Wednesday, February 08, 2012

it's your movie

last year I read a book called The Four Agreements by some dude who knows about the Toltec Wisdom.. with me so far? ;)

I love and loathe self help in healthy proportion.. I think he who thinks he knows it all knows nothing but also that anyone selling something is, well, selling something! ha

in this instance I read it once and was unimpressed. then later in the year with some persuading by the fella to read it again found it incredibly helpful! whatsthatabout?!

so the premise is this: you have learned bad habits, behaviours and attitude that are making you unhappy. that you are master of your own destiny and nothing can hurt you unless you allow it!
of course there are always exceptions to the (4) rules but at the time I was having trouble with someone I had to work with and had to figure a way thru (which is always the best way out!). the book reminded me that I am the star of my own movie and I decide who what where when (for the most part) so to get to work with making it go my way - nobody else will ever have your interests at heart like you do! empathy is humanity but we are not altruists as a species...

the 4 agreements are:

Be impeccable with your word - that is don't be negative about yourself or anyone else, the power of words is stronger than you ever give it credit for!

Don't take anything personally - most of the time if someone says something or behaves in a way that upsets you it's more than likely to be about them and you should shrug it off as such..

Don't make assumptions - when you assume something most times you'll misunderstand which leads to conflict..

Always do your best - what more can you do? and if you have a day when you don't manage it - just try again tomorrow :)

awesome. simple. effective!!!

like the dude who bought Remington's I loved the book so much I bought it for all my friends for Xmas* and can't recommend it enough to you dear reader... unless you know everything of course in which case you know what I think of that! ;) haha

*most of whom haven't read it yet despite my protests... but they will pick it up eventually and then they will thank me! haha

Thursday, February 02, 2012

beards: they grow on you

I do a beard blog and so if you have any interest in the hairy ones please enjoy my quirky past time here :)