Friday, October 01, 2010

So long and thanks for all the fish...

Prologue Dec 2010: I wrote this entry at the end of September. I guess I forgot to finish it in the hubbub of finishing work, or perhaps I wasn't sure if I should publish it. Anyhow I just rediscovered it and thought I'd round it up and publish :)

Today is my last day at Smooth Radio... after almost 3 years of getting up at ridiculous o'clock to eat biscuits and make radio with Nick Piercey it's all over!

I am lucky enough to have found a new job... and when I say lucky, I truly mean it, the jobs market in radio is fierce since all the groups shed sackfuls of talented staff over the last 2 years...

Having faced unemployment over the last few weeks I have had a lot of time to reflect on what I might want to do should another radio gig not work out... I must say other than wannabe rock star I was at a loss as to what I'd do with myself!

At a recent (and successful) job interview they asked me what I'd like to be doing in 3/4 years time (that old chestnut!) and I said I'd like to be still making radio! I've been making radio since I was 15yrs old! (oh you really don't want to hear those tapes! Lol)

And even though I have worked in other jobs before I signed up to working in radio full time, and while I know that I would always find something to do that paid the bills, there are no words to express why I love working in radio so much... I think others who work in it would agree it feels a bit like a bug you've caught, almost impossible to shake off, regardless of job insecurity and terrible wages! Most of the people I have met working in this industry over the last 8 years have been so lovely... and all addicted to working in radio!

Epilogue: I am 9 weeks into my new job and it's going great.. i still love making radio and i still have high hopes to get to the almighty Radio2, altho will they appreciate it when i tell them i loved them before it was cool to do so! Lol I just had a conversation with a new radio recruit about how tough it is out there and he was shocked and appalled - oops! i told him hey you can get on in radio you just have to want it beyond any material things haha i think any industry that makes it near impossible for new blood to trickle in will die of old age and lack of fresh ideas.. not cool ! it seems that the bean counters have ruined another industry.. they always win! but on the flip side, because its so difficult we're left with a bunch of people who really want to be there and really love it - right?! ;)

Turn on, tune in and never quit!

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