Friday, July 16, 2010

Gay Paree How I Love Thee

So I been to Paris! For the first time ever! And I can't believe I've never been before!!! Argh!

Loved it so much! And all those French movies I've watched too, how could I not have hopped over the Channel to visit our nearest chic European city?!

The people were tres fabulous, the weather was scorchio and the sights were leg killing! Lol

Okay the checklist:
Saturday we* went up to Montmatre and walked up the massive incline to Basilique Sacre Coeur... listened to a string quartet busking up there, checked the view of the Parisian skyline.. went for dinner at Le Moulin de la Galette (complete with original windmill) and enjoyed a glass of vin rouge (say hello to my new friend Olivier the waiter if you get there!).. enjoyed some pastis at a bar before heading back to our apartment on Rue Saint Maur..

Sunday croissants and fresh baguette for breakfast! Then it was Louvre o'clock and a bit of face time with Mona, Venus et al (plus lots of getting lost - that place is seriously huge!)... Sunday night after a siesta and some gorgeous camembert and tomato homemade baguettes we headed for Lady Eiffel via the Arc Du Triomphe, me legs nearly dropped off from all the stairs but the view was fabulous and worth every step! lol We got a taxi home and met a nice man from Guinea who had been in Paris for 10yrs and loving it..
Monday we spent a few hours roaming the exhibits at the Pompidou Centre, my little mind was blown by seeing Dali/ Matisse/ Picasso up close and personal (which is more than you can say for Mona in her glass cabinet 6ft away!) then in the evening went to the Latin Qtr and ate at Le Jardin D'Ivy because it was recommended to me by my friend Belle.. very cool!

Tuesday me and the papa went shopping.. Dad really needed to see the brand new Apple Store on Rue Halevy - a converted bank with the vault doorway intact! I bought a fabalas French cover for my phone... then popped over to H&M and found a little red dress which is tres Ooh La La! haha

A ruddy marvellous time was had by all! Other notables were the French radio station I found that played Franco/ English pop and had the Autoglass ad in French! Awesome! And on the way in at passport control the chappie checking my papers saw my retro 80s sunnies hanging on my teeshirt and gestured for me to put them on.. I was confused at first but then realised what he was asking and he laughed when I posed in them and said I was cool! a tres bien beinvenue indeed!
Paris c'est magnifique!

Can't wait to get back!
See some of my Parisian pictures here

*Me and my dad :)

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