Friday, July 24, 2009

broken car

yesterday a builder bust a window on my car by reversing into it...

it was in the car park at work and i guess if this was going to happen it was the best place for it - you know cctv, building security informing me and showing me the perpetrator... but man it totally pished all over my day!

from 10.30am til 5.50pm i was dealing with various dispassionate call centre folk who all would tell me i needed to either a) wait an hour for a phone (which invariably never came) or b) speak to someone else

and at the end of this day of mental pain had anything been resolved? did i have a new window in my car? of course not!

today i had to hand over my car to a garage til Wednesday at the earliest while i had to chase the insurance companies hire car company to find me a vehicle! then they wouldn't even drop the car off for me and i had to go fetch it from the branch... mio dio!

so when the man who bust my window sent me a lovely bunch of flowers today i thought 'Mmm that's nice, wish i didn't have to put up with all this b*llshit though!'

on a positive note my hire car has aircon which is very trendyknickers! haha

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