out partying til sunrise! The only time recently I've seen that is from work as I'm quite the Breakfast shift lightweight these days, so you can imagine my surprise to be walking home to our hotel after 6am as the sun came up along deserted Roman streets... quality!

More pics will follow :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Captain's Log

Baker St: Jorge the porter says to me 'No you're not!'

'I'm not what?' I asked him...

'Shorter than Napoleon'


You see I wear a badge that I got at a show in Edinburgh called Taller Than Napoleon. At the end of the show you decided whether you were shorter or taller and took the appropriate badge. Turns out he was 5'6" which makes me shorter. Stories that he was shorter were propaganda during the war apparently.

So most times people read this badge and look slightly bemused and don't say a word. But me thinks Jorge was French and had a very strong opinion on the matter! lol

I said 'Yes I am shorter, he was 5'6" and I'm only 5'5" tops!' and he was quite certain that this was incorrect but I had to interrupt his flow to ask directions on a messy tube journey (engineering works are a ruddy nighmare!)

But Jorge safely wins the best comeback to that badge EVER!

Friday, November 13, 2009

frockn friday the 13th

nothing like a bit of frock therapy to cheer a gal up!

yesterday was a bit of a mean reds day, so when i got home from a moody gym workout i had a major pamper session (bubble bath, nails, hair etc etc) but then i did something that turned out not only very productive but very therapeutic... i undertook a frock inventory!

it's party season officially as of next weekend so i needed to see what i got so as to avoid buying more dresses only to wear them once then gather dust in my wardrobe (it's a recession you know!)... a couple were too small, but that's okay cos they're real old (like 10yrs old!) and i've put on a few pounds - thing is they only slightly too small so they staying in the 'wishlist' lol
a couple were too big! yey! haha
a couple didn't really do it for me this season but that's not to say they won't come round again so will hang on for a while (famous last words! haha), a couple were more daytime than night time so they've been moved to the everyday wardrobe (inc the killer blue dress i wore to work today, was loving it!)
and a few were alright!
all in all a great refresher of what's what and i didn't spend a penny - yet! hehe
will try to resist but new party frocks are so cute! wish i could make my own, maybe my mum will teach me next year... would be so cool!

plus today's frock taught me an invaluable lesson; a frock on a friday is good for the soul! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

kissing frogs

In the world of girls... we have a saying that goes 'You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince!'

A newly single friend of mine is finding this out again after a few years off the market... painfully it would seem from where I'm sitting...

Why anyone would even contemplate a date with an estate agent is beyond me - even a cute one! haha they don't have a terrible reputation for nowt! the path to meeting a partner in modern life is certainly a cluttered with freaks... divorced ones, insecure ones, bitter ones and I don't mean either sex is better by the way!

Human beings certainly seem to be going backwards when it comes to getting along with each other... I suppose the answer could be free sex on the NHS so that relations are purely personality based! lol Then at least we won't have people 'just trying to get their leg over' as it were... If I'm going to pay tax for all the boring stuff they could at least pay for something fun right?!

I shudder to think how many losers I wasted time on in my twenties but you can only learn the hard way that sometimes you pick the wrong partners... good luck single sisters!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brooker Love

i LOVE Charlie Brooker.

there. I've put it out there for all to see.

when he just wrote the saturday guardian's guide feature screenburn for all those years i felt like he was my little secret and only a few were in the Brooker Love Club but recently he's gone BigTime and now i have to share him with the rest of the world.

this is a little annoying but i am glad he's doing well. like a proud aunty or something haha

he is mostly marvellous on twitter. especially when narrating XFactor on a saturday night. too funny. what a legend.

Gush over.

For now!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the day i should have stayed in bed

there are some days in life when it feels like anything that could go wrong will go wrong.

i am still suffering the emotional scars of such a day because i had one just recently!

let me tell you what happened...

i was in Yorkshire to stay with a friend in a lovely lodge in the Dales, it would have been for the whole weekend but another friend had booked me in the Midlands for the Saturday night...

So after a very fun Friday night in the pub (we even stumbled across an Ale Festival! pun intended!) and a quick whizz round the local castle and theatre on Saturday morning i set off back down south...

apart from the 50mph zone with no actual road works being done (why do they do this to us?!) it all started off ok... but then a warning about a closed junction on a motorway up ahead made itself known and since i wasn't familiar with the area i pressed onwards figuring there would be a diversion signposted.

then nearing said junction i tried to get creative and got off on an A road that probably went in the same direction... only for SatNav to make me nervous and turn me back around... after 20 mins sat in traffic avoiding the motorway problem... why i thought i best turn back i have no clue.. i was tired and wanted to get home asap i guess... so back to the motorway i went and immediately hit on a problem on the slip road...

an RAC van had parked infront of the right hand lane and i assumed there had been an accident and drove onto the slip road... but then all the cars in front of me - all of them mind - started doing u-turns to try and leave the slip road, hence the traffic facing the wrong direction being held up by the RAC man... i put my window down and asked a older guy what was happening and he told me the motorway was blocked off and 'you can't get on'

my next mistake was to take this man at his word. what he meant - or had been told himself by another numbnut was the motorway was fast becoming a carpark due to the closed junction a few miles up ahead... but hindsight is a wonderful painful thing isn't it.

i thought i couldn't get on the motorway so i also did a u-turn. it was about this time that the traffic police turned up. i thought well they'll sort things out and tell me where to go. no they just took my number plate and shouted at me for facing the wrong way and 'you knew what you were doing. it's illegal to be faced this way on a slip road.' really? in all scenerios? like if you wouldn't get on the motorway because of an accident? really? i doubt it. but a policeman never told me to move so i made a mistake. the worst thing is the guys behind me knew that he was toruble and did a bunk before he could show up and get their numbers so i was one of the lucky few who actually waited to speak to him about what was happening. what an idiot!

so i turned around again and headed onto the motorway - sorry car park - and waited 90 minutes while they dealt with a 'police incident' on the closed section of the road. after an hour i was beginning to need a wee but luckily i held onto it haha or there would have been another thing they could punish me for! the call of nature must be obeyed right?! not on the motorways apparently!

so now i wait. will they punish me to the letter of the law or realise it was just a mistake and too much paperwork to deal with. or perhaps they have a target i just helped them reach? who knows. i guess i'll find out in the next few weeks. but it was truly an awful experience and not one i wish to ever repeat!

finally a footnote. just after i escape my traffic jam my friend who is meeting me in the Midlands calls it off sick due to a hangover. so it was all for nothing.

there's no justice. i had to write it up as a learn. don't try and do too much stuff in one weekend! you'll only get a numb bum! haha

google mindbender

today i confused the google account with a google mail account. i think. i'm still confused.

i almost couldn't log in and frankly their pages of 'help' was anything but helpful. i'd offer that it was in fact just more confusing!

they want me to log in using a google account and yet the user name i have is for another mail account... this seems to be okay... sometimes... i may never figure out how to log in again, if so, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

i don't mind having a google mail for my user name but somehow the system they have put in place doesn't allow me to amalgamate the two... which is just confusing.

i had intended on writing about my truly awful day on the British motorway system yesterday. but that seems pointless if i'm going to have to give up this blog due to google's inability to have a simple 'contact us' button... i guess they don't make enough money to pay for that service.. oh.. except they're one of the richest companies in the world.. oh.. oh well..

Thursday, October 08, 2009

40 Years of Silliness

Happy 40th Birthday to Monty Python!

After watching re-runs of Monty Python's Flying Circus on TV all week I've been reminded how very funny they are... I'm particularly enjoying the Colonel who stops sketches for being far too silly!

The Life of Brian is possibly one of the best films ever made and should be shown every Christmas Day on British telly in my humble opinion!

I once went to a Life of Brian themed NYE party - there were women in beards, romans, Peoples Front of Judea - all brilliant characters!

And we've not even mentioned the funny songs! It's more difficult than you can ever imagine to get a funny song right (sorry Mitch Benn) but these guys had so many silly ditties, if you haven't already get on youtube and check out the Monty Python Channel...

ps. If you're into that sort of thing John Cleese regularly Twitters and just yesterday offered a poll in which you could vote for how he might top himself on his 70th birthday...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Time Traveller's Wife

love love loved this book! my dad gave it to me to read and i wasn't able to put it down once i started! you know the kind of story you ponder about while doing the washing up/ sitting at traffic lights, the kind you really regret coming to the end of!!!
of course now i can watch the movie which will be fun but gosh - i don't think a book has made me cry* for a long time, and this managed to get me three times! i must be turning into an old softie..
i recommend!
*don't worry it's only a little sad some of the time!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

the clooney

So i'm now too old for The Clooney*!?! lol

here he is pictured with a 30yr old Italian babe... i was so close!

at least she's a brunette! and i'm a little bit Italian... there's still hope right?! haha

going to start a new club: All The Girls Love Clooney...

*recently voted my number 1 on The List of Allowed Celebrity Shags! haha
fyi The Hoff and Russell Brand 2 and 3 respectively! lol

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

closer each day

after a summer break it's back and already i'm hooked!

how did this happen?! i was really honestly considering giving up my home&away habit... my fave fella Roman has been 'sent to prison' ie left the series with a door open... it was taking up WAAAY to much of my time and my boyf pulled a very discouraging face whenever he saw me eyeing it up on the skyplus list!
but i thought i'd just watch one... or two... and then bam i was hooked again! yesterday through my drugged-up haze (for something resembling a horibble cold ladies and gentlemen) i watched as Belle lay in hospital and Aden discovered his bride to be was dying! DYING! o jeez, i wept like a baby! lol
and so today i wait with baited breath, will Aden turn up for the wedding in today's episode? will i really watch H&A for the rest of my life?! tune in next time....
haha i would certainly pay good money to be an extra down at The Diner one day!
ah, we can dream...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

snow monkeys

i went to the gym after a hard day at the office and treated myself to a jacuzzi/ sauna sesh!

while sitting there peering over the bubbles at my co-cuzziers (is there a better term for these people?!) i was reminded of those cute snow monkeys you get pictures of in the paper every now and again, little red faced fellas loving the natural hot springs over in Asia... apparently the first monkey to try it copied the men it saw having a dip and then all its monkey friends joined in too!

which led me to wonder about whether the reason humans have no body fur like other mammals is to help us to swim, making us more aerodynamic perhaps? or maybe we don't have fur because we started off in hot climates south of the equator and adapted from there... which reminds me of reading some place about how the Spanish Armada failed to defeat Britain due to our inclement weather! it's a wonder this country isn't competely barren or full of a special breed of waterproof humans! I also recall hearing that the Romans despised our cold and rainy climate too, but they certainly stayed for a good innings anyway, i have a Roman nose! haha

which reminds me that the Gaugin picture my friend sent me of a chick from the 1400s certainly doesn't look too different to me and he was in France then, i guess i have Euro roots which is reasonable given Liverpool's history as a port town.. but all this wondering about human history from a few bubbles after work!

maybe the chlorine has gone to my head... hehe

ooh but it was nice ;)

Friday, August 07, 2009

what would ferris do?

sad news today about John Hughes leaving this lifetime... Ferris Bueller's Day Off is simply one of the best films of all time... at least John's family can take solace that he made a lasting impression on everyone of a certain age...

Friday, July 31, 2009

in my Liverpool home

a strange homesickness has come on of late... i'm not sure where it came from except i recently spent a long weekend with my Dad, visited my mum and then spent the weekend in the company of my best friend from school and it's been particularly strong ever since...

only recently have i found the Liverpool accent more alluring than ever before, previously i found those very distinctive vowels unappealing and before my many travels ironed out my accent to a 'very soft scouse' hated hearing my own voice ... but now i've found what i can only assume is a nostalgic pleasure in hearing the accent of my youth!

my own accent was that of Beatles country, south Liverpool - not the harder footballer's wives type from north Liverpool, in fact so different to the northeners did i sound that they would accuse me of being a woolyback! how rude! (a woolyback being the worst of insults, suggesting one came from outside the city limits, St Helen's for example, with only sheep for friends! lol) but for as long as i can recall i would mimic the accents around me...
this meant that while on a kids holiday aged 11 with a bunch of kids from all over i came home talking with a strong Yorkshire accent... ridiculed quite rightly as i was, i took great pleasure in 'talking' differently... that aged 14 i pretended to be from Dublin, Australia or America depending on what mood took me! strange indeed... a wonder i made any friends!
Liverpool is a great night out and has lots of rellies to pass the time over a cup of tea with but other than that having left the city limits to find a place in the world i know that it's all just nostalgia - I returned for a few weeks after university to find it still without real opportunities and left for sunnier climes in Brighton, so for a gal who's never looked back that spot of homesickness was a mostly harmless episode... i think!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new friends

a friend of mine just moved to a more desirable postcode and i had the pleasure of a night out in said 'hood this weekend!

after a very tasty Burrito and far-too-strong Margharita we happened across a pub called The Cow and its noisy but cheerful patrons...

we sat for a while before we were taken under the wing of The Good German and Dr Dave (friendly locals are always a good sign when in a new drinking hole) who took us to The Studios - a nearby late night drinking and dancing establishment...

everyone at the club (except us) was steaming drunk and dressed up in sportswear ( a charity thing apparently) and it took about a year* to get served at the bar but it wasn't jammpacked elsewhere and the music was ok so job done!

what a pleasant evening i thought, but my friend noted the leering drunken men and suffered a wine-head the next day so i guess the glass will always be half empty for some ;)

*only slight exaggeration!

FeelBetter Part 2

More for my friend who needs reminding we've all been there and all got through it with a little help from our friends...

Friday, July 24, 2009

broken car

yesterday a builder bust a window on my car by reversing into it...

it was in the car park at work and i guess if this was going to happen it was the best place for it - you know cctv, building security informing me and showing me the perpetrator... but man it totally pished all over my day!

from 10.30am til 5.50pm i was dealing with various dispassionate call centre folk who all would tell me i needed to either a) wait an hour for a phone (which invariably never came) or b) speak to someone else

and at the end of this day of mental pain had anything been resolved? did i have a new window in my car? of course not!

today i had to hand over my car to a garage til Wednesday at the earliest while i had to chase the insurance companies hire car company to find me a vehicle! then they wouldn't even drop the car off for me and i had to go fetch it from the branch... mio dio!

so when the man who bust my window sent me a lovely bunch of flowers today i thought 'Mmm that's nice, wish i didn't have to put up with all this b*llshit though!'

on a positive note my hire car has aircon which is very trendyknickers! haha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

breaking up is hard to do

a very good friend of mine broke up with her bloke recently so I've decided to dedicate a series called FeelBetterYouTubeMoments!
Here's Part 1:

Thursday, July 09, 2009

and while i'm at it

just incase you weren't sure about the last one, here's another ruddy great viddy i've come across this week :)

how did they do that?!


i know that by posting this video i am 1. helping promote an international water brand that doesn't need my help at all! 2. am a big softie, i mean baby videos, seriously? and 3. being a little lazy on the new blog front...

well i admit all 3 straight off - i been busy twittering which i know is bad that i got suckered in to a new trend but man i love it so much! i just can't quit it! haha

anyways - this is really cool so just watch it already! what's not to love?!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough

blimey! what a day - first you lose the bestest Charlie's Angel then the most famous Jackson dies!

i remember Michael Jackson so fondly from the 80s when i was bought Off The Wall double LP and a Jackson Thriller doll - i thought he was so cute! i was only young and i guess that's why the news today is such a shock! he has been around for my whole life! i even put that classic lyric 'I'm a lover not a fighter' on a teeshirt when i worked at a tee printing company! and the jackson 5 'can you feel it' was the first record i played on my very first radio show back in 1990! big news that he's gone forever... and just when he seemed to be making a comeback, so poignant.

watch my favourite MJ track here

shocking news like this hopefully makes every one appreciate their loved ones a bit more...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sobering up

it was my birthday yesterday and i'm a little perturbed to realise it was probly my first sober one in about 17 years! haha

for as long as my vodka-addled memory can recall my birthday has meant cocktails! usually vodka ones, but i've just turned to rum and ginger (tasty!)... which has also meant in my haste to celebrate my annual anniversary of self the night before, birthdays are usually hungover!

not this one though. i blame it on the day of the week it fell upon. either that or i've simply tired of being drunk! i went out for a drink on saturday night but it was for my friend's birthday, and i had a buddy over for birthday pizza the Friday before... but nothing untoward...

i can't help but get this sneaking suspicion that this makes me in some way more grown up - and everyone who's ever read Peter Pan knows that can't be good news! haha

i did the most grown up things on my birthday tho! i got up at 8.30 (a lie in by 4 hours but still before 9am!) i went to the gym, i had my car valeted, i ordered a new tax disc for my motor, i picked up some dry cleaning... so far, so ordinary day! then for lunch i went for a birthday burger and milkshake with my favorite boys, but my fave fastfood joint didn't really hit the spot... then i went for a birthday cupcake, and nice as it was, something was missing! maybe i shoulda just got outta my head on White Russians?! then i headed homeward and was in bed by 9pm*

i couldn't be less rock &roll if i tried!

what's wrong with me?! my boyf will tell me its the awakening... i'm not sure i like this grown up turn of events tho...

*such is the job -there's no getting around it you need all the beauty sleep you can get after you hit 30! haha

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

simple pleasures

today in birmingham, england the sun shone warm and friendly...
as i have spied rain on the weather horizon i decided to slip the gym to lie in the back yard getting some much-needed vitamin D...
the only problem with this is that i don't have any garden furniture, so after making do with a stool yesterday and grappling with a beanbag today i opted for a sleeping bag on the ground - not the comfiest oftion but certainly the easiest and a successful hour of sun worshipping was had!
once my sides were evenly toasted i took a break to get a drink and a snack...
it felt like beer weather and i'd gotten a case of small euro-beers from the supermarket when we had friends over for the beard party recently because they're only a small glass size just perfect for sitting in the garden sunshine for, that along with some pistachio nuts i read an old weekend supplement* and thought to myself "this is the goodlife"
for all the bad news** flung at us everyday i hope that it wasn't just me taking a break form modern life in the sunshine today... i certainly hope that any poor bugger made redundant recently had a chance to soak up some rays in the midst of job-seeking!
on a day like today its easy to remember that human beans can be simple folk with simple needs, trouble is we create so many problems for ourselves that we lose sight of the real easy stuff...

*there are simpy never going to be enough weekends for me to get through all the reading material at the end of my sofa!

**daily mail writers you know who you are!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

probably just a coincidence... right?

coincidences happen of this we know.. but how to differentiate between coincidences and cases of synchronicity! that's the trouble!

a few days ago - perhaps even a week ago now i was thinking about my pal Gene from New York* and how since i hadn't heard from him in a while perhaps i should drop him an email next time i was online... but you know how the memory works over here, that's right, not very well at all!

i suspect far too much vodka has passed these lips...


that was that, i forgot to email my friend but somewhere in my subconscious my thoughts would be with my friend across the pond and eventually you know i woulda got around to emailing him - but then just like that ping! an email arrives from the man himself a few days later!

not only that but he tells me that a few days ago he was telling a passenger in his taxicab about the time he took me to Lenny's Pizza in Brooklyn for a slice just like JT in SNF!

now i don't know who sent those 'thinking of you' messages into the cosmos first but i tells ya this: this stuff happens all the time! are we turning into massive computers hardwired to respond to electro thought signals?! has this always happened but we just didn't have the quick fire correspondence like phones and email to make it noticable? i'm guessing there's not that sense of coincidence if i send someone a pigeon on the same day they're thinking of me and it arrives 2 weeks later! but you know what i mean right?

crazy business this human bean stuff... who knows what we're capable of... i mean we're probably part-alien you know... have you read Von Daniken?! hehe

*you can read his very charming and insightful blog here or look at his fabulous picture blog here

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

power cu...

no nice cup of tea
no lovely baked potato in the oven
fridge no longer fridging
no date movie!

power cuts suck! and this house has had more than two this year alone! whats up with that? dodgy wiring on my road? Birmingham Council not putting enough money in the meter?!

it really makes you think about how much we rely on electricity... last time this happened and i was home it was the middle of the night and i had no candles - i swore to buy a stock load, then didn't! procrastination strikes again!

i hadn't counted on my house and its dodgy electrics... best get me to a hardware store pronto!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top Of The Pops

i bought Top Of The Pops 1975 on impulse while browsing the other week, like you do!

i know it's not very sensible to be buying CDs when there's a recession on but i was intrigued to hear the hits my ma and pa will have been enjoying as i grew in my mummy's tummy!

Steve Harley's Come up and see me, make me smile was a great start, and Pilot's January is just awesome! a nice surprise was Kenny's Fancy Pants which i'd never heard of but turns out to be quite the glam rock hit - you can watch it here if you have a few minutes to spare!

i'm such a nostalgic girl, stuff like this really appeals to me but i don't reckon my mum will be impressed when i stick it on for our road trip next month! she prefers to listen to new stuff and wouldn't let me play The Beatles when i lived with her as a teen! how rude!
but then i've always been old before my time and she forever young, so go figure...

since i'm only in my motor for 20 minutes at a time i haven't got to the end of my newest longplayer yet - still to hear Minnie Riperton's Lovin' You - classic stuff! No wonder i was conceived! ew! TMI!! hehe

Monday, May 18, 2009

world class

on Saturday i'm having a beard and moustache party in honour of the world championships taking place in Alaska...

originally when i discovered the hirsute event in Brighton 2 years ago i was planning to go to Alaska... then i realised it was the other side of the world* so i decided i better hold an honorary party with cocktails instead! haha

with only 5 sleeps to go i'm very excited - altho i'm dithering over which fakery to sport - a monty python esque bearded lady? or a drawn on Musketeer style tashe?! i can't decide!

hopefully the next World Champs will be back in Europe and i can be at the real thing but y'know i'm hoping a few beardy friends will be just enough fun... i'll post pics for sure, in the meantime if you want to join in and send pictures of your own facial hair please do so!

*i know, i'm a dumb ass, but i thought it was East Side not West Side.. who KNOWS where Alaska is for chrissakes?!

it's life jim, but not as we know it

saw the new Star Trek movie last week... and i don't like to be melodramatic but Oh My God! it was so awesome!!! hehe

i'm the kind of gal who loved William Shatner as James T. Kirk, they were repeated to death as i grew up and frankly he and his girdle were hot! but when The Next Generation came along mi didn't follow - it all seemed so serious all of a sudden, and for the people who loved it's new found respect for space travel fair enough but for me the 60s show was the only one... i even saw all the movies (though i'm not very clear on what happened in any of them now i come to think back... but see them i did!)

i had a life size Kirk on my bedroom door for a couple of years and used Trek jargon such as Captain's Log when writing to a best friend from whom i was estranged via Basingstoke! in fact such was the surge of nostalgia i felt when i heard the new Kirk reporting his Captain's Log i immediately texted the same friend as soon as the movie was over! haha

Shatner's Kirk was so charismatic, i had little expectations of the new boy - but Chris Pine did good! he totally rocked the James T Kirk role, with some very Shat-esque moves whether intentional or not... Bones is a dead ringer for the original McCoy, the original Spock makes a great cameo as himself from the future and tickled i was that when in battle the bridge crew still threw themselves to the side like in the original TV show... and don't get me started on the Shat-Kirk foot-bob that made an appearance!

i haven't even got to our own Simon Pegg doing Scotty - just brilliant!

i guess with any action adventure film i just don't expect much anymore, so to have your socks rocked off like i did for this film was a surprise and a pleasure... i beamed as the original music got an airing and wondered how long i'd have to wait til the next one! i'll be going for another viewing that's for sure! best film i've seen all year! go see!

i must say also at this point my boyf is a Dr Who fan and even he really loved it! so that's high praise indeed - altho i know secretly he is well jealous that his fave sci-fi tv show hasn't been made into a big screen extravaganza - but never say never - i reckon it's more than likely at some stage...

soul food

i believe there is something about the English countryside that is good for the soul...

as we drove into the Ribble Valley for a friends' wedding this weekend we couldn't believe our eyes! so lovely! green and hilly, lambs and rabbits all around (the latter almost under the car tyres but fortune struck!)...

it was clear early on that there would be no mobile phone signal for the duration of our stay but somehow it didn't matter... our stately room looked out onto the river and even the rainy moments didn't ruin the day!

even though we live in this green and pleasant land, a lot of the time you're surrounded by cars, noise, concrete and are simply too busy to take the time to take a walk in a nearby 'greenbelt' but more's the pity!

ours was a fleeting visit to a really idyllic setting but seemed to nourish my soul so much, there's definitely something in the trees!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

fake that!

last night i went to see Take That the Musical! haha and it was aces! what's not to love about a story of a Take That Tribute Band - they even had a rain effect on stage like the real boys do!

hoping to see the real boy band this summer at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry ... but not sure i can cope with all those female hormones again! i'll never forget looking back into a crowd of thousands of women-of-a-certain-age at the TT gig in Manchester when they first got back together - mind blowing... and terrifying!

what occurred to me while watching this genius show was how much i'd like to see Kylie -The Musical or Madonna - The Musical... infact how easily the idea lends itself to a musical artist... We've already had The Beatles, Queen and ABBA performed as stage productions of course but TheMonkees - The Musical anyone? And you could definitely have Elton John - The Musical!

i wonder if my life could make it as a musical - certainly working in radio gives you great scope for the soundtrack! haha

my theme tune would have to be something classic by Burt Bacharach (being a legend)... maybe over the weekend i'll make Jodester - The OST*

what would your theme tune be?!

*original sound track fact fans!

Monday, May 04, 2009

bank holidays

a rainy bank holiday has come and almost gone and i think i prefer them...

this may seem a little controversial but i reckon i'm more inclined to make some use of the day if the weather ain't sunny! who wants to to tidy the spare room if it's cracking the flags!*
similarly who wants to meet me in dingy pubs - which of course are the best kind - when its all yummy and sunny out?!

i mean i love a bit of vitamin D as much as the next girl - it's good for gardening in and also for drinking outdoors in (especially near rivers/the sea) but as far as getting things done - it's a distraction at best! haha

so today, rainy bank holiday, i got busy with the gym, guitar lesson and then dingy pub! hurrah! the perfect day off work! tho looking at the time i better try and nod off soon... back to the grindstone tomorrow...

*where does that phrase come from - anyone know? i'm bound to wiki it now...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the bad guys

goodness me, i had a worrying fact present itself to me today!

while growing up my TV crushes looked something like this:
JR Ewing, Dirty Den, Paul Robinson... Michael Knight and Faceman!

only one of these chaps is a nice guy! omg! that's so disturbed... luckily i appear to have grown out of this trend (apart from The Hoff still being on my ToDo list* hehe)

but no wonder i had such a disastrous love life in my teens/twenties with loverats like these as my role model boyfriends! haha

i'm hoping that it wasn't innate and somehow i learned this weird attraction from the lady role models on 80s TV! ha, more than likely!

*hey it's allowed! he's officially on The List!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

go ahead slug make my day

i have been attempting to become a gardener...

however the garden is full of enemies! weeds at every paving stone! slugs nibbling my herbs! giant bumble bees buzzing around! argh! i'm just not that outdoorsy...

i like the idea of the outdoors but often - as a citygirl - find the reality just plain hard work! pheasants kamikaze running in front of your car... nowhere to eat until 6pm... no public convenience for miles... bugs - i really dislike bugs!

but i love the idea of growing stuff and so i am trying...

i have some lettuce trying to get going that my dad (expert gardener) planted but the slugs think its a free lunch making me mad! gardening is supposed to be all zen-man not a source of more rage! haha

he says i need to leave orange skins out to catch the greedy guzzlers but i don't eat oranges... too much effort for not enough delivery imho... he said they like beer too but i don't want to waste beer! haha

plus since i started weeding i've become weedcam seeing the blighters everywhere i go! its like a 6th dandelion sense! they're on every street - it kinda makes you notice mother nature more in the city i guess and think how interesting that nature doesn't quit whether you built a big building there or not! haha

but seriously dandelions are a blight! and i've tasted the root tea and it ain't worth all the back ache!

i do chat to my neighnours over the garden fence a bit though which is nice... and my dad likes pottering when he's here... i guess i'll continue with my dabbling in greenery... just gotta forget about my buddhist leanings when it comes to those slugs!

i mean come on - nobody nice comes back as a slug - right?! hehe

you'll be glad to hear i resisted the pink watering can at the garden centre hehe

good reads are hard to find

if you are a regular reader of this blog you may know something about me and books.

i suppose i am a bibliophile of sorts... my fondest earliest memories are of the central library in Liverpool! now that's ubergeeky and i know it!

but i had to tell ya about this book i picked up last week... it's such a darn good read!
now don't worry! i haven't broken my no new books rule* it was on the 'to read' pile which towers like a multi-story above me...

anyway! tales from the city babycakes! by armistead maupin, is a great read and, luck would have it, a series! my pal KC got it for me ages ago but promises to serve me the rest up just in time for my birthday - hurrah! set in San Francisco and making me wanna go see! haha
originally a newspaper serial it says on the back blurb...

now i'm off to read page 227 and beyond!


*secondhand 1970s yoga books found at local bric-a-brac shop don't count right?! oh god!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

a special club

now of course it is fashionable to say that you wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have you as a member... but i discovered a secret club today and i don't think i would mind so much if i could become fully fledged!
today being the international day of chocolate eggs i decided to get me to the gym before all the fun chocolatey-fun commenced... but it was quite early - i guess 10ish*
and it was very quiet but a few honest souls had come to worship at the treadmill just like me, but it was so much nicer than when it's busier - it just seemed calmer...
i also had more interaction with this bunch of gym bunnies than ever before when i've gone in the afternoons... a older guy made a worrying sound on a treadmill just down from me so i gave him a hand signal to see if he was ok and he was... then when i was in the sauna a girl chatted to me about her 12yr old daughter's pester power... it just seemed a friendlier bunch than before... a secret early morning gym club that i've never been to before!
s'funny cos i was just thinking how few friends i've made since i got to brum, funny hours, general older lazier attitude etc etc haha, and then i find the secret club!
perhaps it found me!

*that reminds me of a joke i heard today:
What time is Sean Connery going to Wimbledon?
too funny!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

getting out of the city

now bear with me listener, i will put up some pics from my recent jaunt, honest, its just that i find the process a tad tedious sending the pics from phone to puter... then finding pics on puter to put on picblog... but i do have pics to show you so i will get round to it!

had the pleasure of visiting Lyme Regis this weekend, very nice too (see above snap!), even saw actual fossils! can you imagine? how geeky am i fossil hunting on my weekend!

like many seaside towns Lyme Regis offers you clean sea air, fish & chips and cream teas... but unlike some also offers 25 book shops (including one that doubles up as a B&B!) and more art galleries than you would expect in a sleepy seaside resort - we stumbled upon more than one studio open for browsers! it all felt very bohemian... and reminded us we must get to St Ives this year and try for the transatlantic Donovan drawl* hehe

it always feels good to get out of the city, blow out the cobwebs, dream about getting back to the coast... need to keep playing that lotto! haha

we also saw the joy that is the Cerne Abbas giant! now he really makes an impression on a girl! haha, then we had a ginger beer. imported from Australia?! not lashings, just the one. very nice too but it seemed a long way for it have come when we were in Enid Blyton country! perhaps they import Dorset ginger beer downunder...

we also took time to pop into Monkey World which is truly awesome and the gorgeous orangutans were my favourites, though the woolly monkeys were very entertaining - its a must see!

*we recently saw a very good documentary about Donovan in which his accent went from BBC narrator style to trans atlantic beatnik! very enigmatic...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

this summer...

okay, close your eyes... no that's not going to work is it? haha

read the following line and then close your eyes and imagine it being read by 'The Movie Trailer Guy' haha

"This Summer, from the director of some movie you've heard of, starring some actors you know, prepare to be amazed as they bring you the next summer blockbuster..."

this as you can probly guess isn't the actual script from a summer blockbuster but it may as well be! why have movie trailers become a parody of themselves?! do they just INSERT FILMTITLE/ACTOR/DIRECTOR NAME HERE now?

while as the cinema this week* i was dismayed to be presented with a trailer that was so full of trailer cliche i can't even recall what it was for! surely that ain't doing the job properly?

i think there should be a backlash against the Movie Trailer Voice Guy - it could be a woman for starters, and then it could be a more casual delivery... that would really stand out in the crowd! Get the starring actor to do it? they get paid enough... a bit like audio commentary on a DVD as they show clips - oh i really liked doing this bit - and - oh we did this take 7 times! haha now i realise that isn't practical but still someone should take a look at this medium!
i don't wanna put the Movie Trailer Voice Guy outta work - heck its a recession i know it's already hard out there! but seriously i think it's time to have a fresh approach to selling movies!

and do they ALWAYS talk like that?!

fnar fnar old joke ;)

*The Watchmen - very enjoyable - startling blue member!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fingerpicking good

i have a guitar teacher! finally! and the boyf says i might be allowed to go electric this summer - blimey! watch out world!
been having fun fingerpicking some blues - well i say fun, what i mean is SELF-INFLICTING PAIN IN THE HEAD! hahaha it hurts me so much to get it wrong! when i know what i meant to do but my fingers ignore my brain! how is this possible?! haha
it seems i'm having trouble using a plectrum... i only used to use my thumb to strum, but now i've gone into single string stuff it's more difficult and IT'S DRIVING ME MAD! haha just a bit... it'll get easier... one day... probably...

Happy St Patrick's Day

hello there! if you're a friend of mine you're probably thinking about having a pint of the black stuff today too! may your guinness be creamy and good on this St Pat's! cheers!

Monday, March 09, 2009

laugh out loud

i went to see a UCF last week (Ultimate Chick Flick)

you know the kind you wouldn't dream, in your right mind, of asking the man to accompany you to... He's Just Not That Into You...

superstar cast of hot Hollywood actresses all lining up to lament the world of dating - and i'm glad to report it made me shriek with laughter! this is fairly uncommon as most media tends to evoke a chuckle at best, especially in the cinema... but this film made me and others squeal in horror and delight at the things we women tell ourselves before the eternal truth 'he's just not that into you'

of course guys don't get off scottfree! they don't tell us straight that they're not into us so we have to conjur up reasons they haven't called/ emailed/ fb'd haha

in the beginning of the film it sets out the stall with a little girl in the playground crying with her mom telling her the first of many bad bits of advice girls listen to in their lives... how i wish i'd had the male friend Gigi gets in this movie in my 20s! it's so shameful to think how much time i wasted on timewaster guys! clearly i needed someone to explain the truth to me...

glad i'm not 'out there' anymore but hopefully i would be wiser in my dalliances...

great film tho, tho SJ is way too attractive... yet seems so nice! haha

Monday, March 02, 2009

she loves you yeah yeah yeah

went back to my hometown this weekend...

the sun was out and i was taking a friend round some Beatles spots (will put some pics up when all things necessary switched on and ready to swap data...)

good times!

all remarked on my accent becoming coarser throughout the weekend, pah these pesky foreigners, they don't know how easy it is to slip back into - i'm such a cuckoo when i comes to vowels! but i did get a bit of jaw ache that i won't miss - they some serious pronunciations they got in that town! haha

still can't actually believe me ears when i hear that Liverpool council deemed it acceptable behaviour to 'fill in' the Cavern Club in the late 70s/ early 80s for - wait for it, a railway project that didn't go ahead! seriously! so to make it up to the people they built a shopping centre called Cavern Walks on top instead... you couldn't make it up! idiots.

i always felt a bit of a cliche loving The Beatles and being from Liverpool, but i can say hand on heart if they'd been from anywhere else in the world the story of how they made it, against the odds and the music they made is so engaging i'm certain i would like il fab quatro! haha

there was a great quote from George Harrison after the band had split who said: The Beatles will carry on without us. And so it did!

Monday, February 23, 2009

big fringe

here is my new fringe! well what it was based on anyhow... the 'winkleman' was finally chopped into place just over a week ago and i can confirm that i quite like my new look (even tho i wasn't sure i looked like 'me' for a few days!) haha
let me tell you it's more high maintenance than i'm used to but not as much hassle as i'd worried about... my hairdresser (who i'll be seeing for a trim before too long!) says i have to dry it as soon as i get out of the shower which seems melodramatic but then i know the kinks in my hair and if they get a hold of my new front bit there'll be no hope! haha
it was a little sadness i washed my hair for the first time after it was professionally styled as we all know it doesn't look that good again til you go next time! it was ironed and light and shiny and now its kinky, frizzy me again (except the dried-first-fringe of course!) but that's okay man! it's like the real me! haha
it's THE most talked about hair cut i've had in along time - it changes how i look so much people literally didn't recognise me which is kind of thrilling, but of course we'll know whether it really suits me when my mum sees it this weekend! haha they don't hold back do mothers when it comes to having opinions on stuff - maybe she won't even recognise me either! haha

Thursday, February 19, 2009

guilty as charged

to my shame (thanks RB) i have fallen foul of micro blogging!

twitter is so fun and instant and effort-free and i spend my free time surfing there casually... next thing i know i'm looking at no blogs since Feb 6th? oh my days - how rude!

so i got a new watch today :)

it's nice and shiny and took me months to pick and the best part is, even tho i had a budget of £100 for a nice flashy bit of wrist jewellery - it only cost £30! brilliant news! so as a treat i can get a nice retro Casio too for £20 with money left for cocktails! i'm easy pleased huh?!

i know twitter won't last - it can't - it's too time consuming! but it's fun while it it the latest thing so if you are on there say hi - i'm producerjodie ;)

Friday, February 06, 2009


oh what a week it's been with all this snow, i made a snowlady in the back garden yesterday, complete with boobicles! hehe

and wandering around on youtube found this gem of a home video - you can't make this up!

only in England do we get excited about the weather - this is due to it's extreme unpredictability and i'm sure this is a massive influence on the general personality of this nation...

i'm looking fwd to getting semi-naked in the snow over the weekend - looks like great fun! don't know what the neighbours will say tho...

Monday, February 02, 2009

groundhog day

festive greetings all friends of the Groundhog! one day it sure would be fun to wake up in Punxsutawney (do you know how hard that is to spell?!) and take a stroll down Gobbler's Knob - even though its not in the town centre like in the film, see the hog and have some punch... ah well we can dream!

seeing the Groundhog is up there with wanting to be at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska come May - it couldn't BE any further away from England so i guess it's just not meant to be and maybe if it's back in Europe in 2011 i can make the trip... what a day that is - i heartily recommend it to anyone who lives nearer, and if you can grow facial hair - do so! haha, i'm actually quite envious of the art of facial hair, not that i would like to be a bearded lady making a living in the circus! but for guys i think its fun to have a lovely beard... apparently they've been shown in research to be scary things - but what could be more natural than a man's beard? certainly some need more trimming than others - but ZZTop looked great under their big beards... sounds like some guy who couldn't go past bum fluff started making bad pr for beards way back hehe

in other news i read today that in some parts of asia grey hair is said to be a sign of wisdom, with each grey hair representing a problem overcome - how awesome would that be if it were true - i've had a lot of problems... hehe

and why does this country just seize up in the face of a bit of extreme weather - i suppose we just not an extreme nation and hence the hysteria begins... having said that i have no idea how i'm going to get to work tomorrow with my car under 10 inches of snow... goodness me, i am NOT walking to work in the snow at 5 in the morning! haha

Friday, January 30, 2009

trying to be good

maybe i'm naive but i'm of the opinion that you should always try to be the best you can be - try to be good! otherwise you let yourself down and those around you who believe in your capabilities...

i often think i'm not the best i can be and it frustrates me... but at least i have the drive to try!

probably my standards are too high, but better than them being too low right? eventually i hope my ideas will even out to match my life but if you stop learning you shrivel and die right?

i'm feeling a bit confused about what is 'expected' of me at the moment in life... but perhaps its just in my head (that's what society does to you right?! haha)

am i supposed to get married and breed at some point? or is it just not that big a deal anymore? i read about how packaging is making people infertile this week - not a new story - but you do kinda get the impression mother nature has had anough of the parasite that is human beings and will see the more industrious of us off! haha

its so weird being 'grown up' thats for sure, when you were young you expected to just somehow know what to do when you got older... i still call my mum when something weird happens! maybe you're not fully grown up til you have kids or your parents are gone - then you have to step up and be responsible - sounds awful! haha

well i guess you just figure it out as you go along - what will be will be with a dash of influence here and there...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


oh dear, it seems i cannot resist an internet fad...

no sooner am i free of book face when twittering comes along and proves irresistable - well for five minutes at least! hehe

if it's good enough for Stephen Fry then it's good enough for me, but i do feel a little bit sucked in hehe

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

something for the weekend

you know its been a bad week when you are planning the weekend cocktails on a wednesday!

i watched the big lebowski last weekend and it gave me a hankering for a white russian or two, hehe

it's just that time of January when you need to blow off a bit of steam and cocktails with some buddies seems like just the ticket... even though i'm still trying to lose my festive four pounds! haha and they're a lot more difficult to shift than they were to put on! godammit!

after all the festive chocs its been a little hard getting off the hardcore sugar again but i know i gotta break thru to the other side for the good of my insides! haha its such an inbuilt treat in my brain tho - it feels hardwired but i need an upgrade! haha

jeez i better sign off that was one analogy too many!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

being nice is good for you

now this won't be a suprise to many of you i know, but this week something happened to me that reaffirmed my faith in humanity... well for 5 minutes, which with my attention span is a-mazing!


i was in the supermarket (the posh one!) when an old lady asked me to reach for something from the top shelf... now we all know i'm not the tallest of people and have had similar trouble myself in a supermarket only recently! but i coulc actually reach the thing she wanted and she was about half my height bless her... anyway i reached for the gift bag only to realise it was missing a ribbon tie - so i swapped it over and she thanked me and we both went on our way!

what was funny is i saw her size me up before she asked me - like i said i ain't that tall! but she made the comparison between me and the item she needed and figured i could just manage it hehe

it made me feel so happy to help her out, happy that i'd seemed nice enough to ask - belive me i waited quite a few people in the supermarket when i needed to ask for a helping hand! you can't just ask anyone for help, they might be a nutter! haha

so clearly i don't look nuts, but i also think this was a brilliant example of human communication and co-operation without which we would have any of the technological or scientific or educational advances our species has made over the last 1000 years! and that is amazing and uplifting and not to be sniffed at!

yes there are greedy, angry, disturbed human beans out there but hopefully they are in the minority because surely Darwinism is on the side of nice? well let's not ruin my day thinking about that too much...

just know this: nice is good!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

dusting off yer ole records

i happened across Macy Gray record On How Life Is in my box of CDs under the bed while looking for something to listen to for a chilled Sunday evening...
i stuck it on and blimey i knew all the songs!
and it was then that i remembered i played this cd to death when it came out - i loved it!
and because that doesn't happen that often i suppose it makes the album special... a lot of albums you only go for the singles and so the long-player falls into the never-played pile...
So here's what i think you should do - we should all do - go check out your record collection and spin something you haven't heard in 5/ 10 years - you might be pleasantly surprised!

Monday, January 12, 2009

old friends

ah there's nothing like a beer or three with an old friend to fire the coals!
on Saturday i went to London town and hooked up with a pal i've not seen since about 2001!
what kind of a friend do i not see for 7 years?! well the kind who moves about like i do, then works shifts, then finally we find a date/time/place convenient! haha

i was a little worried that i wouldn't recognise him its been so long but of course you recognise people you know! its just the old grey matter was having trouble aging him, that is to say you expect people to look different - but generally they look the same! just older, fatter, thinner, balder etc... well he looked pretty much the same - just older! - and we had a right good catch up while drinking in the pub with my boyf and another friend...

time came to leave for our appointed radio comedy show recording and we all felt forlorn at having to leave the warm confines of the pub! we almost sacked off the recording but felt it a shame to miss out after travelling all the way down to the capital - in part to watch this thing...

i said goodbye to my friend and both promised not to leave it another 7 years! haha

5 minutes laters we're at broadcasting house only to be told it had been cancelled! ruddy ruined!

so we fell into another pub where we met some people amongst whom a man who loved the Ikester as much as my boyf lurked and more happy beers and honey roasted peanuts flowed! haha

it's a long way to go to the pub is London but you know what it was big fun, i hooked up with an old friend and we had spicy cheese on toast when we got home!

good times!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

it's not me it's you

i've fallen out of love with

you may recall the day i discovered this wonderous home dvd rental service and how enthralled i was to find marvellous movies on my doormat every week for a very reasonable price.
but my time to watch movies has somehow dwindled over the past year or so, and their lack of customer service* when they've sent you a cruddy/ random disc drives me insane - especially as you can only contact them via email so far as i can see...
i wanted to watch classic movie The Third Man and while i was enjoying it the other week it jammed half way thru - and let me tell you, not being able to see the end of a film until they send you another copy is pretty frustrating! well it got better! because they sent me another cruddy copy that stuck in exactly the same place! now i know it ain't my dvd player cos i been playing other stuff no problemo compadre! and i have an inkling lovefilm just wiped the first copy on their collective jeans and sent it back into distribution! argh!
so not only have i not seen the end of The Third Man, they've now added it to my watched list! brilliant, they asked me to review it so i explained how i hadn't seen the end thanks to their wonderful service...
and because your account is managed by how many discs are dispatched in a month this kind of malarky completely stuffs up your credits and it can a bit confusing over email to sort out...

all of which, as you can imagine, makes me want to cancel my subscription completely!

but i kinda wanna see all those films i added to my rental list. whenever i read an article with a celebrity who name drops a random film they've liked/ been in, i add it. so my list is pretty diverse but i'm beginning to think it ain't worth the trouble and the library will have most the old classics i want to see anyway for the same money... and i love libraries! hehe

so i just made a copy of my 'wants to watch' list just incase i decide enough is enough with these lovefilm people... but it's the end of a beautiful relationship! it's a shame they took me for granted and made me break up with them!

*pet hate-a-gogo!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

a fall from favour

the other day i read an opinion piece on high heels...
the height of feminism or demeaning objects of torture?
oh my...

i used to believe that the pain inflicted by high heels was well worth it. i even had a poster advertising a pain killer to illustrate this belief, a belief clearly held by more than just me!
i love how high heels make me taller, make my legs slimmer and generally how pretty they are...

now that i have been a heel wearer for around 16 years i have a slightly different attitude towards them... i know that they are bad for my feet, i know that because i can't walk properly in them i am more likely to fall over and hurt myself (especially after a couple of cocktails!), i know that if i wear them for an evening out i won't enjoy myself as much because my feet will hurt after about an hour, i know that i won't be able to trot between venues as easily as my man, i also know that he will get annoyed that i'm wearing shoes i can't walk in - something he simply doesn't understand! haha

i still love the pretty things but i am a lot more weary of my high heel collection... i guess they're kind of a status symbol, and i simply don't have the lifestyle that high heels demand! haha door-to-door taxis, cocktail bars with seating all of the time, basically no time on your feet! haha

i'm not about to give up my high heels - there is something so feminine about them - but i certainly can't ignore the health risks! bunions, my friend, do not a sexy lady make! haha

happy new year

jan 01 sir. yet again. what will 2009 bring us.
world peace? we can always hope!
a new kitchen perhaps for my friends C and T
a new job for my man's sister when her contract ends this month
a new project for me to get my creative teeth into? i'm due some long-needed guitar lessons for chrimbo so maybe i'll start a band! haha
the picture on this entry was taken at Crosby Beach on Boxing Day where Anthony Gormley installation Another Place has 100 iron men looking out into sea, i thought this looking to the horizon snap quite appropriate as the world looks forward to a new year...