Tuesday, March 31, 2009

getting out of the city

now bear with me listener, i will put up some pics from my recent jaunt, honest, its just that i find the process a tad tedious sending the pics from phone to puter... then finding pics on puter to put on picblog... but i do have pics to show you so i will get round to it!

had the pleasure of visiting Lyme Regis this weekend, very nice too (see above snap!), even saw actual fossils! can you imagine? how geeky am i fossil hunting on my weekend!

like many seaside towns Lyme Regis offers you clean sea air, fish & chips and cream teas... but unlike some also offers 25 book shops (including one that doubles up as a B&B!) and more art galleries than you would expect in a sleepy seaside resort - we stumbled upon more than one studio open for browsers! it all felt very bohemian... and reminded us we must get to St Ives this year and try for the transatlantic Donovan drawl* hehe

it always feels good to get out of the city, blow out the cobwebs, dream about getting back to the coast... need to keep playing that lotto! haha

we also saw the joy that is the Cerne Abbas giant! now he really makes an impression on a girl! haha, then we had a ginger beer. imported from Australia?! not lashings, just the one. very nice too but it seemed a long way for it have come when we were in Enid Blyton country! perhaps they import Dorset ginger beer downunder...

we also took time to pop into Monkey World which is truly awesome and the gorgeous orangutans were my favourites, though the woolly monkeys were very entertaining - its a must see!

*we recently saw a very good documentary about Donovan in which his accent went from BBC narrator style to trans atlantic beatnik! very enigmatic...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

this summer...

okay, close your eyes... no that's not going to work is it? haha

read the following line and then close your eyes and imagine it being read by 'The Movie Trailer Guy' haha

"This Summer, from the director of some movie you've heard of, starring some actors you know, prepare to be amazed as they bring you the next summer blockbuster..."

this as you can probly guess isn't the actual script from a summer blockbuster but it may as well be! why have movie trailers become a parody of themselves?! do they just INSERT FILMTITLE/ACTOR/DIRECTOR NAME HERE now?

while as the cinema this week* i was dismayed to be presented with a trailer that was so full of trailer cliche i can't even recall what it was for! surely that ain't doing the job properly?

i think there should be a backlash against the Movie Trailer Voice Guy - it could be a woman for starters, and then it could be a more casual delivery... that would really stand out in the crowd! Get the starring actor to do it? they get paid enough... a bit like audio commentary on a DVD as they show clips - oh i really liked doing this bit - and - oh we did this take 7 times! haha now i realise that isn't practical but still someone should take a look at this medium!
i don't wanna put the Movie Trailer Voice Guy outta work - heck its a recession i know it's already hard out there! but seriously i think it's time to have a fresh approach to selling movies!

and do they ALWAYS talk like that?!

fnar fnar old joke ;)

*The Watchmen - very enjoyable - startling blue member!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fingerpicking good

i have a guitar teacher! finally! and the boyf says i might be allowed to go electric this summer - blimey! watch out world!
been having fun fingerpicking some blues - well i say fun, what i mean is SELF-INFLICTING PAIN IN THE HEAD! hahaha it hurts me so much to get it wrong! when i know what i meant to do but my fingers ignore my brain! how is this possible?! haha
it seems i'm having trouble using a plectrum... i only used to use my thumb to strum, but now i've gone into single string stuff it's more difficult and IT'S DRIVING ME MAD! haha just a bit... it'll get easier... one day... probably...

Happy St Patrick's Day

hello there! if you're a friend of mine you're probably thinking about having a pint of the black stuff today too! may your guinness be creamy and good on this St Pat's! cheers!

Monday, March 09, 2009

laugh out loud

i went to see a UCF last week (Ultimate Chick Flick)

you know the kind you wouldn't dream, in your right mind, of asking the man to accompany you to... He's Just Not That Into You...

superstar cast of hot Hollywood actresses all lining up to lament the world of dating - and i'm glad to report it made me shriek with laughter! this is fairly uncommon as most media tends to evoke a chuckle at best, especially in the cinema... but this film made me and others squeal in horror and delight at the things we women tell ourselves before the eternal truth 'he's just not that into you'

of course guys don't get off scottfree! they don't tell us straight that they're not into us so we have to conjur up reasons they haven't called/ emailed/ fb'd haha

in the beginning of the film it sets out the stall with a little girl in the playground crying with her mom telling her the first of many bad bits of advice girls listen to in their lives... how i wish i'd had the male friend Gigi gets in this movie in my 20s! it's so shameful to think how much time i wasted on timewaster guys! clearly i needed someone to explain the truth to me...

glad i'm not 'out there' anymore but hopefully i would be wiser in my dalliances...

great film tho, tho SJ is way too attractive... yet seems so nice! haha

Monday, March 02, 2009

she loves you yeah yeah yeah

went back to my hometown this weekend...

the sun was out and i was taking a friend round some Beatles spots (will put some pics up when all things necessary switched on and ready to swap data...)

good times!

all remarked on my accent becoming coarser throughout the weekend, pah these pesky foreigners, they don't know how easy it is to slip back into - i'm such a cuckoo when i comes to vowels! but i did get a bit of jaw ache that i won't miss - they some serious pronunciations they got in that town! haha

still can't actually believe me ears when i hear that Liverpool council deemed it acceptable behaviour to 'fill in' the Cavern Club in the late 70s/ early 80s for - wait for it, a railway project that didn't go ahead! seriously! so to make it up to the people they built a shopping centre called Cavern Walks on top instead... you couldn't make it up! idiots.

i always felt a bit of a cliche loving The Beatles and being from Liverpool, but i can say hand on heart if they'd been from anywhere else in the world the story of how they made it, against the odds and the music they made is so engaging i'm certain i would like il fab quatro! haha

there was a great quote from George Harrison after the band had split who said: The Beatles will carry on without us. And so it did!