Friday, February 19, 2010

Best Valentines Ever

On Sunday I went to The Electric Cinema in Birmingham to see Breakfast at Tiffany's with my boyf. Since this is my all-time favourite film this was definitely the best Valentines Day Ever!

I first saw this film when I was just 17, I caught it by chance on late night TV and it had me hooked from the beginning... what's not to love? I cried like a baby at the end and made sure I got a copy on VHS asap.

18 years later and it still gives me goose bumps. I don't know whether it's because it reminds me of being 17 or just the gorgeousness of the movie itself, but it's timeless... I'm pretty sure all those shots of Carrie Bradshaw nipping into her brownstone in SATC are styled on the Holly Golightly version from all those years ago...

Seeing it at the cinema for the first time was a real treat. You get to see the edges of the scene my little TV can't cope with - hear the fantastic Mancini soundtrack to it's optimum effect... and wonder at what went wrong for George Peppard when it all went so right for Audrey Hepburn*

And the boyfriend didn't even fall asleep! Brownie points a plenty! He did raise an eyebrow to Mr Yoonioshi which is only fair (we'd all like to erase THAT character performance from Mickey Rooney!) but he said he could see it was a well made and influential film... (like he would dare slag off my fave film! lol)

And yes. I cried like a baby at the end all over again! How embarrassing, you can't take me anywhere!

*I read recently that this part should have gone to an English actress who died recently... (I can't remember her name, do you know it?) And that the reason she got the cold shoulder was she didn't service the casting couch properly! Eek! The dark underbelly of 50s Hollywood!


G.S. said...

Yo, Jodester, according to Robert Osbourn, the host of Turner Classic Movies, the part of Holly Golightly was going to go to Marilyn Monroe, but her inability to show up on the set in a timely manner put her out of contention. The director, Blake Edwards, may have had a thing for English women, however. He married Julie Andrews.

jodester said...

thanks GS!