Friday, March 28, 2014

Woman Wonder

Sometimes, just sometimes, everything is going right... Work is good, passions are going well, love is in place and your health is tickety-boo... Other times not so great! BUT isn't this the great tapestry of life? I recently wrote a song about being positive when times are a little hard - it's called Rainproof and I think the legend Dolly Parton defo is of inspiration somewhat in style...

Thing is it's so EASY to talk the talk, walking the walk is when it gets difficult! Lord knows being as philosophical as I am has got me thru some tough times but each new hurdle can seem just as impossible to get over as the last, no matter how recently or not it was...

Thankfully I have a fantastic support network of Wonder Women who are there for me in my times of strife... And whoever said good friends are better than therapy was dead right !!!

So I'm looking fwd to the next time I'm feeling like Wonder Woman... and until then I'll lean on my Wonder Women ^_^ 

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