Friday, July 09, 2010

Bubblegum Masterclass

Recently at a friend's anniversary BBQ I met a couple of my their young kids aged 5 and 6 respectively... In my car I had a big bumper box of retro bubblegum... given to me by my mate CF and unlikely to get an airing until I thought of putting the two together! Turned out it was quite the though provoking combination...

Blowing bubbles with bubblegum isn't something you give much thought to as a 30-something young lady, but I realise now that at some point you had to learn to do it!

And so began a Sunday morning Bubblegum Masterclass in a kitchen in Somerset... it'd been a long while since my last bubblegum session but let me assure you it's like riding a bike hehe

The boys both chewed the pink retro gum til it was soft then tried to poke their tongue through... failing to find the strength, we resorted to a beginner's cheat... taking the softened gum out of our mouths and flattening into a mouth shaped piece, holding with fingers and sticking tongue in, then trying to position behind the teeth... then blowing without spitting the piece out again... mind blowing stuff! you take so many life skills for granted.. the playground is invaluable after all lol

after about a half hour we were beginning to get small beginner bubbles but i left them a large bag of bubblegum to practice with ;) when i visit again this summer I'm hoping to get a picture of them doing some serious bubbles!

I'm so proud to have been the one to pass on this great life skill to a couple of West Country boys haha, they'll always remember Aunty Jodester who 'talks funny' haha

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