Friday, April 02, 2010

dream a little dream

I've had a few odd dreams recently... maybe you can tell me what they mean (if anything)

in the first one i was driving in my car in the rain. then it cut to my looking for my parked car ahead of the rain coming. couldn't remember where i had parked it and was very worried about it!

in the next dream i was driving my car along a treacherous winding road through a woody area, that seemed high up, in possibly a foreign country. i was concerned about driving along this road and the journey ahead...

the last dream of a driving theme saw me driving but unable to make my rear view mirror sit in the right position. that is to say it would sit too high or too low but not where i wanted it to. the boyf says this represents my not being able to see clearly where i've been!

so what is it? a lot of driving... a lot of uncertainty and anxiety... maybe that's it, just anxiety dreams... what do you think?!

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