Thursday, May 08, 2008

something you don't see very often

it's been sunny in England now for 4 days running... before the weekend there'll be a hosepipe ban! haha

the English alleged pre-occupation with the weather is much debated but I don't buy it as anything other than a healthy interest in knowing how to dress on any given day! Billy Connelly says 'there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing' and he should know he's from Scotland! haha

when my mum lived in Italy i used to explain to the locals that our weather was simply unpredictable, and that a brolly and sunglasses are essentials to have on you most days... unless you live in Manchester, then just a brolly will do! hehe

i think this explains our love of pubs too, it rains such a lot that we need some place to cower and chat - not going home til the rain has a break - hence it being the topic of conversation! it's inextricably entwined in our everyday existence!

at least we leave the house when it rains... in Italy they stay home and cancel plans to avoid stepping out and getting their perfectness mussed! they're such a good looking nation, it must be hard for them ; )

i must say though my shins seem to be enjoying the fresh air this week, they've not seen daylight since about last August! haha

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