Monday, January 23, 2012

The Artist - believe the hype!

I am not one to get behind a PR machine and I defo was sceptical about the hype this movie had around it - especially since they went for the ad campaign featuring 'happy customers' leaving cinemas.. other people do not encourage me to go see a movie! But then actually my dad said he wanted to go - so I went along, not expecting much... but how wrong could I be?!
This movie is WONDERFUL! having studied the subject of language a little, and worked with it in part for my job writing scripts, the fact that this movie is SILENT speaks volumes about the much bandied-about stat that 85% of human communications are non-verbal -- which is why it makes it so difficult to explain to someone how amazing this movie is! haha they're a victim of their own success at being non-verbal! a movie that makes you FEEL something... and something that you're not used to feeling... something, non-verbal in a world with verbal diarrhoea!! priceless!
As an average Joe I don't go see all movies at the cinema, it's too time consuming and expensive... but this movie is worth well up to £10 - SEE IT!
I know you will love it and your heart will be warmed (if you still have one) haha ;)


Anonymous said...

I've seen it. I thought it was wonderful and very charming but i don't think it's worth all the hype and nominations it's getting.

jodester said...

But surely wonderful and charming films do deserve recognition in a world of noisy blockbusters? Thanks for the comment :)