Friday, November 13, 2009

frockn friday the 13th

nothing like a bit of frock therapy to cheer a gal up!

yesterday was a bit of a mean reds day, so when i got home from a moody gym workout i had a major pamper session (bubble bath, nails, hair etc etc) but then i did something that turned out not only very productive but very therapeutic... i undertook a frock inventory!

it's party season officially as of next weekend so i needed to see what i got so as to avoid buying more dresses only to wear them once then gather dust in my wardrobe (it's a recession you know!)... a couple were too small, but that's okay cos they're real old (like 10yrs old!) and i've put on a few pounds - thing is they only slightly too small so they staying in the 'wishlist' lol
a couple were too big! yey! haha
a couple didn't really do it for me this season but that's not to say they won't come round again so will hang on for a while (famous last words! haha), a couple were more daytime than night time so they've been moved to the everyday wardrobe (inc the killer blue dress i wore to work today, was loving it!)
and a few were alright!
all in all a great refresher of what's what and i didn't spend a penny - yet! hehe
will try to resist but new party frocks are so cute! wish i could make my own, maybe my mum will teach me next year... would be so cool!

plus today's frock taught me an invaluable lesson; a frock on a friday is good for the soul! :)

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