Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This is my England

By rights I should put this on my picture blog but as I'm having enough trouble keeping up with one blog at the moment I thought better of it! haha

This is a lovely little scene from that London.. it's fairly unusual to see two such iconic English designs together like this, the red post box was a Penfold design from the 1800s while the red telephone box came along later by George Gilbert-Scott, who rather neatly had already designed the just plain fabulous gothic Liverpool Anglican Cathedral*

I love it that here they are nestled together fighting the elements, left a little unloved and perhaps not long for the knackers yard! of course this would never happen, they're worth a fortune on eBay haha ;)

*if you ever get to Liverpool make sure you take a trip to the top of the tower - tis quite a sight up there! and also a little windy - take a scarf ;)

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