Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New job: Day 8

HEY! So I got me a new job...

The good news is that it's working for a fantastic company... the bad news is that I now have 100 miles round trip commute to sunny Shrewsbury which includes my nemesis the M6*! Noooooooo!

Also I no longer have to rise with the milkman and wake up at 4am (words cannot describe my joy about this! Lol)

As a result I been pretty busy/ tired/ busy/ tired leaving no love for blog! Boo!

So I thought I'd pen a quick update and then hopefully it will be business as usual as soon as I've got my groove on at the new ship :D

I miss writing my nonsense! How else am I gonna remember stuff when I'm 80?! haha

Take care of yourself... aaaaand each other ;)

*The M6 (for non UK residents) is the WORST MOTORWAY EVER! Lol That is to say a cruel mistress that is the only main road from the Midlands to the North West of England and BOY does it get a lot of traffic... I avoid this bad boy if I can because everyday a lorry crashes into someone or something and the M6 becomes a car park! Add this to the "roadworks" that have been going on since the dawn of time (seriously, when is the finish date for this BS?!) and you're on a serious go-slow in life! And now I get to ride this b*tch everyday to and from work! Wooooo! Watch me at 20mph in the fast lane! Lol :(((

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