Sunday, November 22, 2009

Captain's Log

Baker St: Jorge the porter says to me 'No you're not!'

'I'm not what?' I asked him...

'Shorter than Napoleon'


You see I wear a badge that I got at a show in Edinburgh called Taller Than Napoleon. At the end of the show you decided whether you were shorter or taller and took the appropriate badge. Turns out he was 5'6" which makes me shorter. Stories that he was shorter were propaganda during the war apparently.

So most times people read this badge and look slightly bemused and don't say a word. But me thinks Jorge was French and had a very strong opinion on the matter! lol

I said 'Yes I am shorter, he was 5'6" and I'm only 5'5" tops!' and he was quite certain that this was incorrect but I had to interrupt his flow to ask directions on a messy tube journey (engineering works are a ruddy nighmare!)

But Jorge safely wins the best comeback to that badge EVER!

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