Tuesday, September 08, 2009

closer each day

after a summer break it's back and already i'm hooked!

how did this happen?! i was really honestly considering giving up my home&away habit... my fave fella Roman has been 'sent to prison' ie left the series with a door open... it was taking up WAAAY to much of my time and my boyf pulled a very discouraging face whenever he saw me eyeing it up on the skyplus list!
but i thought i'd just watch one... or two... and then bam i was hooked again! yesterday through my drugged-up haze (for something resembling a horibble cold ladies and gentlemen) i watched as Belle lay in hospital and Aden discovered his bride to be was dying! DYING! o jeez, i wept like a baby! lol
and so today i wait with baited breath, will Aden turn up for the wedding in today's episode? will i really watch H&A for the rest of my life?! tune in next time....
haha i would certainly pay good money to be an extra down at The Diner one day!
ah, we can dream...

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