Thursday, March 01, 2012

what a difference a day makes

You know I do believe you can make every day count in this life of ours... but I didn't expect my February 29th 2012 to be quite so productive!

I wrote a song a few weeks ago, a what-if scenario, if I wanted to propose on Valentines Day or Leap Day how would it sound in a song? just a little fun, then yesterday I thought I'd share my demo with my friends online via my SoundCloud/ Facebook & Twitter because it was Leap Day and it seemed relevant...

Next thing I know, today my friend has makes me a video and plays me on the radio! #amazing

So here it is... just a work in progress really for me as a newbie songwriter but pleasant enough and I'm hoping the catalyst to some lovely proposals across the land! (I better get some wedding invites asap! haha)