Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the bad guys

goodness me, i had a worrying fact present itself to me today!

while growing up my TV crushes looked something like this:
JR Ewing, Dirty Den, Paul Robinson... Michael Knight and Faceman!

only one of these chaps is a nice guy! omg! that's so disturbed... luckily i appear to have grown out of this trend (apart from The Hoff still being on my ToDo list* hehe)

but no wonder i had such a disastrous love life in my teens/twenties with loverats like these as my role model boyfriends! haha

i'm hoping that it wasn't innate and somehow i learned this weird attraction from the lady role models on 80s TV! ha, more than likely!

*hey it's allowed! he's officially on The List!

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