Thursday, April 16, 2009

good reads are hard to find

if you are a regular reader of this blog you may know something about me and books.

i suppose i am a bibliophile of sorts... my fondest earliest memories are of the central library in Liverpool! now that's ubergeeky and i know it!

but i had to tell ya about this book i picked up last week... it's such a darn good read!
now don't worry! i haven't broken my no new books rule* it was on the 'to read' pile which towers like a multi-story above me...

anyway! tales from the city babycakes! by armistead maupin, is a great read and, luck would have it, a series! my pal KC got it for me ages ago but promises to serve me the rest up just in time for my birthday - hurrah! set in San Francisco and making me wanna go see! haha
originally a newspaper serial it says on the back blurb...

now i'm off to read page 227 and beyond!


*secondhand 1970s yoga books found at local bric-a-brac shop don't count right?! oh god!

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