Sunday, November 22, 2009

Captain's Log

Baker St: Jorge the porter says to me 'No you're not!'

'I'm not what?' I asked him...

'Shorter than Napoleon'


You see I wear a badge that I got at a show in Edinburgh called Taller Than Napoleon. At the end of the show you decided whether you were shorter or taller and took the appropriate badge. Turns out he was 5'6" which makes me shorter. Stories that he was shorter were propaganda during the war apparently.

So most times people read this badge and look slightly bemused and don't say a word. But me thinks Jorge was French and had a very strong opinion on the matter! lol

I said 'Yes I am shorter, he was 5'6" and I'm only 5'5" tops!' and he was quite certain that this was incorrect but I had to interrupt his flow to ask directions on a messy tube journey (engineering works are a ruddy nighmare!)

But Jorge safely wins the best comeback to that badge EVER!

Friday, November 13, 2009

frockn friday the 13th

nothing like a bit of frock therapy to cheer a gal up!

yesterday was a bit of a mean reds day, so when i got home from a moody gym workout i had a major pamper session (bubble bath, nails, hair etc etc) but then i did something that turned out not only very productive but very therapeutic... i undertook a frock inventory!

it's party season officially as of next weekend so i needed to see what i got so as to avoid buying more dresses only to wear them once then gather dust in my wardrobe (it's a recession you know!)... a couple were too small, but that's okay cos they're real old (like 10yrs old!) and i've put on a few pounds - thing is they only slightly too small so they staying in the 'wishlist' lol
a couple were too big! yey! haha
a couple didn't really do it for me this season but that's not to say they won't come round again so will hang on for a while (famous last words! haha), a couple were more daytime than night time so they've been moved to the everyday wardrobe (inc the killer blue dress i wore to work today, was loving it!)
and a few were alright!
all in all a great refresher of what's what and i didn't spend a penny - yet! hehe
will try to resist but new party frocks are so cute! wish i could make my own, maybe my mum will teach me next year... would be so cool!

plus today's frock taught me an invaluable lesson; a frock on a friday is good for the soul! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

kissing frogs

In the world of girls... we have a saying that goes 'You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince!'

A newly single friend of mine is finding this out again after a few years off the market... painfully it would seem from where I'm sitting...

Why anyone would even contemplate a date with an estate agent is beyond me - even a cute one! haha they don't have a terrible reputation for nowt! the path to meeting a partner in modern life is certainly a cluttered with freaks... divorced ones, insecure ones, bitter ones and I don't mean either sex is better by the way!

Human beings certainly seem to be going backwards when it comes to getting along with each other... I suppose the answer could be free sex on the NHS so that relations are purely personality based! lol Then at least we won't have people 'just trying to get their leg over' as it were... If I'm going to pay tax for all the boring stuff they could at least pay for something fun right?!

I shudder to think how many losers I wasted time on in my twenties but you can only learn the hard way that sometimes you pick the wrong partners... good luck single sisters!