Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sobering up

it was my birthday yesterday and i'm a little perturbed to realise it was probly my first sober one in about 17 years! haha

for as long as my vodka-addled memory can recall my birthday has meant cocktails! usually vodka ones, but i've just turned to rum and ginger (tasty!)... which has also meant in my haste to celebrate my annual anniversary of self the night before, birthdays are usually hungover!

not this one though. i blame it on the day of the week it fell upon. either that or i've simply tired of being drunk! i went out for a drink on saturday night but it was for my friend's birthday, and i had a buddy over for birthday pizza the Friday before... but nothing untoward...

i can't help but get this sneaking suspicion that this makes me in some way more grown up - and everyone who's ever read Peter Pan knows that can't be good news! haha

i did the most grown up things on my birthday tho! i got up at 8.30 (a lie in by 4 hours but still before 9am!) i went to the gym, i had my car valeted, i ordered a new tax disc for my motor, i picked up some dry cleaning... so far, so ordinary day! then for lunch i went for a birthday burger and milkshake with my favorite boys, but my fave fastfood joint didn't really hit the spot... then i went for a birthday cupcake, and nice as it was, something was missing! maybe i shoulda just got outta my head on White Russians?! then i headed homeward and was in bed by 9pm*

i couldn't be less rock &roll if i tried!

what's wrong with me?! my boyf will tell me its the awakening... i'm not sure i like this grown up turn of events tho...

*such is the job -there's no getting around it you need all the beauty sleep you can get after you hit 30! haha

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G.S. said...

Hey Jodester, HBBWAH* to you! From your NYC taxi driver.

*Happy Belated Birthday Without A Hangover